Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Mississippi State Sacred Harp Singing Convention

Antioch Primitive Baptist Church, Forest, Mississippi

August 23-24, 1997

Saturday, August 23

The sixty-ninth session of the Mississippi State Sacred Singing Convention was called to order by President Mark Davis leading song on page 37b. After welcoming everyone, President Mark Davis led song on page 36b. The morning prayer was led by Elder Charles Porter. Mark Davis led song on page 209; Vice President John Van Horn led songs on pages 378b and 412.

President Mark Davis appointed June McNeil, Christine McNeil, and Regina Glass as the Arranging Committee.

Secretary Jean Gray led songs on pages 108t and 82t.

President Mark Davis appointed Arlon Gardner, Lydia Hamby, and Hugh McGuire as the Business and Credentials Committee.

President Mark Davis finding a quorum present, stated by the Committee on Credentials that more than ten members were present, officially opened the convention welcoming everyone present, especially out of state visitors.

Leaders: Hugh McGuire 516 (Cooper Book), 498; Warren Steel 27, 411; Elder Charles Porter 155, 379; John Hollingsworth 192, 196; Charles Franklin 68b, 176t; Joe Cobb 28b, 38b; Wanda Greg 40, 515.


Vice President John Van Horn called the class to order leading song on page 72b. Leaders: George Easley 313 (t? b?), 299; Andrew Albers 507t, 507b (Cooper Book); Dennis Cranford 312b, 200; Sharona Nelson 452b, 203; Ben Burroughs 178, 63; Angela Benton 147t, 358; Arlon Gardner 378t, 39t.


The afternoon session was called to order by Mark Davis leading song on page 47t. Leaders: Billy Hollingsworth 186, 236; John Kanode 571, 229 (Cooper Book); Jimmy Smith 457, 569b; Elizabeth Muhleisen 503, 64; Floyd Bennett 127; Bill Hogan 300, 99; Nancy Van Den Akker 38t, 78 (Cooper Book); Regina Glass 163b, 142; Henry McGuire 298, 183; L. V. Smith 58, 61.

The convention entered into the business session at 2:00 p.m. A motion was made and carried to elect the following officers: President—Mark Davis; Vice President—John Van Horn; Secretary—Jean Gray; Chaplain—Arlon Gardner.


The singing resumed with Mark Davis leading song on page 270. Leaders: Mike McNeil 501, 573 (Cooper Book); Ester Mann 426 (t? b?), 480; Georgia Kanode 395, 143 (Cooper Book); Durward Scarborough 339, 240.

President Mark Davis appointed Mae Ola Nelson, Hugh Bill McGuire, and Elder Charles Porter as the Locations Committee; John Hollingsworth and Wanda Greg were appointed as the Memorial Committee.

Mark Davis thanked everyone for coming, and those from out of state, and counties in Mississippi were recognized.

Junie McNeil led songs on pages 319 and 119; Hugh Bill McGuire 563 (?) and 522 (Cooper Book).

Announcements were made after a motion to adjourn was received. The convention closed with the Drone led by Mark Davis. The class was dismissed with prayer led by Chaplain Arlon Gardner to meet Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m.

Sunday, August 24

The Sunday morning session was called to order at 10:00 a.m. with a welcome extended to all by President Mark Davis. Mark Davis led songs on pages 101t and 123t. The morning prayer was led by Chaplain Arlon Gardner.

President Mark Davis led song on page 274t; Vice President John Van Horn 217, 146; Secretary Jean Gray 146, 418; Chaplain Arlon Gardner 130t (Christian Harmony), 410t; Arrangement Committee Chairperson Christine McNeil 131 (t? b?), 204t (Christian Harmony).

Leaders: Hugh McGuire 39 (Cooper Book), 216; Wanda Greg 460, 339; Floyd Bennett 72 (Cooper Book); Dr. Wilma Mitchell 47t, 39t.


The singing resumed with Vice President John Van Horn leading song on page 111t. Leaders: Nancy Van Den Akker 475, 361 (Cooper Book); George Easley 82t (Christian Harmony), 438; Sharona Nelson 143, 36b; Billy Hollingsworth 162, 372 (Christian Harmony); John Kanode 573 (Cooper Book), 63; Elizabeth Muhleissen 87, 269; Charles Franklin 518 (Cooper Book), 47b.


Mark Davis brought the class to order leading song on page 448t. Leaders: John Hollingsworth 434, 282; Regina Glass 332, 215; Bill Hogan 475, 53; Angela Benton 268, 254; Mike McNeil 308, 316 (Christian Harmony); Neva Dee Mayes and Eva Dee Wyatt 176t, 145b; Ester Mann 32t, 34b, 297.

President Mark Davis appointed Dr. Wilma Mitchell and Ester Mann as Resolutions and Hospitality Committee.

Leaders: Kurt Davis and Cayla McGuire 354 (t? b?), 345t; John Merritt 358 (in memory of his mother), 138 (Cooper Book).

Reports were given from each committee with thanks for a job well done. A motion and second was given with vote to approve the reports of the committees.

Memorial Committee members John Hollingsworth and Wanda Greg led song on page 235 in memory of Janice Nelson.

An expression of thoughtfulness was read by President Mark Davis from Mae Ola Nelson, mother of Janice Nelson, and her family.

From the family of Janice Nelson (April 24, 1947—September 16, 1996). Thank you for the beautiful flowers you sent. Janice loved this singing convention and all of these good old songs. She had a special place in her heart for all of you, too. Also, thank you to the ones that took the time out of their busy schedule to come and sing those songs she loved so much one last time for her. The singing was beautiful. Mae Ola Nelson and family.

Thanks was given to Billy Margaret Gardner from President Mark Davis for arranging the lunch both days. Motion was made to accept and approve the reports given.

Singing resumed with Chaplain Arlon Gardner leading song on page 117. Leaders: Brenda Merritt 192, 336; Henry McGuire 442, 430; Durward Scarborough 500 (Cooper Book), 45 (t? b?); Hugh Bill McGuire 218, 220; John Merritt 572 (Cooper Book); Hugh McGuire 393 (Cooper Book); Nancy Van Den Akker 571 (Cooper Book); Wanda Greg 408; Bill Hogan 255 (Christian Harmony); Elizabeth Muhleissen 503 (Cooper Book).

After announcements were given, President Mark Davis again thanked everyone for making the convention a success, and led song on page 62 as the closing song. Chaplain Arlon Gardner dismissed the class with prayer.

President—Mark S. Davis; Vice President—John L. Van Horn; Secretary—Jean Gray.