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Pittsburgh Regional Sacred Harp Singing

Franklin Park Baptist Church, Sewickley, Pennsylvania

Saturday, March 22, 2014

The 5th annual Pittsburgh Regional All-Day Sacred Harp Singing was held at Franklin Park Baptist Church, Sewickley, Pennsylvania. Gerry Hoffman called the class to order at 10:00 a.m. leading 52t. The opening prayer was offered by Lamar Matthew.

Leaders: Penny Anderson 122; Brian How 48b; Katie White 171; Marita Straffin 107; Barbara Hohenstein 352; Sara Wetzel 82t; Leon Pulsinelle 49t; Loretta Haskins 49t; Jerusha Wheeler 217; Adam Frey 335; Harry Webb 86; Beth Todd 501; Will Reilly 287; Leslie Clarke 268; Joe Todd 312b; Linda Marker 113; Guy Bankes 182; Jerusha Wheeler 504; Lamar Matthew 35.


Pleasance Crawford called the class back together leading 63. Leaders: Chuck Crawford 114; Clark Brocht 49b; Stephanie Phillips 236; Jo Schlesinger 497; Paula Jean Tonsor 56b; Joel Kennedy 159; Judy Clum 143; Michael Kearney 30t; Harry Scott 53; Eric Starbuck 47b; Rose Lundy 457; Roy Shockey 178; Pleasance Crawford 212; Emma Lamberton 282; Lois Hurt 551; Bob Cichra 72b; Leah Wilde 155; Patti Dennis 40; Kathy Robertson 452; Laura Densmore 157. Grace was offered for the noon meal by Lamar Matthews.


Beth Todd called the class back together by leading 68b. Leaders: Adam Frey 142; Sara Wetzel 131b; Andy Bell 479; Dave Witter 288; Paula Jean Tonsor 344; Ben Grubb 189; Barbara Hohenstein 163t; Leslie Clarke 191; Dan Coppock 220; Jennifer Saffron 276; Leon Pulsinelle 110; Mary Kay Quinn 34b; Joe Todd 125; Leah Wilde 455; Paul Tobias 146; Katie White 192; Guy Bankes 546.


Will Reilly led 515 to call the class back to order. Leaders: Pleasance Crawford 176b; Lamar Matthew 522; Beth Todd 436; Jerusha Wheeler 183; Chuck Crawford 300; Laura Densmore 315; Harry Scott 117; Penny Anderson 84; Gerry Hoffman 127; Lois Hurt 145b; Brian How 299; Jo Schlesinger 273; Clark Brocht 47t; Kathy Robertson 362; Dave Witter 535; Dan Coppock 200; Andy Bell 36b; Nick Stocks 38b.

In a business meeting, Gerry Hoffman announced that expenses had been met, and there would be a donation to the Franklin Park Baptist Church. The venue for the next annual all-day singing is to be determined. Announcements were made. Penny Anderson reported that 79 songs had been sung.

Lamar Matthews offered the closing prayer, and Gerry Hoffman led 347 as the closing song.

Chairman—Gerry Hoffman; Secretary—Penny Anderson