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Dispersed Harmonies from the Eighth
Ireland Sacred Harp Convention

Various Locations

March 1-4, 2018

Although Ireland’s airports were closed by snow, many travelling singers were still determined to sing, and sing they did, and though they may not have been in Cork in person, they were certainly part of the convention in spirit.

Thursday, March 1

Keeping Despair at Bay Singing, Bristol

Matthew Parkinson called the class to order by leading 187. Leaders: Steve Brett 171; Matthew Parkinson 179 (for Amanda Parkes); Sarah West 441; Leilai Immel-Parkinson 542; Matthew Parkinson 550; Steve Brett 212; Rachel Wemyss 61; Kate Kirwan 97; Kate Coxon 204; Matthew Parkinson 225b; Steve Brett 378t; Matthew Parkinson 382; Steve Brett “Ruth 1.=16” (by Rachel Wells Hall), “Calum’s Palindrome” (by Calum Woods), “Glenelg” (own composition); Matthew Parkinson 418; Leilai Immel-Parkinson 434; Matthew Parkinson 434; Leilai Immel-Parkinson 468; Matthew Parkinson 470, 486, 495; Steve Brett 289; Kate Coxon 348b; Kate Kirwan 472 (for Sinéad Hanrahan).

Friday, March 2

Extra Amsterdam Singing, Tjitske de Schipper’s home, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

This extra singing was organized because several travelling singers were not able to go to Cork due to the weather and were stranded in Amsterdam. Many thanks to Tjitske for making her home available at such short notice.

Tjitske de Schipper called the class to order by leading 86. Leaders: Bob van Toor 178; Anne Eringa 142; David Brodeur 208 (in memory of Darrell Swarens); Andy Ditzler 517 (in memory of Hugh McGraw); Johannes Kunst 535; Gerben Vos 155; Bridgett Hill Kennedy 129; Janine Kooij 457; Eva Striebeck 83t; Thom Fahrbach 276; Tjitske de Schipper 52b; Bob van Toor 455; Anne Eringa 28t.


David Brodeur called the class back to order by leading 273 (in memory of Louise Holland). Leaders: Ciske Boekelo 209; Hessel Castricum 245 (in memory of Steve Helwig); Andy Ditzler: “Ireland” (own composition); Taylor Ward 124; Johannes Kunst 148; Gerben Vos 99; Ineke Spoelstra 159; Bridgett Hill Kennedy 82t; Janine Kooij 282; Eva Striebeck 211; Anne Eringa 328; Jessica Stazzone 354b; Thom Fahrbach 354t; Tjitske de Schipper 122.


Bob van Toor called the class back to order by leading 442. Leaders: David Brodeur 454; Ciske Boekelo 183; Andy Ditzler 546; Hessel Castricum 236; Taylor Ward 179; Gerben Vos 47t (for Amzi Chapin’s 250th birthday); Janine Kooij 300; Ineke Spoelstra 37b. Bridgett Hill Kennedy told her story about when she was first called to lead a song, and how much leading early and often has helped her. Leaders: Eva Striebeck 501; Anne Eringa 191; Jessica Stazzone 38t; Thom Fahrbach 216; Tjitske de Schipper 107; Bob van Toor 47b; David Brodeur 545 (for all those who are on pilgrimage this weekend).

Organizer and Secretary—Gerben Vos

Saturday, March 3

Cork Solidarity Afternoon Sacred Harp Singing, St. Mary the Virgin Church Hall, Elsworthy Road, Primrose Hill, London, United Kingdom

An afternoon singing in solidarity with the organizers of the Ireland Convention in Cork, was called by the London Sacred Harp singers, and held at St. Mary the Virgin Church, Primrose Hill, London. Teresa Maguire welcomed all the singers, particularly those who had found themselves unable to get to Ireland, due to the atrocious weather conditions, and led 47t. Leaders: Thomas Greig 138b; Jacoba Bruneel 101t; Caro Stamm-Reusch 63; Machna Nowak 122; Joe Jones 314; Thomas Sprackland and Nick Hall 569b; Jamie McNish 87; Hyke Sakaras 452; Rachel Jordan 121; Marjorie Brown 38t; Jan Lawrence 410t; Teresa Maguire 82t; Sheila Girling Macadam 454; Edwin Macadam 444; Johannes Sauer 455; Nick Hall 474; George Simms 34t; Iain Paxon 448b; Greg Carson 523; Amy Cutts 34b; Rachel Jordan 503 (called by Nicholas Markwell).


The class resumed singing with Duane Nasis leading 32t. Leaders: Thomas Greig 35; Jacoba Bruneel 442; Caro Stamm-Reusch 349; Machna Nowak 300; Amy Cutts 513; Joe Jones 280; Thomas Sprackland and Jacoba Bruneel 277; Maggie Eiseman-Renyard 89; Duane Nasis 411; Sam Carter 456; Hyke Sakaras 163b; Rachel Jordan 522 (for Andy Ditzler and David Brodeur); Thomas Greig 414 (called by Nicholas Markwell); Marjorie Brown 228; Jan Lawrence 146; Teresa Maguire 512; Sheila Girling Macadam 372 (for Emma Rock); George Simms 263; Nick Hall 573; Iain Paxon 441; Edwin Macadam 236; Johannes Sauer 504.


