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New York State Sacred Harp Convention

Foundation of Light, Ithaca, New York

October 15-16, 2016

Saturday, October 15

The 28th meeting of the New York State Convention held annually on the weekend of the third Sunday in October was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Ginny Huszagh leading 34b. Dennis Leipold offered the invocation.

Leaders: Laura Densmore 313t; Robert Wheeler 171; Keillor Mose 74b; Guy Bankes 28b; Chris Haller 267; Jean Seiler 273; Dan Hertzler 564; Alec Targett 187; Dennis Leipold 186; Scott Luscombe 28t; Pleasance Crawford 402; Julia Reischel 99; Joanna Wheeler 163b; Chuck Crawford 66; Kassie Urban-Mead 32t; Lucy Roberts 133; Barbara Swetman 196; Melody Johnson 335.


Alec Targett called the class back together by leading 282. Leaders: Mary Skidmore 39t; Sarah Underhill 276; Joanne Fuller 134; Thom Metzger 179; Elizabeth Barlow 384; Lyn Caswell 344; Leon Pulsinelle 55; Eileen Metzger 201; Rebeka Radna-Crasta 290; Sue Hengelsberg 306; Dev Crasta 178; Paula Picton 390; Laura Densmore 311; Robert Wheeler 209; Keillor Mose 204; Guy Bankes 534.


Kassie Urban-Mead called the class to order leading 105. Thom Metzger spoke on behalf of the Finance Committee, and led 274t. Leaders: Chris Haller 455; Jean Seiler 492; Dan Hertzler 176b; Alec Targett and Bryan Filette 63; Dennis Leipold 47t; Scott Luscombe 270; Pleasance Crawford 309; Julia Reischel 145t; Joanna Wheeler 86; Chuck Crawford 300; Kassie Urban-Mead 107; Lucy Roberts 448b; Barbara Swetman 448t. Robert Wheeler offered grace before the noon meal.


Ginny Huszagh led 312b to begin the afternoon session. Leaders: Jean Seiler 299; Thom Metzger 269; Laura Densmore 456; Dennis Leipold 189; Dan Hertzler 556; Scott Luscombe 506; Ginny Huszagh 228; Chris Haller 313b; Robert Wheeler 147t; Rebeka Radna-Crasta 38b; Eileen Metzger 522; Kerry Cullinan 486; Barbara Swetman 546; Mary Skidmore 250; Melody Johnson 474; Lucy Roberts 101t; Sarah Underhill 102; Guy Bankes 444; Joanne Fuller 432; Dev Crasta 148.


Ginny Huszagh called the class to order leading 569b. Leaders: Elizabeth Barlow 503; Lyn Caswell 452; Keillor Mose 222; Leon Pulsinelle 496; Jean Seiler 72b; Jeff Francom, accompanied by his son, Jacob, and a group of students from Suny Potsdam 547; Shavon Lloyd 47b; Paula Picton 352; Sue Hengelsberg 504; Alec Targett 149; Pleasance Crawford 502; Julia Reischel 87; Joanna Wheeler 551; Chuck Crawford 314; Thom Metzger 423; Laura Densmore 540; Dennis Leipold 159 (in memory of Walter Hartley); Dan Hertzler 278t.

Announcements were made. The singing resumed with Scott Luscombe leading 353. Leaders: Chris Haller 236; Robert Wheeler 350; Kerry Cullinan 68b; Barbara Swetman 146; Mary Skidmore 542; Joanne Fuller 121.

Ginny Huszagh led 62 as the closing song. Dennis Leipold offered the closing prayer.

Sunday, October 16

The Sunday session of the New York State Convention was called to order by Ginny Huszagh leading 566. Dennis Leipold offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Alec Targett 49b; Melody Johnson 33b; Dan Hertzler 61; Kassie Urban-Mead 159; Laura Densmore 228; Eric Bean 285t; Mary Skidmore 171; Dennis Leipold 31t; Candis Bailey 106; Jean Seiler 217; Chris Danilich 180; Barbara Swetman 284; Shavon Lloyd 457; Pleasance Crawford 403.


The second session of the day was called to order by Eric Bean leading 47t. Leaders: Sue Hengelsberg 175; Jeff Francom 229; Lauren Henry 46; Paula Picton 150; Emary Jacobucci 68b; Melody Johnson 479; Chuck Crawford 475; Hannah Gaitner 457; Kathy Chillemi, David Deacon, and Caitlin McDonough 146; Scott Luscombe 376.

