Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Cullman County Singing Convention

Cullman County Courthouse, Cullman, Alabama

July 12-13, 1997

Saturday, July 12

The Saturday session of the annual Cullman County Courthouse singing was called to order by Henry Guthery who welcomed everyone and led song on page 59. The morning prayer was led by Harrison Creel.

Henry Guthery led song on page 97, and then introduced Judge Burleson of the Probate Court who welcomed the convention. Leaders: Hershell King 410t, 544; Travis Keeton 121, 57; Gene Wakefield 56t, 100; Bascum Mattox 168, 101t; Gordon Wilkerson 380, 530; Clayton Ezell 300, 475; Martha Woodard 65; Nora Parker 317b, 299; Ester Brown 316, 454; Wanda Capps 546, 222; Corene White 171.


Harrison Creel called the class back to order leading song on page 30t. Leaders: Carol Lunsford 127, 72b; Aubrey Tyree 186, 189; Lena Wakefield 200, 34b; Edith Tate 292, 434; Lamar Smith 76b, 327; Cindy Franklin 269, 499b; Jewel Wootten 31b, 145b; Lyles Burke 40, 137; Eron White 384, 172; Thurman Nall 217, 490.


Henry Guthery called the class to order leading song on page 225 (t? b?).

At this time a motion was made and duly seconded to go into a business session. John Hocutt called for nomination of officers. The following officers were elected: Chairman—Henry Guthery; Vice Chairman—Harrison Creel; Secretary—Eldagene Roberson; Arranging Committee—Billy Williams. Henry Guthery appointed Imogene Nelms and Eron White as the Memorial Committee. The business session was closed, and the class resumed singing.

Leaders: Aaron Chandler and daughter 313 (t? b?), 119; Edis Guthrie 29t, 99; Ila Ingle 112, 441; Marie Guthrie 113, 213 (t? b?); Cassie Franklin 512, 542; Henry Guthery 45t. The class was dismissed for lunch with the prayer given by Lamar Smith.


The afternoon session began with Henry Guthery leading song on page 283. Leaders: Ruth Walker 298, 192; Dennis George 197, 68 (t? b?); Imogene Nelms 215, 491; David Roberson 274t, 63; John Hocutt 289, 201; Leola Smith 318, 418; S. T. Reed 417, 278b; Eldagene Roberson 385b, 142; Buell Cobb 284, 321; Harrison Creel 111b; Roscoe Knight 127, 47b; Sherry Guthery 58, 340; Billy Williams 450. Announcements were made. Henry Guthery led song on page 146 to close the day of singing. The class was dismissed with prayer by Thurman Nall.

Sunday, July 13

The Sunday session of the convention was opened by Henry Guthery welcoming the class and leading song on page 31b. The morning prayer was led by Lamar Smith.

Leaders: Henry Guthery 101t; Edith Tate 73t, 75; Corene White 146, 126; Bascum Mattox 129, 186; Gordon Wilkerson 208, 220; Velton Chafin 318, 225t; Martha Woodard 278t, 335; Cecil Sanders 145t; Ila Ingle 434, 436; Edis Guthrie 91, 171; Thurman Nall 276, 287; Imogene Nelms 373, 544.


Harrison Creel called the class back to order leading song on page 565b. Leaders: David Roberson 268, 275b; Eron White 37b, 155; Betty Shaffer 454, 145 (t? b?); Cecil Wakefield 339, 282; Reedie Powell 280, 269; Aubrey Tyree 441, 298; Lamar Smith 36b; Linda Thomas 39t; Milton Oliver 217, 222; Eldagene Roberson 216, 215; Judy Caudle 322, 448t.


Henry Guthery called the class to order leading song on page 34b.

At this time the floor was opened to the Memorial Committee.

Eron White spoke of the memorial which we hold in loving memory of the Sacred Harp singers and friends and loved ones who have gone on before us, and are now singing with the angel band. They are missed at all the singings, and especially at this convention.

The deceased remembered: Elder C. H. Moon, Elder Bernard Moon, Cary Graves, Felton White, Emily Whaley, Gilbert White, Pearlee Calvert, Uncle Tom Harper, Lola Roberson, Harley Armstrong, Floyd Stiefel, Rachel Grimmett, Willie Blackwood, Emmet McCormick, Verlie Johnson, Shirley Wilson, Frances Kelsoe, Monica Hinkle, Buck Aaron, Buddy Tindal, Merle Etheridge, J. L. Conn, Will Battles, and Andy Edwards. Billy Williams led “Jesus Died For Me”, and Ila Ingle led 530 in memory of Uncle Tom Harper.

Imogene Nelms and Eron White led 340 for the following sick and shut-ins: Mamie Creel, Nora Baker, Virgil Phillips, Unie B. Howard, Vernice Calvert, Essie Calvert, I. V. Cockrell, Alpha Black, J. L. Oden, Mary Oden, Ethel Fannin, Mitchell Brothers, Hadyn Creel, Marie Aldridge, Sheldon Creel, Lucille Talbert, and Mae Seymour. Lamar Smith closed the memorial with prayer.

Respectfully submitted by Eron White and Imogene Nelms.

Leaders: Dorothea McCowan 442, 546; Scott Guthery and Charity Guthery 72b, 45t; Tressie Adkins 78, 40.


Henry Guthery called the afternoon session to order leading song on page 151. Leaders: Hershell King 426 (t? b?), 460; Ruth Walker 159, 430; Willodean Barton 418, 39 (t? b?); Linton Ballinger 299, 300; Bud Oliver 42, 332; Buell Cobb 390; Ann Jett 43, 494; Kathleen Robbins 48t, 34t, 327; Harrison Creel 475, 512, 342; Sherry Guthery 49t, 410t; Dustin McCowan and Dorothea McCowan 30t, 354 (t? b?); Louise Parker 345 (t? b?), 119; Martha Woodard and Grady Parker 277; Billy Williams 231, 28b; Henry Guthery 49b.

Henry Guthery asked for announcements at this time and then led 521 as the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer by Harrison Creel.

Chairman—Henry Guthery; Vice Chairman—Harrison Creel; Secretary—Eldagene Roberson.