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New York State Sacred Harp Convention

Burton Hall, Easton, New York

October 14-15, 2017

Saturday, October 14

The 29th annual New York State Sacred Harp Convention was called to order by Ginny Huszagh leading 276. The opening prayer was offered by Rachel Speer. During a brief business meeting, the following officers were elected to serve: Chairman—Tarik Wareh; Vice Chairman—Joanne Fuller; Secretary—Ellen Foster.

Leaders: Tarik Wareh 399b; Joanne Fuller 32t; Pattie Wareh 72b; Mary Skidmore 107; Jean Seiler 106; Thom Metzger 131t; George Sigut 84; Nina Zanetti 122; Dennis Leipold 406; Wendy Sibbison 477; Eileen Metzger 108b; Bill Holt 121; Nancy Mandel 385t; Jeremy Galvagni 144; Liz Patton 373; Terry Ryan 344; Scott Luscombe 376; John Klaess 421; Becky Wright 73t; Sally Langendorf 394.


Patrick Friesen and Judy Contompasis led 35 to bring the class back to order. Leaders: Al McCready 472; Linda Shea 429; Nathan Aldrich 404; Alice Stock 47t; Pat Geritz 503; Gerald Clark 55; Jean Seiler 31t; Micah John Walter 522; Laura Densmore 456; Faiz Wareh 372; Barbara Swetman 415; Leonard Spencer 250; Brian Harris 327; Rachel Fox von Swearingen 178; Shavon Lloyd 47b; Leon Pulsinelle 532.


The class was called to order by Corinne Ducey and Gerald Clark leading 105. Leaders: Philippa Stoddard 411; Mary Ann Morrison 547; Kitty Kagay 162; Kerry Cullinan 538; Vicki Hayes 546; Jonathan Spencer 70b; Joan Frankel and Bill Holt 414; Jonathan Mildner 183; Rachel Speer 182; Jacob Arduino 29b; Sue Peters 82b; Alice Forster 209; Jeffrey Francom 59; Judy Contompasis 30b. The blessing for the midday meal was offered by Corinne Ducey.


The class was called back to order by Stephen Sombor leading 117. Leaders: Gwen Gethner 123b; Jan May 454; Elizabeth Stoddard 430; Ian Quinn 172; Dev Crasta 148; Allison Steel 542; Dan Hertzler 505; Angharad Davis 500; Erik-Darden Ymeraga 340; Jerusha Wheeler 212; Karl Dise 320; Corinne Ducey 132; Charles Biada 197; Sue Hengelsberg 504; Linda Shea 448b; Patrick Friesen 134; Nancy Mandel 487; Becky Wright 167; Rebeka Radna-Crasta 290; Gerald Clark 499; Scott Luscombe 560; Laura Densmore 311; Dean Jens 312b; Sr. Ann Christi Brink, Sr. Linda Neil, and Tarik Wareh 45t.


Brian Harris called the class back together leading 448t. Leaders: Liz Patton and Micah John Walker 348t; Rebecca Hawkins 335; Terry Ryan 240; Eileen Metzger and Thom Metzger 383; Wendy Sibbison 36b; Ben Wetherbee 89; Ginny Huszagh and Dennis Leipold 228; Jeremy Galvagni 29t; Al McCready 412; Sally Langendorf 229; Bill Holt 159; Jacob Anduino 425; Jonathan Mildner 323b; Elizabeth Stoddard, Vicki Hayes, and Ian Quinn 165; Nathan Aldrich 112; Rachel Fox von Swearingen 277; John Klaess 92; Rebeka Radna-Crasta and Dev Crasta 86; Shavon Lloyd 282; Becky Wright 325.

Tarik Wareh led 69b. Angharad Davis offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed until tomorrow.

Sunday, October 15

The Sunday session of the New York State Sacred Harp Convention began with Chairman Tarik Wareh leading 39t. The opening prayer was given by Dan Hertzler.

Leaders: Tarik Wareh 435; Pattie Wareh 99; George Sigut 335; Leon Pulsinelle 48t; Kerry Cullinan 34b; Barbara Swetman 315; Joanne Fuller 145b; Ginny Huszagh 66; Margaret Youngberg and Crispin Youngberg 217; Rebeka Radna-Crasta 38b; Rachel Speer 506; Angharad Davis and Gwen Gethner 270; Jerusha Wheeler 498; Sue Hengelsberg 306; Jan May 540; Jeffrey Francom 457.


