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Pacific Northwest
Sacred Harp Convention (Washington)

Mercer Island VFW Hall, Mercer Island, Washington

February 18-19, 2012

Saturday, February 18

The 21st annual session of the Pacific Northwest Sacred Harp Convention, Washington, was called to order with opening remarks by Darlene Simpson-Brown and Bob Schinske, who led 34b. Ken Hallock offered the opening prayer.

The class held a business session, electing the following officers: Chairperson—Darlene Simpson-Brown; Vice Chairperson—Karen Willard; Treasurer—Alice Poinier; Secretary—Joanne Hoover; Arranging Committee—Kathy Vlach and David Wright, assisted by Marcia Stedman, Bon Vernarelli, and Alice Poinier.

A singing school on leading followed. Karen Willard discussed etiquette, and led 34b, 49t, 49b, 48t, and 155 to illustrate time signatures; David Wright concentrated on posture and arm movements, and led 405; Erika Wilson emphasized connecting with the class, and led 285t and 276. Erik Schwab assisted.


Solomon Ossa called the class back to order by leading 81t. Leaders: Jinx McGuire 168; Erik Schwab 148; Betsy Jeronen 564; Chris Carter 470; Anna Stoerch 505; Bruce Rowland 426b; Jessica Hahl 192; Daniel Georgeson 457; Anne Huckins 102; Rosie Lindsay 460; Gregory Mulkern 89; Lea Kouba 35; Lyle Lindsey 84; Caroline Helmiczi 324; Nick Taylor 117; Mryka Hall-Beyer 504; Kevin Barrans 74t; Alice Poinier 207; Eric Xu 411; Karen Stingle 318. Ken Hallock offered the blessing for the noon meal.


The afternoon session was called to order by Kramer Klein leading 74b. Leaders: Steve Helwig 200; Erika Wilson 377; Deidra Montgomery 389; Myles Alexander 129; Linda Jweinat 376; Eric Holt 47t; Robin Fox 542; Jonathan Levy-Wolins 189; Nancy Anderson 268; Thom Fahrbach 220; Kat Kohorst 49b; Jim Van Horn 297; Alice Poinier 31t; Tom McTighe 383; Mark Miller 422; Susan Helf 313b; Jim Friedrich 300; Joanne Hoover 228; Greg Saue 198; Nell Whitman 569b; Dan Harper 66; Beth Todd 501; Bill Walters 142; Kayla Young 267.


Reed Schilbach led 61 to bring the class back to order. Leaders: Bob Schinske 328; Kira Olson 107; Peter Schinske and Melissa Stephenson 333; Lindsey Wiggins 222; Joe Todd 106; Holly Baker 59; Katy Kanfer 165; Reed Coates 133; Jennie Brown 128; John Carson 163t; Clarissa Fetrow 39t; Stefan Bach 448t; Sarah Holden 384; Jack Lofton 528; Jean Murphy 344; Ken Hallock 26; Carolyn Flatley-Gilkey 503; David Wright 405; Marcia Stedman 36b; Cornelia Stanton 454; Steve Cackley 286.

Darlene Simpson-Brown made closing remarks, and led 147 (CB) with Karen Willard. Ken Hallock offered the closing prayer.

Sunday, February 19

The Sunday session of the Pacific Northwest Sacred Harp Convention, Washington, was called to order by Darlene Simpson-Brown and Karen Willard leading 47t. Anne Huckins offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Joanne Hoover 64; Alice Poinier 312b; Shannon McGuire 47b; Lucinda Saue 178; Kailee Eeckhoudt 107; Allison Zoe Schneider 49b; Jim Friedrich 361; Kathy Vlach 171; Nell Whitman 86; Kramer Klein 105; Dorothy Robinson 456; Jonathan Levy-Wolins 542; Heather Ikeler 134; Steve Helwig 444; David Wright 193; Chase Arevalo 426b; Susan Helf 148; Bruce Rowland 513; Peter Schinske 99; Marla Elliott 273; Shawna Lee 422; Alissa Hartman 27; Chris Perez 117; Holly Baker 457; Greg Saue 163b; Kat Kohorst 56b.


