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Chicago Anniversary Singing

Kilbourn Park Fieldhouse, Chicago, Illinois

Sunday, January 10, 2016

The 31st Chicago Anniversary Singing was held at the Kilbourn Park Fieldhouse, Chicago, Illinois, on the second Sunday in January. Lisa Grayson called the class to order at 10:00 a.m. leading 178. Susan Geil offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: David Barford 40; Debbie Barford 99; Anne Heider 532; Carol Ann Munro 556; Randy Neufeld 148; John Seaton 47t; Jake Kiakahi 70b.

A business meeting was held to elect the following officers: Chairpersons—David Barford and Debbie Barford; Vice Chairman—Susan Geil; Secretary—Rochelle Lodder. The following committee members were appointed: Memorial Committee—Anne Heider and Marcia Johnson; Finance Committee—Randy Neufeld; Arranging Committee—Anna Pfau and Mary Rogel; Chaplains—Carol Ann Munro and Jim Swanson;

Leaders: Mary Rogel 217; Jim Helke 291; Linda Heemskerk 277; Doug Stapleton 440; Nick Pasqual 38t; Sam Singleton-Freeman and Randy Neufeld 228; Susan Geil 52t; Bob Borcherding 215; Lori Graber 353; Alec Jenkins-White 377; Peter Bradley 538; Rochelle Lodder 171.


Nathan Berry called the class to order leading 114. Leaders: Becca Gibson 142; Barb Patterson 485; Ted Johnson 283 (at the request of Don Bowen); Michael Mosley 349; Karl Houtman 268; Orwin Youngquist 81t; Leon Pulsinelle 196; James Page and Carol Briggs 216; Ann Miczulski 282; Stephen Parker 362; Steve Warner 86; Gregory Mulkern 359; Jo Dell Albi 372; Marian Mitchell 327; Jacob Lee 344; Larry Nothwehr 280.


Anna Pfau called the class to order leading 128. Leaders: Anne Missavage 163t; Michael Appert 163b; AnnaLeigh Smith 107; Jerry Gripshover 146.

Anne Heider spoke on behalf of the sick and shut-ins. She led 340 for the following sick and shut-ins: Janelle Davis, Ted Mercer, Melanie Hauff, Aunt El, Dawn, Berkley Moore, Judith Lloyd Klauba, David Chamdurs, Mary Grayson, Karen Kalish, Dolly Bonk, Greg Stapleton, Phillip Dacey, Estelle Cymbala, Geneva Prichard, Dick De la Vergue, and Diana Zweig.

Marcia Johnson gave the memorial lesson. She read the names of the following deceased, and led 547 in their memory: Loraine Bayer—Ohio; Cheryl Sanders Sardello—Texas; Yolanda Imhoff, William Kelley, Nana Scheinflug, and Helen Degen Cohen—Illinois; Bonnie Keyes—Indiana and Illinois; Joe Neighmond and Leon J. Pulsinelle—New Jersey; Jane Brooks and Oliver Kindig-Stokes—Pennsylvania; Caroline Bonnet—California; Ernest Neufeld, Clifford Thoen, and Paul Schleicher—Minnesota; Ann Henry—New York; Dan Adams and Janet Rubin—Connecticut; Bob Scorgie and Phillip Fritz—Wisconsin; Cathryn Bearov—Virginia; Betty Youngquist—Washington; and Edwin Hauff—Iowa. Anne Heider led the class in prayer to close the memorial lesson.

Leaders: Jan Ketelle 212; Dick Patterson 351; Anna Pfau 426b; Jim Swanson 396; Jonathon Smith 110; Scott Schroeder 159. Carol Ann Munro offered grace before the noon meal.


Dick Patterson brought the class back to order leading 39t. Leaders: Cathryn Bearov 434; Linda Selph 430; Julie Vea 419; Cecelia Kramer 444; Aldo Ceresa 464 (for Ted Mercer); Judy Hauff 411; Phillip Langley 542; Corinne Ducey 29t; Nathan Berry 274t; Lela Crowder 500; Marcia Johnson 504; Lisa Grayson 436; Sasha Maslanka 157; Jonathon Smith 360; Daniel Braithwaite 365; Randy Neufeld 102; Ann Sleeva 421; Jan Ketelle 368; Beverley Enright 112; Jake Kiakahi 30t; Leon Pulsinelle 295.


Jim Swanson called the class to order leading 106. Leaders: Carl Houtman 472; Anne Heider 149; Lela Crowder 145t; AnnaLeigh Smith 124; Eileen Ferguson 36b; Corinne Ducey and Becca Gibon 76b; Anne Missavage 384; Phillip Langley 172; Ted Johnson 222; Aldo Ceresa 224; Stephen Parker 32t; Ann Miczulski 569b; Linda Selph 456; Barb Patterson 88t; Lori Graber 111b; Doug Stapleton 501.

A Founder’s Lesson was held. Founders of the Chicago Sacred Harp are Marcia Johnson, Ted Johnson, Judy Hauff, Virginia Warren, Kris Richardson, Larry Nothwehr, and in absentia, Ted Mercer. They led 38b.

Dave Barford and Debbie Barford thanked the kitchen crew, and everyone else who helped make the day a success. They led 62 as the closing song, and Jim Swanson dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairpersons—Dave and Debbie Barford; Vice Chairman—Susan Geil; Secretary—Rochelle Lodder