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Warrior River-Clear Creek Convention

Mt. Moriah Church, Snead, Alabama

August 2-3, 1997

Saturday, August 2

The one hundred twenty-third session of the Warrior River Convention and the ninety-eighth session of the Clear Creek Convention was called to order by Terry Hullett leading song on page 32t. The morning prayer was led by Elder Jonathan Blakeley. Terry Hullett led song on page 64. Leaders: Waylon Blakeley 134, 369; Jewel Wootten 79, 101t; Carmon Brothers 59, 390; Lamar Smith 76b, 343b; Cecil Gilliland 74t, 74b; Martha Woodard 69t; S. T. Reed 68b, 34b; Roie Alexander 145b; Douglas Conn 217, 222; Willie Mae Moon 225t, 434 (for Mae Seymour); J. L. Hopper 543, 218.


Singing resumed with Terry Hullett leading song on page 166. Leaders: Milton Oliver 348 (t? b?), 224; Emmie Morris 142, 215; Hershell King 340, 384; Elder Jonathan Blakeley 123t, 77t; John Morris 565, 448t; Linda Hopper 30t, 108t; Shelbie Sheppard 137, 475; Bud Oliver 145t, 47t; Chita Blakeley 186, 430 (for Lawrence and Lula Underwood); Linda Thomas 299, 39t; Ester Brown 426t, 203; Helen Lambert, Pam Sims, and Austin Sims 45t, 47b, 235; Freeman Wootten 49b, 448b; Jeff Sheppard 99, 140.


The afternoon session was brought to order by Terry Hullett leading song on page 288.

Chairman Terry Hullett called for a business session. Elder Jonathan Blakeley brought the devotion from Psalms 95, “Oh come, let us sing unto the Lord”. Prayer was offered by Elder Marshall Avery.

It was moved and seconded to retain the same officers: Chairman—Terry Hullett; Vice Chairman—Waylon Blakeley; Secretary—Jewel Wootten; Arranging Committee—Milton Oliver and Larry Lambert; Memorial Committee—Linda Thomas and Elder Philip Gilmore; Resolution Committee—Chita Blakeley and Helen Lambert; Finance Committee—Carmon Brothers and Bud Oliver.

Leaders: Rhoda Norris 276, 187; Phil Brothers 236, 274t; Norma Sue Latham 569 (t? b?), 482; Bud Oliver and Norma Sue Latham 418; Billy Williams 313 (t? b?), 297; Eloise Avery and Elder Marshall Avery 35, 373; Leola Smith 318, 43; Emmie Morris 112, 189; John Morris 455, 454; Jeff Sheppard 441, 523, 182; Linda Thomas 303; Shelbie Sheppard and Linda Thomas 106; Douglas Conn, Chita Blakeley, Jonathan Blakeley, and Linda Thomas 317, 345t.

Terry Hullett and Waylon Blakeley led song on page 159 for the closing song. The closing prayer was led by Lamar Smith.

Sunday, August 3

The Sunday session was called to order by Terry Hullett leading song on page 59. The morning prayer was led by Elder Philip Gilmore. Terry Hullett led songs on pages 56t and 61. Leaders: Waylon Blakeley 82t, 126; Jewel Wootten 124, 345t (for Ruby Phillips); Leola Smith 176b, 384; Roie Alexander 32t, 101t; Chita Blakeley 325, 426t, 426b; Lamar Smith 36b, 76b; Lydia Baswell 143, 146 (in memory of her brother, Ernest Phillips, son of the late George Phillips); Milton Oliver 321, 144; Helen Lambert and Austin Sims 45t, 490.


Singing resumed with Waylon Blakeley leading song on page 335. Leaders: Carmon Brothers “That Beautiful Land”, 341, 207; S. T. Reed 42, 37b; Gavin Blakeley 314, 317; Brandon Thompson 354b, 274t; Stuart Ivey 222, 480; Kyle Blakeley 30b, 122; Jonathan Thompson 84, 30t; Richard Ivey 306, 270; Steve Lambert 147b, 137; Arvid Holmes 40, 460; Dennis George 318, 127; Jamie Brothers 313 (t? b?), 340; Shelbie Sheppard 141, 332.

The memorial lesson was held by Elder Philip Gilmore and Linda Thomas. They spoke of our many loved ones who have passed away since our last convention, and the memories we have of them. Linda Thomas read the list of deceased: Frances Kelso, Ernest Phillips, Howard Bynum, Unie B. Howard, Bonnie Ashley, Barrett Ashley, Tom Harper, Hazel Cagle, Delta Wootten, Mae Holt, Ed Latham, Buddy Tindal, Lola Jenkins, Jimmy Causey, J. T. Conn, Will Battles, Elder A. L. Beckett, and Rodger Morrison.

Elder Philip Gilmore led songs on pages 31t and 498; S. T. Reed, Milton Oliver, and Lamar Smith led 343 in memory of Barrett and Bonnie Ashley; Gavin Blakeley and Kyle Blakeley led 123t in memory of J. T. Conn, Will Battles, Elder A. L. Backett, and Rodger Morrison. Jeff Sheppard and Linda Thomas led 129 for the sick and shut-ins: Annie Brothers, Lillie Lybrand, Lawrence Underwood, Lula Underwood, J. L. Oden, Mary Oden, Alpha Black, Ozettia Gilliland, Virgil Phillips, Ruby Phillips, Herbert Phillips, Nora Collett, Jerry Sheppard, Mozelle Sheppard, Mae Seymour, Rosa Hughes, Johnnie Blakeley, Jap Walton, and Elder and Mrs. J. O. Handley.

The memorial was closed with prayer by Elder Philip Gilmore.


The afternoon session began with Terry Hullett leading song on page 47t. Leaders: Nancy Thompson 523, 448t; Karen Ivey 569 (t? b?), 475; Wilda Holmes 44, 39b.

A business session was held. It was announced that the 1998 Warrior River-Clear Creek Convention will be held at Old Clear Creek Church, Boaz, Alabama.

The Resolutions Committee report was given by Chita Blakeley. Be it resolved, that we continue to praise God in spirit and in song. We are thankful for the love and fellowship shown. We thank:

  1. the host church, Mt. Moriah, for allowing us to meet with them;
  2. the officers who strive to keep order in God’s house and lead by serving in deed and example;
  3. those who have labored to prepare nourishment for our natural bodies.

We resolve:

  1. to keep the convention growing, and to support singings in surrounding areas;
  2. to continue to sing and encourage the spread of Sacred Harp music.

Respectfully submitted: Chita Blakeley and Helen Lambert.

The Finance Committee reported a balance brought forward of $139.60, a collection of $120.00, an expenditure of $50.00 for the minutes, gift to the church of $70.00, leaving a balance on hand of $139.60. The business session was closed.

Leaders: David Ivey 402, 388; Freeman Wootten 565, 34t; Paula Gilmore 75; Linda Thomas 217; Elder Philip Gilmore 39t; Larry Lambert and Austin Sims 410t, 410b; Herby Bailey 489b; Cecil Gilliland 212, 273; Terry Hullett 68b (by request); Vera Blakeley and Waylon Blakeley 312b. Terry Hullett and Waylon Blakeley led the closing song on page 62, and all who wished took the parting hand. The class was dismissed with prayer by Lamar Smith.

Chairman—Terry Hullett; Vice Chairman—Waylon Blakeley; Secretary—Jewel Wootten.