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Brighton Sacred Harp Singing Day

Exeter Street Hall, Brighton, East Sussex, United Kingdom

Saturday, April 1, 2017

The 2nd Brighton Sacred Harp All-Day Singing was called to order by Seth Dickens leading 47t. The opening prayer was offered by Catherine Roberts.

Leaders: Catherine Roberts 171; Sarah Hill 56t; Ian Lamb 148; Tom Gerber 66; Guy Hayes 27; Iain Paxon and Ron Hollman 209; Mark Percival 89; Ross Adamson 86; Rachel Jordan 492; Rob Mahoney 107; Dan Ardern and Guy Hayes 178; Nick Hall 452; Max Hartmann and Piers Blewett 51; Ron Hollman 274t; Werner Ullah 37b; Theresa Maguire 67; Andrew Clark 496.


The class was called back to order by Jill Thompson leading 344. Leaders: Piers Blewett 101t; William Cleary 480; Mahna 313b; Francis Gaskin 322; Toby Goss 159; Ted Brown 74b; Ali McKenzie Wilcox 504; Pete Eiseman-Renyard 56b; Cora Wareh 46; Steve Brett 358; Leilai Immel 172; Matthew Parkinson 36b; Edwin Macadam 280; Dermot Peel 278t.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Jill Thompson. She led 457 in memory of Joe Marshall, Doris Hammond, Jane Davies, Nora Harwood, Jean Mary Martin, April Selley, Mel White, Robert Peele, Janelle Davis, B.M. Smith, Johnny Lee, Delorese Lee, Anne Kennedy, and Ruth Steggles.

Rachel Jordan spoke for the sick and housebound. She led 68b for Karen Rollins, Janette Lawrence, Alexandra Assis, Geoffrey Rendle, Phoebe Davidson, Sister Pippa, Chris Holbrook, Jackie Saunders, Rebecca Over, Nik Pollard, Dave Richardson, Nigel Cumber, and June Eames.

Leaders: Joe Vickers 460; Sheila Girling Macadam 442; Helen Brown 542; Tarik Wareh 275t; Pattie Wareh 228. The grace was offered by Mark Percival.


The class was called back to order by Tom Gerber leading 277. Leaders: Ella Cumber 548; Arthur Swindells 340; Jen Codrington 299; Dermot Peel 114; Rachel Wemyss 145t; Faiz Wareh 346; Helen Brown 436; Steve Brett 524; Ali McKenzie Wilcox 497; Pattie Wareh 70t; Joe Vickers 163t; Tarik Wareh 500; Ted Brown 339; Leilai Immel 426b; Cora Wareh 71; Matthew Parkinson 123b; Gaia Dickens and Seth Dickens 282; Sheila Girling Macadam 142; Edwin Macadam 538; Ron Hollman 128; Toby Goss 49b; Andrew Clark 162.


The class was called back to order by Piers Blewett leading 183. Leaders: William Cleary 146; Nick Hall 222; Pete Eiseman-Renyard 117; Emily Verrier 319; Francis Gaskin 229; Mahna 268; Ella Cumber 24b; Faiz Wareh 571; Werner Ullah 448b; Arthur Swindells 191; Theresa Maguire and Natalie Edelman 378b; Jen Codrington 350; Catherine Roberts 290; Tom Gerber 334; Iain Paxon and Sarah Hill 535; Ian Lamb 481; Guy Hayes 348t.

Announcements were made. Seth Dickens thanked all who made the second Brighton All-Day Singing possible. Catherine Roberts reported that there were seventy-three registered attendees from three countries, and eighty-two songs were sung.

Seth Dickens led 347 as the closing song. Tarik Wareh offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Seth Dickens; Secretary—Catherine Roberts