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Texas State Sacred Harp Convention

Coker United Methodist Church, San Antonio, Texas

February 24-25, 2018

Saturday, February 24

The 26th annual Texas State Sacred Harp Singing Convention was held at the Coker United Methodist Church in San Antonio, Texas. Sarah Huckaby called the class to order leading 56t. Tom Owen offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Sarah Huckaby 318; Don Ross 183; Tammy Powell 565; Mike Hinton 480; Jesse Latimer 200; Sonny Huckaby 348b; Carter Cook 171; Lori Rogers 139; Lauren Owen and Abby Huckaby 75; Janie Short 228; Matt Bell 140; Robert Vaughn 229; Vickie Cook 474; Diane Ross 168; Larry Ballinger 217; Jackson Owen 186; Amy Peveto 47b; Andy Ditzler 440; Riley Owen 176b; Hoss Curran 388; Gary Rogan 299.


Don Ross called the class back together leading 30t. Leaders: Greg Bowles 163b; Karen Willard 449; Ellee Curran 146; Anna Strickland 129; Addison Bowles 159; Kate Agnew 436; David Stowe 39t; Silas Huckaby 475; Patrick Friesen 177; Fynn Titford-Mock 141; Bruce Coates 503; Kristie Powell 547; Buddy Ballinger 354b; Tom Owen 327; Amanda Bowles 86; Michele Curran 269; David Brodeur 161; Leon Ballinger 300; Ellen Ray 29t; Earl Ballinger 439; Scott Curran 472; Claire Steinman 535; Beverly Coates 320 (in memory of Edith Owen); Gaylon Powell 240; Lisa Matt 282; Linda Booker 490; Chris Nicholson 47t. The following committees were appointed: Memorial Committee—Don Ross, Lisa Matt, and Kristie Powell; Nominating Committee—Gaylon Powell and Mike Hinton. Sonny Huckaby offered the noon prayer.


Sarah Huckaby called the class back to order leading 76b. Leaders: Tammy Powell 542; Matt Bell 271t; Robert Vaughn 481; Amanda Bowles 178; Becca Short 312b; Jesse Latimer 236; Lauren Owen and Abby Huckaby 142; Earl Ballinger 155; Sonny Huckaby 332; Jackson Owen 53; Karen Willard and Ken Hallock 132; Riley Owen 45t; David Brodeur, Andy Ditzler, and Fynn Titford-Mock 206; Lori Rodgers 162; Silas Huckaby 500; Buddy Ballinger 343; Anna Strickland 331.


Don Ross called the class to order leading 345b. Leaders: Greg Bowles 84; Kate Agnew 110; Patrick Friesen 70t; Sharon Kermit 26; David Stowe 365; Michele Curran 504; Larry Ballinger 224; Ellen Ray 430; Leon Ballinger 120; Beverly Coates and Bruce Coates 150; Scott Curran 532; Lisa Matt 61; Tom Owen 338; Gaylon Powell and Kristie Powell 448t; Chris Nicholson 473; Linda Booker 569b; Gary Rogan 276; Amy Peveto 38t; Janie Short 384; Carter Cook 383; Vickie Cook 479; Mike Hinton 527. Sarah Huckaby led 347 as the closing song. Chris Nicholson offered the closing prayer.

Sunday, February 25

The Sunday session of the Texas State Convention was called to order by Sarah Huckaby leading 34b. Gary Rogan offered the opening prayer. Leaders: Sarah Huckaby 432; Don Ross 368; Tammy Powell 454; Tom Owen 74t; Amy Peveto 472; Andy Ditzler 270; Kristie Powell 296; Fynn Titford-Mock 396; Anna Strickland 398; Mike Hinton 434; Sharon Kermit 278t; David Brodeur 461; Diane Ross 480; Abby Huckaby 99; Bill Bailey 72b; David Stowe 268; Beverly Coates 328; Earl Ballinger 80b; Ellee Curran 145b; Kate Agnew 277; Buddy Ballinger 385b; Karen Willard 483; Hoss Curran 388.


Don Ross led 345t to bring the class together. Leaders: Silas Huckaby 222; Larry Ballinger 528; Michelle Curran 95; Leon Ballinger 313b; Ken Hallock 315; Kit Alderson 148; Gaylon Powell 455; Janie Short 456; Gary Rogan 319; Patrick Friesen 482; Lisa Matt 315; Linda Booker 452; Carter Cook 107; Ellen Ray 275b; Chris Nicholson 182; Bruce Coates 566.

A memorial lesson was held. Kristie Powell read the following list of names of the sick and shut-ins: Chris Brown, Andy Worthington, Melanie Hauff, Louise Holland, Don Bowen, Idy Kiser, Will Fitzgerald, Velton Chafin, Curtis Owen, Myrl Jones, Landis Powell, Charlotte Powell, Lee Huckaby, and Doug Webb. Lisa Matt led 390.

Don Ross read the following list of names of the deceased: Julie Vea—Wisconsin; Hugh McGraw—Georgia; Eloise Wootten, Johnie Chafin, Susie Denson, Daphene Causey, Gravis Ballinger, and Art Gilmore—Alabama; Steve Helwig—Oregon; Darrell Swarens—Indiana; Berkley Moore—Illinois; Edith Owen, Amy Denison, Jane Goforth, Peter Nichols, Ron Ryan, Julia Welch, Cliff Jensen, and Loree Schoefner—Texas. Lisa Matt led 285t. Don Ross offered the closing prayer for the memorial service.

Leaders: Tom Owen 33b; Gaylon Powell 149; Karen Willard 137; Fynn Titford-Mock 92; Buddy Ballinger 340; Bill Bailey 121; Andy Ditzler 314; Silas Huckaby 189; David Brodeur 227; David Stowe 306; Sharon Kermit 235; Mike Hinton and the BBQ Cooks 373. Tom Owen offered the noon prayer.


Sarah Huckaby began the afternoon session by leading 82t. Leaders: Larry Ballinger 98; Anna Strickland 334; Nancy Agnew 288; Earl Ballinger 179; Patrick Friesen 151; Amy Peveto 129; Kristie Powell 209; Mike Hinton 534; Beverly Coates 208; Kate Agnew 384; Michelle Curran 430; Leon Ballinger 195; Gary Rogan 203; Diane Ross 234; Lisa Matt 312b; Linda Booker 494; Carter Cook 63; Ellen Ray 548; Chris Nicholson 108b; Bruce Coates 32t; Jesse Latimer 29b; Lori Rodgers 120; Vickie Cook 335; Becca Short 87; Sara Deturk 178; Janie Short 442; Kit Alderman 133; Leon Ballinger, Buddy Ballinger, Earl Ballinger, and Larry Ballinger 280; Fynn Titford-Mock 459.

A business meeting was held. The following officers were elected to serve for next year: Chairman—Don Ross; Vice Chairman—Michelle Curran; Secretary—Tammy Powell; Co-Treasurer—Rick Foreman and Cheryl Foreman; Assistant Treasurer—Sonny Erwin. Announcements were made.

Sarah Huckaby, Don Ross, and Tammy Powell led 62 as the closing song. Don Ross offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Sarah Huckaby; Vice Chairman—Don Ross; Secretary—Tammy Powell