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Dublin Sacred Harp Singing

The Richmond Education and Event Centre, Smithfield, Dublin, Ireland

Saturday, July 7, 2019

The 7th Dublin Sacred Harp singing was called to order by Mike Morrisroe leading 171. Kate Kirwan offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Ailish McMahon 39t; Dermot Peel 99; Silvia Da Rocha 547; Demond O’Flynn and Mike Morrisroe 178; Danilo Magalliael and John O’Flynn 146; Annie Flynn 40; Paddy Barrett 181; Ewa Lichnerowicz 332; John O’Flynn 344; Kevin Beirne 30b; Eimear Craddock 42; Aislinn Ahern 89.


Niamh Madigan called the class to order leading 88b. Leaders: Colleen Jones 528; Sinead Hanrahan 91; Amanda Parkes 492; Kevin Kennedy 397; Karen Turner 474; Kate Kirwan 272; Ian West 182; Meg Quinlisk 222; Kathleen McDonnell 217; Helen Peake 228; Calum Woods 432; Ailish McMahon 148; Dermot Peel 442; Annie Flynn 29b; Paddy Barrett 86; Ewa Lichnerowicz 215; John O’Flynn 183; Kevin Beirne 300; Mike Morrisroe 110; Eimear Craddock 481; Aislinn Ahern 131t; Colleen Jones 210; Sinead Hanrahan 367.


Ewa Lichnerowicz called the class to order leading 546. Leaders: Kevin Kennedy 175; Lucie O’Flynn 122; Piers Blewett 101t; Karen Turner 63; Kate Kirwan 328; Ian West 475; Meg Quinlisk 504.

Mike Morrisroe spoke for the sick and housebound, conducted the memorial lesson, and read the following names of the sick and housebound: Paula Madigan, Maurice Peel, Jennifer Jones, Dorothy Stevens, Charlene Wallace, David Silloto, Liliana Silloto, Carol Aitken, Roy McGregor, Diane McGregor, and Brian Morrisroe. He read the following list of names of the deceased: Kathleen Keating—Cork; Allan Jones—Canada; Elspeth Murray and Ben Thompson—Paisley; John Beirne—Meath; John Hayto—Leicester; and Mollie Rooney. Mike led 285t.

Leaders: Kathleen McDonnell 155; Helen Peake 378t; Calum Woods 402; Ailish McMahon 65; Dermot Peel 143; Annie Flynn 74b; Paddy Barrett 159; Ewa Lichnerowicz 315. Dermot Peel gave thanks for the midday meal


John O’Flynn called the class to order leading 77t. Leaders: Kevin Beirne 76b; Sinead Hanrahan 142; Kevin Kennedy 231; Amanda Parkes 380; Mike Morrisroe 536; Calum Woods 283; Kate Kirwan 456; Meg Quinlisk and Eimear Craddock 288; Ian West 532; Helen Peake 538; Kathleen McDonnell 209; Karen Turner 269; Eimear Craddock 112; Niamh Madigan 507; Piers Blewett 198; Colleen Jones 410t; Dermot Peel and Tara Walsh 236; Aislinn Ahern 553.


Ailish McMahon called the class to order leading 111b. Leaders: Ewa Lichnerowicz 106; Silvia Da Rocha 37b; Desmond O’Flynn and John O’Flynn 457; Tara Walsh 312b; Mike Morrisroe 506; Ian West 501; Meg Quinlisk 271t; Calum Woods 387; Karen Turner 339; Kate Kirwan 124; Helen Peake 565; Eimear Craddock 58; Kevin Beirne 34t; Sinead Hanrahan 27; Amanda Parkes 345t; Kevin Kennedy 458; Aislinn Ahern 268; Colleen Jones 30t; Piers Blewett 348t; Paddy Barrett 49t; John O’Flynn 176b; Niamh Madigan 499; Dermot Peel 278t.

Mike Morrisroe led 445 as the closing song. Kate Kirwan offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Mike Morrisroe; Vice Chairman—Niamh Madigan; Secretary—Kevin Beirne