Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Ohio State Convention

Hamilton, Ohio

February 14-15, 1998

Saturday, February 14

The sixth session of the Ohio State Convention was held at Pyramid Park in Hamilton, Ohio, organized by the Cincinnati singers. Paul Foster called the class to order at 10:00 a.m. leading song on page 59. John Bayer led the opening prayer.

A business session was opened, and the class approved the following slate of officers: Chairman—John Bealle; Vice Chair—Lorraine Sawyer; Secretary—Debbie Hall; Arranging Committee—Linda Coppock, Michael Darby, Fred Todt, and Michelle Biery; Treasurer—Beth Todd; Memorial Committee—Becky Browne and Michael Darby. Leaders: John Bealle 84; John Bayer 39b; Lorraine Sawyer 171; Beth Todd 270; Debbie Hall 146; Linda Coppock 34b; Fred Todt 481; Claire Outten 335; Chris Sepic 350; Eloise Clark 276; Jim Coppock 184; Brad Oglesby 192; Leslie Scott 168; Charles Knecht 42; Phil Jensen 348b; Michelle Ray Biery 300; Joe Todd 39t; Karen Hojnaki 475; Bob Meek 441.


Lorraine Sawyer called the class back to order leading song on page 312b. Leaders: Kathy Knecht, Maria Knecht, and Zander Knecht 84; Rich Overturf 535; Ted Johnson 283; Dorothy Glanzer 277; Milton Oliver 321; Marcia Johnson 216; Bud Oliver 480; Becky Browne 29t; Stephen McMaster 540; Jeanne Schaffer 198; David Rust 320; Connie Karduck 528; John Schaffer 515; Leyland DelRe 100; Regina Bayer 95; William Shetter 547; Judy Hauff 411; Jim Page “County K”; Melanie Hauff 542. Steve Tossey led the class with a prayer before lunch.


Eric Conrad called the class to order leading song on page 332. Leaders: Henry Schuman 99; Denise Morris 442; Jenry Enright 448t; Lois Hurt 81t; Ted Mercer 299; Janet Fraembs 440; Michelle Cull 178; Marlen Rust 313b; Pauline Childers 318; Alexander Knecht 183; Mike Hieber 142; Eric Conrad 70b; Kathy Knecht 148; Cecilia Kruber and Jim Page 254; Steve Tossey 143; Shawn Fenton 344; Michael Darby 314.


Lorraine Sawyer and Marissa Hieber called the class to order leading song on page 49t. Leaders: Brad Oglesby 369; Karen Hojnacki, Dorothy Fraembs, and Dara Fraembs 504; Denise Morris 272; Kat Kinkade “Deluge”; Bob Meek 268; Janet Fraembs 532; Leslie Scott 224; Jan Lowry and Michelle Ray Biery 501; Phil Jensen 164; Eric Conrad 203; De-De Heeter 159; Claire Outten 65; John Schaffer 391.


Paul Foster called the class to order leading song on page 114. Leaders: Becky Browne 222; Laura Russell, Eric Conrad, Mike Darby, and Ruth Garza 107; Laura Weber 147 (t? b?); James Boyer and Linda Coppock 155; Rich Overturf 323b; Stephen McMaster 282; Brenda Waters 68b; Bud Oliver 73t; Jeanne Schaeffer 569b. John Bayer dismissed the class with a prayer.

Sunday, February 15

Linda Coppock called the class to order at 10:00 a.m. leading song on page 38b. Leaders: Jim Coppock 273; John Bealle 89; Lorraine Sawyer 151; Paul Foster 377; Regina Bayer, Leyland DelRe, and Emmie Barford 410t; Leyland DelRe 328; Mike Hieber 37b; Billie Grey 143; David Rust 144; William Shetter 319; Katherine Knecht 94; John DelRe 326; Debbie Barford 120; Lorraine Bayer 31b; John DelRe 274t; Fred Todt 430; Emmie Barford 108b; Jim Page 268; Connie Karduck 57; David Barford 315.


John Bealle called the class to order with song on page 388. Leaders: Debbie Hall 474; Milton Oliver 384; Marcia Johnson and Pauline Childers 288; Melanie Hauff 218; Ted Johnson 286; Pauline Childers 475; Jerry Enright 77t; Gary Gronau 110.

Then the program was turned over to the Memorial Committee. Jerry Enright addressed the class and led song on page 300 in memory of Barrett Ashley. Michael Darby addressed the class and led 235b in memory of the following deceased: Mary Lou Jolly and Leon Wilson—California; Ruth Reid—North Carolina; Opal Johnston—Florida; June Hiltner—Pennsylvania; Susan Wantland—Washington D.C.; James Rhea—Virginia; Gayle Bannister—Wisconsin; Mamie Creel, Selden Creel, Vernice Calbert, Elder Bernard Moon, Barrett Ashley, and Bonnie Ashley—Alabama; Harriet Parker—Maryland.

Michelle Cull spoke and led 107 for Mickey Banter, who had recently suffered a stroke. Becky Browne urged the class to write cards to the sick and shut-in, and Gary Gronau led 503 in their honor. The memorial lesson was closed. Charles Knecht led the class in a blessing before lunch.


Paul Foster called the class to order leading song on page 148. Leaders: Chris Sepic 515; John Bayer “Brandt”; Henry Schuman 40; Judy Hauff 196; Ted Mercer 240; Beth Todd 280; Lois Hurt 452b; Joe Todd 455; Shawn Fenton 163 (t? b?); Jo Schultz 49b; Sylvia Thomas 444; Robert Swope 377; Marlen Rust 66; Eloise Clark 313b; Charles Knecht 453; Linda Coppock 485; John Schaffer 236; Becky Browne 362; Stephen McMaster 446.


Fred Todt called the class to order leading song on page 146. Leaders: Cecilia Kruber and Lois Hurt 59; Kat Kinkade 372; Paul Fishman 337; Jeanne Schaffer 294; Paul Foster 212; David Rust 323t; Billie Grey 267; John DelRe 32t; Lorraine Sawyer 491; Debbie Barford 368; Zander Knecht 371; Jim Page 348t; Connie Karduck 222; Lorraine Bayer 201b; Marsha Johnson 359.


John Bealle called the class to order leading song on page 122. Leaders: Melanie Hauff 68t; Gary Gronau 269; David Barford 479; Pauline Childers 234; Ted Johnson 536; Jerry Enright 74b; Judy Hauff 550.

The Secretary reported that 84 songs were led on Saturday and 80 (t? b?) on Sunday. There were singers present from ten states and one foreign country. After announcements, the convention officers led 62, and the class took the parting hand. Chris Sepic dismissed the convention with a prayer. The convention will be held next year in Columbus, Ohio, chaired by Lorraine Sawyer.

Chairman—John Bealle; Vice Chair—Lorraine Sawyer; Secretary—Debbie Hall