Jack Lofton called the class back to order by leading 335. Leaders: Nick Taylor 159; Clarissa Fetrow 448b; Anne Huckins 217; Anna Stoerch 475; Karen Stingle 475; Tom McTighe 440; Jinx McGuire 269; Eric Xu 192; Mryka Hall-Beyer 236; Reed Schilbach 318.

The memorial lesson was opened by Janice Bridges, who led a responsive reading to which the class replied, “We remember them,” and read the names of the departed: Marie Ivey, Travis Keeton, Clarence McCool, John Merritt, Ernestine Pipkin, Myrtle Wootten—Alabama; Leo Barrans—Alaska; Ana Dyson—California; Laura Anthony, Alan Brooks—District of Columbia; Lonnie Rogers—Georgia; Jack Hoadley—Indiana; Leo Kohorst—Minnesota; Sylvia Lewis—Nevada; Jill Friedrich—New York; Wally Jones, Mark Pearson—Oregon; Eileen Barrans, Wayne Barrans, Ross Bunnell, Paul Doede, Harry Elliott, Alan Gersten, Jackie Hanke, Karen Helweil, Mary Lassila, Connie Line, Jack Link, Charlie Rawls, Jim Rennick—Washington. Janice Bridges led 547 for the deceased.

Bob Schinske reminded us that even though there are strangers on the list, each name is precious to someone in the class, and led 441 for the following: Loyal Reynolds, Marilyn Murata, Shirley Flatley, Fumie Murata, Shisue Sugimoto, Rodney Willard, Barbara Willard, Dorothy Starkey, Rich Thoelke, Mother Felicitas, and John Grant. Anne Huckins closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Leaders: Ken Hallock 32b; Erika Wilson 275t; John Carson 183; Jenna Bond Tompkins 278t. Anne Huckins offered the blessing for the noon meal.


Jinx McGuire called the class back to order by leading 38t. Leaders: Alice Poinier 315; Katy Kanfer 477; Betsy Jeronen 112; Kevin Barrans 367; Erik Schwab 216; Jennie Brown 362; Lindsey Wiggins 546; Thom Fahrbach 507; Cornelia Stanton 282; Reed Coates 37b; Deidra Montgomery 434; Chris Cotter 483; Beth Todd 319; Heather Ikeler 492; Joanne Hoover 218; Dan Harper 268; Joe Todd 373; Marcia Stedman 215; Elizabeth Riggs 479; Jordan Singer 385b; Melissa Stephenson 144; Audrey Studt 300; Angie Johnson 178.


The class was called together by Kevin Barrans, who led 354b. Leaders: Kathy Vlach 143; Shannon McGuire 455; Jim Van Horn 285t; Steve Cackley 130; Jessica Hahl 418; Dorothy Robinson 132; Desirae Fendel 333; Jack Lofton 240; Bob Schinske 480; Mark Miller 368; Karen Willard 506; Emily McKown 410t; Lucinda Saue 147t; Rosie Wilson-Briggs 122; Lisa Marcus 313b; Marla Elliott 146; Reed Schilbach 347; Reed Coates and Lindsey Wiggins 33b; Joe Todd and Beth Todd 179.

The class held a business session. The Treasurer reported that all expenses had been met. The Arranging Committee reported that singers had led 65 lessons on Saturday and 82 (t? b?) on Sunday. Registered attendees numbered 169, from twelve states and two Canadian provinces. The Resolutions Committee thanked everyone who had helped to make the convention possible. Announcements were made.

Darlene Simpson-Brown and Karen Willard led 62 as the closing song, and all who wished took the parting hand. Anne Huckins offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairperson—Darlene Simpson-Brown; Vice Chairperson—Karen Willard; Secretary—Joanne Hoover