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Newcastle Upon Tyne Sacred Harp Singing

St. Bartholomew’s Church Hall, Benton,
Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom

Saturday, June 2, 2018

The 14th annual Newcastle singing was called to order by Claire Welford, who welcomed the class and led 31t. Joel Wallenberg offered the opening prayer.

The following officers were appointed to serve: Chairperson—Claire Welford; Secretary—Colin Monson; Treasurer—Phil Tyler; Arranging Committee—Mark Wardlaw and Helen Barber.

Leaders: Mark Wardlaw 467; Joel Wallenberg 144; Carmen Gordon 29t; Nigel Anderson 49t; Phil Tyler 32t; Colin Monson 26; Ed Johnson-Williams 33b; Ruth Holman 63; Josephine Ellis 344; Shereen Benjamin 36t; Josh Darby 65; Helen Barber 128; Margaret Bradshaw 114; Martel Reynolds 42; Jan Geerts 278t; Joan Gordon 178; Richard Mayers 32b; Sula O’Duffy 87; Jeremy James Donaldson 168; Karen Turner 171.


Erin Johnson-Williams called the class back together by leading 47t. Leaders: Tim McElwaine 300; Edwin Macadam 150; Emily Verrier 270; Nadia Abdelaziz 179; Sandy Semeonoff 288; Alex Fradera 268; Sheila Girling Macadam 51; Carmen Gordon 210; Nigel Anderson 192; Martel Reynolds 142; Colin Monson 148.

Joel Wallenberg spoke for the sick and housebound, and led 35 for Pat Macbeth, Morag Parnell, Joy Wallenberg, Ellis Wallenberg, Andy Spence, Darele Angwin, and Cath Tyler.

Karen Turner conducted the memorial lesson, leading 549 in memory of the following deceased: Craig Puranen Wilson—Newcastle; Steve Helwig—Oregon, USA; Louis Negri—Connecticut, USA; Mark Girling—Spain; Jennifer Bennett—Ontario, Canada; Frank Pigott—London; Rollo Woods—Swanage; Janet Bones, Rosemary Anne Sisson, Eric Keefauver, and Michael Reddy.

Leaders: Josh Darby 318; Helen Barber 442; Claire Welford 384; Margaret Bradshaw 107; Shereen Benjamin 203; Ed Johnson-Williams 396; Sula O’Duffy 117; Joan Gordon 47b; Ruth Holman 143; Phil Tyler 532; Karen Turner 112; Tim McElwaine 34b; Joel Wallenberg 149; Mark Wardlaw 295. Joel Wallenberg gave thanks for the mid-day meal.


Jan Geerts called the class to order leading 565. Leaders: Alex Fradera 122; Joan Nagy 504; Richard Mayers 236; Edwin Macadam 481; Emily Verrier 548; Nadia Abdelaziz 39t; Sandy Semeonoff 99; Jeremy James Donaldson 110; Sheila Girling Macadam 480; Erin Johnson-Williams 495; Carmen Gordon 183; Nigel Anderson 473; Martel Reynolds 455; Colin Monson 296; Josh Darby 209; Helen Barber 250; Margaret Bradshaw 101t; Shereen Benjamin 277; Ed Johnson-Williams 496.


Sula O’Duffy called the class together by leading 274t. Leaders: Phil Tyler 430; Joan Gordon 38b; Ruth Holman 299; Cath Tyler 531; Karen Turner 556; Tim McElwaine 312b; Joel Wallenberg 131t; Jan Geerts 373; Alex Fradera 89; Joan Nagy 36b; Richard Mayers 569b; Edwin Macadam 472; Emily Verrier 189; Nadia Abdelaziz 69t.

Claire Welford extended thanks to all those who had helped during the day, and announcements were made. Claire led 347 as the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer offered by Joel Wallenberg.

Chairman—Claire Welford; Secretary—Colin Monson