The final session was called to order by Teresa Maguire leading 77t. Leaders: Machna Nowak 70b; Amy Cutts 29b; Thomas Sprackland and Machna Nowak 268; Caro Stamm-Reusch 308; Jacoba Bruneel 108b; Joe Jones 55; Brenda Harvey 159; Hyke Sakaras 49b; Sam Carter 499; Duane Nasis 131b; Rachel Jordan 564; Nigel Bowley 510 (called by Nicholas Markwell); Marjorie Brown 344; Sheila Girling Macadam 128; Edwin Macadam 217; Johannes Sauer 276; Nigel Bowley 466; George Simms 198; Nick Hall 155; Iain Paxon 56b.

Thanks were given to Rev Prebendary Marjorie Brown for the use of St. Mary’s Church Hall, and to Rachel Jordan, who pitched for all three sessions. The Secretary reported 28 singers from the UK and Germany had registered, there had been 25 leaders, and 67 songs had been sung. Brief announcements were made. Teresa Maguire led 48t, and Marjorie Brown offered the closing prayer. The class was dismissed.

Chairman—Teresa Maguire; Secretary—Sheila Girling Macadam

Saturday, March 3

Bristol Airport Singing, Bristol Airport, Gate 8

Steve Brett called the class to order by leading 101t. Leaders: Alec Williams 29t; Steve Brett 79; Kate Coxon 230; Steve Brett: “Ireland” (by Andy Ditzler), “Pembroke” (own composition); Kate Kirwan 222; Kate Coxon 316; Steve Brett 213t; Kate Coxon 176t.

Saturday, March 3

First Saint Aubin Singing, Saint Aubin, France

Gwendal Geleoc brought the class to order by leading 42. Leaders: Alexia Yver 268; Frédéric Eymard 29t; Florent Decherf 171; Raphael Boden 107; Hugues Albanel 159; Arnaud 38b; Albertine Guillaume 547; Perrine De Sancy 303; Bénédicte Guillaume 277; Léopoldine Guillaume 155; Daniela Codita Muhr 146; Connie Desmarais 84.


The class was called to order, singing 65. Leaders: Alexia Yver 178; Frédéric Eymard 77t; Gwendal Geleoc 106; Raphael Boden 49t; Florent Decherf 122; Hugues Albanel 114; Arnaud 163t; Albertine Guillaume 296; Perrine De Sancy 47b; Nathalie Adenot 535 (by telephone); Connie Desmarais 270; Léopoldine Guillaume 33b; Bénédicte Guillaume 523; Alexia Yver 457; Gwendal Geleoc 102; Frédéric Eymard 399b; Florent Decherf 430; Raphael Boden 126; Hugues Albanel 445; Arnaud 455; Nathalie Adenot 28t (by telephone); Connie Desmarais 448b; Léopoldine Guillaume 236.


On the beach, the class sang 86, 344, and 504.

The class was called to order, singing 313b. Leaders: Bénédicte Guillaume 143; Connie Desmarais 142; Alexia Yver 276; Gwendal Geleoc 345b; Florent Decherf 192; Raphael Boden 272; Hugues Albanel 460; Arnaud 472; Albertine Guillaume 209; Perrine De Sancy 40; Léopoldine Guillaume 147t; Bénédicte Guillaume 481; Daniela Codita Muhr 444; Connie Desmarais 87; Alexia Yver 282; Léopoldine Guillaume 323t. The class sang 45t (for Franc), and dismissed.

Sunday, March 4

Gwendal Geleoc brought the class to order by leading 421. Leaders: Florent Decherf 176b; Frédéric Eymard 452; Raphael Boden 456; Hugues Albanel 117; Arnaud 155; Albertine Guillaume 215; Bénédicte Guillaume 304; Perrine De Sancy 39t; Léopoldine Guillaume 287; Connie Desmarais 150; Daniela Codita Muhr 146; Gwendal Geleoc 425; Florent Decherf 318; Alexia Yver 448t; Frédéric Eymard 206; Raphael Boden 479; Hugues Albanel 30t; Arnaud 112; Albertine Guillaume 504, 272; Bénédicte Guillaume 528; Perrine De Sancy 50b; Léopoldine Guillaume 354t; Connie Desmarais 384; Daniela Codita Muhr 385b; Frédéric Eymard 383; Alexia Yver 171; Florent Decherf 203; Gwendal Geleoc 274t; Hugues Albanel 102; Arnaud 84; Raphael Boden 80t; Albertine Guillaume 183; Bénédicte Guillaume 480; Perrine De Sancy 86; Léopoldine Guillaume 128. The class closed the session by singing 268.


Gwendal Geleoc brought the class back to order by leading 65. Leaders: Florent Decherf 99; Alexia Yver 122; Bénédicte Guillaume 121; Frédéric Eymard 141; Léopoldine Guillaume 501. The class sang 500, 87, 53, and 52b to close the session.

Sunday, March 4

Edinburgh Division of Team Scotland Extraordinary non-Cork Singing, Anne’s Flat, Edinburgh

Anne Altringham called the class to order by leading 49b. Leaders: Shereen Benjamin 191; Margaret Bradshaw 38b; Calum Parker 49t; Jan Geerts 39t; Alison Cole 163b; Joan Gordon 178; Jenny Bell 117.


Following a tea break and singing along to live stream from Cork, Anne Altringham called the class back to order leading 203. Leaders: Shereen Benjamin 496; Margaret Bradshaw 87; Calum Parker 569b; Jan Geerts 313t; Alison Cole 146; Joan Gordon 84; Anne Altringham 86.


Following a tea break and singing along to live stream from Cork, Shereen Benjamin called the class back to order leading 29t. Leaders: Margaret Bradshaw 312b; Calum Parker 122; Jan Geerts 270; Alison Cole 268; Jan Geerts 46; Anne Altringham 282; Jan Geerts and Calum Parker 285t; Calum Parker 47t.