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Lookout Mountain Convention

Pine Grove Church, Collinsville, Alabama

August 27-28, 2011

Saturday, August 27

The 108th session of the Lookout Mountain Sacred Harp Singing Convention held on the fourth Sunday and Saturday before in August was called to order by Bud Oliver leading 32t and 82t. The morning prayer was offered by Wayne Reed.

Leaders: Wayne Reed 59, 108t; Scot Oliver 100; Judy Caudle 389; Jim Aaron 503; Roberta Strauss 542; Wayne Jones 99; Sandie Scott 472; Matt Hinton 131b; Anne Drexler 335; J.L. Hopper 163t; Kelly Kennedy 532; Boyd Scott 58; Molly Ellis 110; Ron Harper 433; Liz Meitzler 111b; John Wendt 34b; Joyce Walton 192; Linton Ballinger and Lomax Ballinger 421 (for Bud Oliver); Rachel Rudi 402.


Bud Oliver led 73t to bring the class back to order. A business session was held with the following officers elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Bud Oliver; Vice Chairman—Wayne Reed; Secretary—Judy Caudle; Finance Committee—Rodney Ivey; Arranging Committee—Cindy Tanner; Memorial Committee—Henry Johnson and Shane Wootten.

Leaders: Henry Johnson 426t; Mary Wright 121; Scott Kennedy 86; Richard Ivey 567 (for S.T. Reed); Bea Carnathan 438; Lyle Lindsey 84; Jeff Sheppard and Blake Sisemore 466; Angela Myers 196; Wayne Dell 271t; Anna Pfau 491; Paul Figura 348b; Velton Chafin 227; Pat Temple 373; Tivey 47t; Rosie Lindsey 426b; Robert Chambless 225t.


The class was brought back together by Wayne Reed leading 108b. Leaders: Louis Hughes 400; Erica Hinton 534; Arleigh Beard, Sheryl Beard, and Alanna Blanks 354b; Nate Green and Norma Green 479; Courtney Baines 354b; Gravis Ballinger 120; Judy Chambless 527 (for Julietta Haynes); Darrell Swarens 341 (in memory of Bob Meek); Charlene Wallace 388; Susan Cherones 40; Michael Thompson 77t (in memory of Jerry Enright); Lela Crowder 278t; Daniel Bearden 133; Paula Oliver 222; Nathan Rees 144; Mark Brown “Sweet Beulah Land”. Wayne Reed offered the blessing before the noon meal.


Bud Oliver led 42 to begin the afternoon session. Leaders: S.T. Reed 129; Shane Wootten and Eloise Wootten 89; Shirley Figura 39t (in memory of Milton Oliver); Marlon Wootten 37b; Brenda Chafin 97 (for Johnnie Chafin and Marie Ivey); Robert Kelley 90; Scott Ivey 403; Pam Nunn and Sharon DuPriest 528; John Plunkett 351; Reba Windom 411; Joe Nall 430; Syble Adams 171; Becky Browne 300; Karen Rollins 297; Aldo Ceresa 224; Lauren Bock and Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg 424; Gary Gronau 377; Wendy Futral 283; Jonathon Woods 384; Bridgett Kennedy 546; David Carlton 538; Karen Freund 385t; Riley Lee 49b; Jonathon Smith 440; Beth Branscome 501.


The class was called back to order by Bud Oliver leading 39b. Leaders: John Kelso 397; Loyd Ivey 68b; Ed Thacker 436; Lynne deBenedette 182; Kelsey Sunderland 454; Buell Cobb 423; Elene Stovall and Cheyenne Ivey 500 (for Marie Ivey); Hubert Nall 36b; Joyce Whittington 565; Rodney Ivey 564; Christie Finley 63; Maggie Cox and Paula Oliver 276.

Bud Oliver and Wayne Reed led 146 as the closing song. Wayne Reed offered the closing prayer.

Sunday, August 28

The Sunday session of the Lookout Mountain Sacred Harp Singing Convention was brought to order by Bud Oliver leading 82t. The morning prayer was offered by Wayne Reed.

Leaders: S.T. Reed 64; Wayne Reed 59; Judy Caudle 134; Rodney Ivey 383; Cindy Tanner 436; Boyd Scott 358; Lela Crowder 300; Judy Chambless and Robert Chambless 347; Gavin Blakeley 196; Joyce Walton 392; Robert Kelley 327; Joe Nall 217; B.M. Smith 294 (by request); Phil Summerlin 283; Paula Oliver 182; Shirley Figura 361; Wayne Dell and John Kelso 282; Ed Thacker 181; Elizabeth Campbell, Connor Campbell, and Katie Campbell 68b; Anne Drexler 277; Wayne Jones 30b; Rosie Lindsey 229; Donnie Reed 146.