Mary Skidmore spoke on behalf of the sick and shut-ins, and reminded the class that this also included those who were caregivers for the sick. She read the following list of names and led 330b: Claudene Townson, Edward Swetman, Mike Ramsey, Rick Johnson, Linda Huppe, Barbara Huszagh, Barbara Barry, Janet Moore, Ron Bornick, Margaret Bornick, John Mallory, and Jan May.

Jean Seiler conducted the memorial lesson, and spoke of the strength and support that singers find as part of a caring singing community. She also spoke feelingly of the comfort that her late husband found in his last months of life, knowing that after he had passed, his name would be remembered for a year in memorial lessons and that he would be held in the hearts of other singers. She mentioned the special loss of Oliver Kindig-Stokes, a young and enthusiastic singer, whose life was taken in a car accident in the past year. She noted that sometimes we sing for those who have lived a long and full life and that sometimes we sing for those taken from us while in their prime. She read the names of the following deceased and led 122 in their memory: Richard Bailey, Ann Henry, and Elspeth Rhodin—New York; Oliver Kindig-Stokes and Betty Hanf—Pennsylvania; Walter S. Hartley—North Carolina; Earlis McGraw and B.M. Smith—Georgia; Janelle Davis—Illinois; Francis Bliss—Maine; Joseph Leonard Rowe—Rhode Island; Timothy Grannis, Abigail Haigh, and Bill Seaman—Vermont; Joanne Coburn and Carol Quimby Heath—New Hampshire; Leon J. Pulsinelle and Joe Neighmond—New Jersey; Gary Esolen—Louisiana; Loraine Bayer—Ohio; Charlie Derleth—Missouri; Ryan Meagen—Connecticut; Jan Plecash and Tanis Fairley—Ontario, Canada. Dennis Leipold led the class in prayer to close the memorial lesson.


Kassie Urban Mead called the class to order by leading 276. Leaders: Laura Densmore 528; Dan Hertzler 472; Joanne Fuller 460; Ginny Huszagh 195; Pleasance Crawford 301; Alec Targett 157; Chris Danilich 63; Kassie Urban-Mead 117; Scott Luscombe 315; Emary Jacobucci 59; Barbara Swetman 454; Lauren Henry 108t; Dennis Leipold 105; Shavon Lloyd 148; Chuck Crawford 84; Hannah Gaitner 126. Dennis Leipold closed the session by leading grace for the noon meal.


Ginny Huszagh called the class to order by leading 300. She spoke briefly but warmly of the gentle tutelage and help that many singers in our community have received from Paula Picton, who has quietly encouraged and selflessly shared her singing and wisdom with so many. Leaders: Eric Bean 270; Mary Skidmore 114; Paula Picton 411; Jeffrey Francom 319; Jean Seiler 52t; Melody Johnson 340; David Deacon 47b; Candis Bailey 27t; Kathy Chillemi and Rachel Fox von Swearingen 277; Sue Hengelsberg 523; Rachel Fox von Swearingen 155; Chuck Crawford 288; Lauren Henry 334; Pleasance Crawford 481; Dan Hertzler 480; Shavon Lloyd 178.


Dennis Leipold led 145b. The various committees presented their reports, and announcements were made, including the locations and approximate dates for New York state singings for the coming year.

Leaders: Barb Swetman 135; Hannah Gaitner 326; Kathy Chillemi 268; David Deacon 38b; Sue Hengelsberg 127; Ginny Huszagh and previous chairmen of New York State conventions 40; Jeffrey Francom 504; Rachel Fox von Swearingen 107; Eric Bean 218; Mary Skidmore 56b; Dennis Leipold 112; Candis Bailey 547; Melody Johnson 48t; Pleasance Crawford 64; Chris Danilich 41; Jeffrey Francom, Chris Danilich, Shavon Lloyd, Lauren Henry, and Hannah Gaitner 35; Chuck Crawford 473; Dan Hertzler 445.

Ginny Huszagh thanked the class for their attendance and participation. She led 62 as the closing song, and those who wished took the parting hand. Dennis Leipold offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Ginny Huszagh; Vice Chairman—Alec Targett; Secretaries—Dan Hertzler, Kassie Urban-Mead, and Mary Skidmore