Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Duluth Singing

Peace United Church of Christ, Duluth, Minnesota

Saturday, October 18, 2014

The 4th annual Duluth All-Day Singing was called to order by Leslie Williamson White leading 31t. Dick Patterson offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Paul Landskroener 107; Stacey Berkheimer 171; Cathy Lutz 276; Karen Swenson 155; Ray Cott-Meissel 99; John Bankson 50t; Bonnie Ambrosi 201; Ryan Toot 455; Val Stoehr 47t; Paul Wyatt 33b; Barb Patterson 36b; Joel Setterholm 128; Claudia Egelhoff 77b; Hans Guttmann 37b; Eleanor Haase 274t.


Paul Landskroener called the class back to order leading 63. Leaders: Matt Wells 77t; Lorraine Turner and Karen Swenson 503; Cynthia Martz and Stacey Berkheimer 178; Alec Jenkins-White 86; Christine Stevens 159; Alison Klawiter and Barb Patterson 81t; Dick Patterson 82t; Cathy Lutz 441; Angela Tergesdal and Val Stoehr 314; Joel Setterholm 312b; Eleanor Haase 142; Carol Crawford 31b; Claudia Egelhoff 203; Hans Guttmann 270; Ryan Toot 504; Matt Wells 368; John Bankson 549; Paul Landskroener 116; Jim Crawford 217; Karen Swenson 528; Leslie Williamson White 71.


Paul Wyatt called the class together by leading 313t. Leaders: Bonnie Ambrosi 49t; Dick Patterson 39t; Cathy Jordan 34b; Alison Klawiter and Barb Patterson 59; Martha Henderson 470; Val Stoehr 163b; Stacey Berkheimer 479; Christine Stevens 542. Karen Swenson offered grace.


Matt Wells began the afternoon session by leading 117. Leaders: Barb Patterson 97; Alec Jenkins-White 277; Sam Esquerra 378b; Tasha Turk and Cathy Lutz 312t; Lorraine Turner 448b; Ray Cott-Meissel 282; Marybeth Neal 49b; Cynthia Martz and Stacey Berkheimer 114; Cathy Lutz 456; Angela Tengesdal 453; Joel Setterholm 496; Eleanor Haase 352; Carol Crawford 69t; Ryan Toot 400; Hans Guttmann 112; Matt Wells 183; Karen Swenson 269; John Bankson 454; Leslie Williamson White 299; Paul Wyatt 189; Bonnie Ambrosi 452; Dick Patterson 28t.


Val Stoehr led 52t to bring the class back to order. Leaders: Claudia Egelhoff 334; Cathy Jordan 66; Alec Jenkins-White 383; Sam Esquerra 472; Kay Turk and Paul Landskroener 335; Lorraine Turner 162; Ray Cott-Meissel 218; Tasha Turk and Cathy Lutz 47b; Marybeth Neal 29t; Alison Klawiter and Barb Patterson 354b; Martha Henderson 374; Barb Patterson 426t; Val Stoehr 532; Christine Stevens 522; Jim Crawford 569t; Stacey Berkheimer 566; Paul Landskroener 207; Leslie Williamson White 148.

The class bid each other a “Christian’s Farewell” as Leslie Williamson White led 347. Paul Landskroener offered a closing prayer.

Chairman—Leslie Williamson White; Secretary—Bonnie Ambrosi