Rodney Ivey led 56t to bring the class back to order. Leaders: Jackie Tanner 314; Pat Temple 33t; Joan Aldridge 228; Dennis George and Tom George 360; David Hufstetler 101t; Paul Figura 162; Chris Ballinger and Larry Ballinger 472; Alanna Blanks 405; Cheyenne Ivey 76b; Roberta Strauss 498; Lisa Geist 304; Jackson Harcrow 385b; Eric Blanks and Sheryl Beard 384; Sharon DuPriest 269; Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg 439; David Light 200; Hubert Nall 566; Tom George 476; Anna Pfau 183; Amelia Wills, Sue Wills, and Eulene Dobbs 378t; Molly Ellis 148; Scott Kennedy 163b; Joan Frankel 267 (in memory of Bob Meek and Joanne Bowman); Riley Lee 66; Delone Cobbs 31b; Betty Shepherd 216; Scott Ivey 172; Max Berueffy and Karin Covi 276; Tony Ivey 547; Eddie Mash 32b; Lauren Bock and Kelsey Sunderland 65. Wayne Reed offered the blessing before the noon meal.


The afternoon session began with Bud Oliver leading 145t. Leaders: Blake Sisemore 39b; Jim Brown 159; Angela Myers 540; Lynne deBenedette 168 (in memory of Jerry Enright); Loyd Ivey 270; Joyce Whittington and Joyce Walton 32t; Eloise Wootten and Linda Thomas 456.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Henry Johnson and Shane Wootten. Shane spoke on behalf of the sick and shut-ins and read the following list of names: Marlin Beasley, Julietta Haynes, Travis Keeton, Marie Ivey, Betty Wright, Willard Wright, Lonnie Rogers, Hugh Bill McGuire, John Merritt, Willodean Barton, Zach Rogan, Dale Bruner, Virginia Cowart, Terry Maher, Melvin Stiefel, Josie Hyde, Michele Wallace, Jim Hearne, Harrison Creel, Earnie Jett, Ann Jett, Bill Tanner, Lessie Reed, and Fred Edera. He led 564.

Henry Johnson spoke and read the following list of names of the deceased: Ernestine Pipkin, Myrtle Wootten, Christine Gandy, Corine Lacy, Rhoda Norris, Leonard Smith, Clarence McCool, Jordan Richards, Wayne Morgan, Alberdean Smith, and Jim Brown—Alabama; Bob Meek—Kentucky; Zoie Zurawski and Jerry Enright—Illinois; George Holland—Georgia; Henry Bizzell—North Carolina; Fran Lipman and George Seiler—New York; Frances Ceresa—Michigan; John Bancroft—Oregon; Virginia Roush—Ohio; Joanne Bowman—Massachusetts; Betty Moomau Browder—California; Tom Barker—Virginia. Tony Ivey offered prayer to close the memorial service.

Leaders: Nathan Rees 48t; Earl Ballinger 112; Reba Windom 286 (in memory of Barrett Ashley); Mary Wright 277; Darrell Swarens and Lynne deBenedette 198; Hobert Ivey and Sandy Ivey 47t; Nate Green and Norma Green 473; Erica Hinton 105; Rachel Rudi 425; Gary Gronau and Becky Browne 448t (in memory of Jeanette Lowry); Richard Ivey and Kelsey Sunderland 187; Susan Cherones 107; Mark Carroll 480; Tivey 49t; Liz Meitzler 268 (in memory of Bob Meek); Kelly Kennedy 453; Michael Thompson and Jonathan Smith 418; Elene Stovall and Bridgett Kennedy 391; Matt Hinton and John Kelso 203; Daniel Bearden 189; Aldo Ceresa and Shane Wootten 522; Christie Finley 137; Charles Stiefel 378b; Lyle Lindsey 178; Henry Johnson and Marlon Wootten 288.

Announcements were made. The class consisted of 202 leaders, representing thirteen states, leading 188 songs during the two-day convention. Expenses were met, and Bud Oliver thanked everyone who helped make the singing a success. Bud Oliver and Wayne Reed led 146 as the closing song. Wayne Reed offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Bud Oliver; Vice Chairman—Wayne Reed; Secretary—Judy Caudle