The class was called to order by Vicki Hayes leading 111t. Leaders: Jesse P. Karlsberg and Jean Seiler 318; Corinne Ducey 527; Jonathan Spencer 379; Philippa Stoddard 85; Sue Peters 32t; Charles Biada 570; Joan Frankel 284; Nic Tuff 33b; Dean Jens 441; Jean Seiler 87; Faiz Wareh 328; Leonard Spencer 245; Laura Densmore 549; Erik-Darden Ymeraga 95.


Eileen Raab led 40 to bring the class to order. Leaders: Judy Contompasis 63; Dev Crasta 274t; Tara Mulder 288; Allison Steele 507; Cora Wareh 480.

Barbara Swetman spoke on behalf of persons who are sick and shut-in today, and led 330b. Those remembered included Mary Jean McCarthy, Audrey Kennedy, Jim Govola, Michael Kaye, William Knoedel, Ron Bornick, Margaret Bornick, Merv Horst, Herb Erikssen, Pam Regan, Cheri Haire, Larry Wootten, Claudine Townson, Neely Bruce, Camilla McClave, Julie Vea, Chris Holley, Gina Balestracci, Ben Pirie, Eli Snyder, and Sarah Scott.

Nicholas Tuff spoke on behalf of the following deceased: Barbara Bell, Sue Mihalyi, Kathy Jornov, Lenni Evans, Brendan Rush, Dr. Rebecca Reames, Doris Mercer, Deannie Eaton, Barbara McGuire, Barry Redich, and Thomas Gallagher-New York; Johnny Lee, Delorese Lee, and Hugh McGraw-Georgia; Jean Comfort Hallowell, Michael Sensor, and Skip Trout-Pennsylvania; Collette Miller, Edward Swetman, and Charles Wells-Minnesota; David Abrahams, and Katie Evans (cousin of Eli Snyder)—California; Barbara Huszagh—Illinois; Eloise Wootten—Alabama; John Bayer—Ohio; Carol Sherbeck—Wisconsin; Pat Colter-Yahn—Vermont; Toby Strout—Indiana; Bruce Carter Pratt—Massachusetts; Charlotte Quimby—New Hampshire; Ruth Hooke—Vermont/Massachusetts; Dr. Heather Everly—Canada/New York. Dan Hertzler led 547 in memory of the deceased, and prayer was offered by Jesse P. Karlsberg.

Leaders: Jean Seiler and Dan Hertzler 146; Shavon Lloyd 455; Margaret Youngberg 302; Ian Quinn 369. Grace for the midday meal was offered by Dean Jens.


Sue Peters, Joan Frankel, and Sue Hengelsberg led 551 to bring the class to order. Leaders: Jesse P. Karlsberg 454; Philippa Stoddard 189; Rachel Speer 573; Brian Harris 378b; Mary Skidmore 142; Crispin Youngberg 513; Patrick Friesen 426t; Elizabeth Stoddard 124; Leon Pulsinelle 410b; Jerusha Wheeler 107; Angharad Davis 300; Jonathan Spencer 360; Charles Biada 397; Erik-Darden Ymeraga 422; Gwen Gethner 203; Tarik Wareh, Mary Skidmore, Ginny Huszagh, Barbara Swetman, Laura Densmore, and Jesse P. Karlsberg (chairman and previous chairs of NYS Conventions) 192.


Jesse P. Karlsberg, Ian Quinn, and Allison Steel led 114 to begin the last session of singing today. Leaders: Dean Jens 349; Jan May 78; Eileen Raab 268; Faiz Wareh and Leonard Spencer 260; Judy Contompasis 319; Joanne Fuller and Peter Brown 186; Kerry Cullinan 163b; Patrick Friesen and Tara Mulder 380; Sue Hengelsberg and Elizabeth Stoddard 175; Jeffrey Francom, Shavon Lloyd, Emily Wright, and Diana Minerva 159.

A business meeting was convened to accept reports from the officers. The Secretary reported that 127 people from eleven states and Canada attended the convention this weekend. A total of 171 songs were led by 79 leaders. The Resolutions Committee thanked all who helped to make this singing a success, and resolved to hold the 30th New York State Convention in October, 2018, in Rochester, New York. Announcements were made.

Tarik Wareh, Pattie Wareh, Joanne Fuller, Mary Skidmore, Ellen Foster, Jean Seiler, and Irene Arnold led 62 as the closing song. Joanne Fuller offered the final blessing.

Chairman—Tarik Wareh; Vice Chairman—Joanne Fuller; Secretary—Ellen Foster