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Cullman County Sacred Harp Convention

Cullman County Courthouse, Cullman, Alabama

July 13-14, 2019

Saturday, July 13

The 127th session of the Cullman County Sacred Harp Convention was held at the Cullman County Courthouse on the second Sunday and Saturday before in July. The class was called to order by Henry Guthery leading 76b. Delone Cobbs offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Glenn Keeton 77t; Nicholas Thompson 200; Carolyn Thompson 442; David Brodeur 560; Jennifer Lee 29t; Geraldine Sharpton 496; Linda Booth 273; Richard Mauldin 43; Christopher Mann 481; Hubert Nall 108t; Hazel Heinze 438; Andy Ditzler 143; James (Butch) White 344; Cheyenne Ivey 430; Jim Aaron 448t; Cindy Mann 159; Katie Ahern 171.


The class was brought back together by Christopher Mann leading 32t. A business meeting was held and the following officers and committee members were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Henry Guthery; Vice Chairman—Glenn Keeton; Secretary—Linda Booth; Arranging Office—Carolyn Thompson; Finance Committee—Tom Booth and Christopher Mann; Chaplain—James (Butch) White; Food Committee—Nicholas Thompson and Jennifer Lee.

Leaders: Wanda Capps 36b; Theresa Westmoreland 434; Charles McCravy 213t; Becky Strickland 72b; Joanna Bennett 245; Ann Jett 269; Beth Branscome 456; Delone Cobbs 39b; Tom Booth 499; Mary Huffman 107.


Leaders: Tim Gregg 119; William Craig Mann 117; Billy See and Vickie See 480; Jesse Latimer 148; Lauren Allen 323b; Nancy Phillips 388; Susan Allred 182; Jay Waters and Bea Aaron 568; Buell Cobb 326; Sonya Sipe and Christopher Mann 142; Carol Fannin 47t; Matt Ference 70b; Gregg Allred, Jennifer Lee, and Brodie Lee 196; Stephen Huffman 320; Freda Freeman and Juanita Newman 335; Carolyn Thompson 68b; Brenda Chafin 336 (for Velton Chafin); Nicholas Thompson 216; Oleta Drummond and Henry Guthery 419. Jim Aaron offered the blessing for the midday meal.


The afternoon session began with Christopher Mann leading 114. It was to be noted that although he did not lead, Seth Michael Hurst was in attendance today. Cathy Ponder led 229 (CB). Leaders: Jeannie Guthery 358; Dylan Feezell 314; Glenn Keeton 163b; Nicholas Thompson 436; Carolyn Thompson 42; Leanne Carter 503; David Brodeur 548; Jennifer Lee 500; Geraldine Sharpton 318; Linda Booth 198; Richard Mauldin 551; Christopher Mann, Sonya Sipe, Anna Grace Sipe, Cindy Mann, and Delone Cobbs 274t; Hubert Nall 168; Hazel Heinze 413; Andy Ditzler 543; Butch White 268 (for Edna Graves); Jim Aaron 47b; Cindy Mann 145b; David Brodeur 570; Katie Ahern 528; Theresa Westmoreland 189; Charles McCravy 428; Joanna Bennett 511; Tim Gregg 378t; Matt Ference 455; Ann Jett 327; Billy See and Vickie See 33b; Beth Branscome 546; Mary Huffman 299; Lauren Allen 145t; Stephen Huffman 362.

Announcements were made. Henry Guthery led 521 as a closing song. Butch White offered the closing prayer.

Sunday, July 14

Henry Guthery led 56t. He welcomed the assembly, and Danny Creel offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Henry Guthery 101t; Carolyn Thompson 340; Linda Booth 31t; Christopher Mann 144; Nicholas Thompson 208; Vickie See and Billy See 108t; Katie Ahern 446; Bea Aaron 475; Larry Ballinger 477; Danny Creel 512; Tom Booth 148; Hazel Heinze 84; Winfred Kerr 318; Lisa Geist 527; Rebecca Over, Pat Riddle, and Rita Gilbert 480; Marlin Beasley 336; Delone Cobbs 354t; Loretta Whitman 277; Joanna Bennett 67; Earl Ballinger 99; David Jackson 39b; Nancy Phillips 215; Richard Mauldin 43.


The class was brought together by Henry Guthery leading 395. Leaders: David Brodeur 567; Joshua Lant 203; Richard Ivey 401; Butch White 40; Andy Ditzler 250; Louise Yeager 569b; Jennifer Lee 189; Cheyenne Ivey 192; Buell Cobb 308; Hubert Nall 421; Judy Caudle 268 (by request of David Knight); Glenn Keeton 349; Oleta Drummond 406; David Ivey 362; Greg Allred and Brodie Lee 82t; Sasha Hsuczyk 542; Shelby Castillo 138b; Susan Allred 183; Geraldine Sharpton 229; Brenda Chafin 434.

Butch White conducted the memorial lesson. Before reading the names of the sick and shut-ins, he mentioned that the class should also remember caregivers, who often are confined also. The sick and shut-in list included Ottis Sides, Velton Chafin, Martha Heyman, Stella Couch, Edna Graves, Mary Glenn Guthery, Jerry Kitchens, and Charlene Wallace. He led 86.

Butch spoke a few words in memory of those who have passed away within the past year. Those names included Glenda Sue Freeman, Eugene Forbes, Willodean Barton, Concetta Branson, Alex Priskos, Carole Chapman, George Marlett, and Mildred Patterson. Butch White then led 30b, and closed the memorial service with prayer.

Leaders: Henry Guthery 420; Carolyn Thompson 68b; Linda Booth 565; Christopher Mann 114; Nicholas Thompson 564; Billy See and Vickie See 178; Katie Ahern 460. Christopher Mann offered prayer for the midday meal.


The afternoon session began with Christopher Mann leading 106. Leaders: Christopher Mann and Amber Mann 63; Bea Aaron 426b; Rebecca Over 196; Joshua Lant 197; Richard Ivey 331; Dylan Feezell 436; Andy Ditzler and Geraldine Sharpton 26 (by request); the Brock family 45t; Joanna Bennett 522; Richard Jesse 282; Craig Holmes 479; David Brodeur 550; Richard Mauldin 358 (by request); Sasha Hsuczyk 411; Larry Ballinger and Lisa Geist 528; Danny Creel 485; Nicholas Thompson and Judy Caudle 365; David Jackson 489; Shelby Castillo 224; Cheyenne Ivey 137; Brenda Chafin 225t; Hazel Heinze 347; Winfred Kerr 516; Marlin Beasley 285t (for siblings who were unable to attend, Alvin, Chuck, John, Sarah, and Cora); Delone Cobbs 39t; Loretta Whitman 299; Nancy Phillips 312b; Hubert Nall 313t; Judy Caudle 354b; Glenn Keeton 64; Joshua Lant 296; Nancy Phillips 59 (by request).

Announcements were made. Henry Guthery, Glenn Keeton, Carolyn Thompson, Nicholas Thompson, Linda Booth, and Jennifer Lee led 521 as the closing song. Earl Ballinger offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Henry Guthery; Vice Chairman—Glenn Keeton; Secretary—Linda Booth