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Pacific Northwest
Sacred Harp Convention (Washington)

Mercer Island VFW Hall, Mercer Island, Washington

February 19-20, 2011

Saturday, February 19

The 20th annual session of the Pacific Northwest Sacred Harp Convention was called to order by Bob Schinske, who welcomed everyone. Erika Wilson and Bob Schinske brought the class to order by leading 28t. Joanne Hoover offered the opening prayer.

The class held a business session, and the following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairperson—Bob Schinske; Vice Chairperson—Darlene Simpson-Brown; Treasurer—Marcia Stedman; Secretary—Erika Wilson. The business session was closed.

Leaders: Darlene Simpson-Brown 47t; Erika Wilson 66; Marcia

Stedman 34b; Erik Schwab 440; Reed Schilbach 501; Jim Van Horn 504; Jinx McGuire 171; Bill Walters 228; Dave Hough 53; Joanne Hoover 91; Peter Schinske 198; Shannon McGuire 569t.


Anne Huckins called the class back to order by leading 448b. Leaders: David Wright 486; Linda Jweinat 378b; Caleb Hardy 157; Karen Willard 349; Jim Jansen 370; Lea Kouba 270; Rich Lee and Katie Mahoney 441; Alberta Hardy 499; Jack Lofton 456; Breezy Medina 354b; Solomon Ossa 272; Susan Waters 455; Kevin Barrans 411; Rachel Hardy 375; John Carson 163t; Anna Stoerch 43.


Katharine Hough brought the class back to order by leading 45t. Leaders: Marla Elliott 417; Raoul Titus 547; Kari Lundgren 31t; Nicholas Taylor 46; Jane Grant 480; Jim Friedrich 300; Jessica Hahl 58; Hal Eisen 391; Karen Stingle 318; Karl Oswald 350; Jo Dell Albi 328; Gregory Mulkern 29t; Cornelia Stanton 176b; Steve Helwig 528. Joanne Hoover offered thanks for the noon meal.


The afternoon session was called to order by Kathy Vlach leading 32t. Leaders: Mryka Hall-Beyer 68b; Jessica Beer 269; Tom McTighe 56b; Katharine Hough 236; Thom Fahrbach 573; Caroline Helmeczi 153; Hal Eisen 304; Jo Dell Albi 195; Shelby Sampson 193; Sylvia Friske 49t; Martha Sherwood 117; Mary Ditson 532; Melissa Thorne 72b; Jean Squires 268; Kari Lundgren 344; Erik Schwab 383; Jean Murphy 189; Kathy Vlach 40; Erika Wilson 542; Steve Cackley 154; Bruce Rowland 170; Darlene Simpson-Brown 434.


Kevin Barrans called the class back to order by leading 339. Leaders: Jamie Hellerman 294; Marcia Stedman 159; Betsy Jeronen 426b; Clarissa Fetrow 178; Vanessa Ryder 208; Suzanne Denker 503; Nicholas Corbin Lester 38b; Kat Kohorst 312b; Chase Arevalo 405; Hillary Stevens 59; Gaea Singer 74b; Jeshua Franklin 85; Melisa Doss 49b; Jonathan Levy-Wolins 472; Breezy Medina 267; Jordan Singer 86; Marla Elliott 77t; Kari Lundgren and Sylvia Friske 186; Dennis Campnell 125; Lea Kouba 76b; Rachel Hardy, Alberta Hardy, and Caleb Hardy 99; Karl Oswald 168.

Bob Schinske and Darlene Simpson-Brown led 147 (CB) as the closing song. Joanne Hoover offered the closing prayer.

Sunday, February 20

The Sunday session of the Pacific Northwest Sacred Harp Convention, Washington, was called to order by Bob Schinske and Darlene Simpson-Brown leading 33b. Linda Jweinat offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Jordan Singer 32t; Dave Hough 271t; Jim Friedrich 142; Joanne Hoover 218; John Carson 335; Ken Hallock 65; Peter Schinske 59; Katharine Hough 376; Karen Willard 550; Darlene Simpson-Brown 392; Kramer Klein 107; John Schlichting 147b; Kathy Vlach 549 (on the occasion of Hugh McGraw’s birthday).


Karen Willard called the class back to order by leading 30t. Leaders: Shannon McGuire 49b; Jean Murphy 279; Melissa Stephenson 361; Kevin Barrans 379; Erika Wilson 502; Shelby Sampson 193; Chase Arevalo 492; Jo Dell Albi 313b; Hal Eisen 240; Bob Schinske 393; Solomon Ossa 448t; Gregory Mulkern 212; Heather Ikeler 77b.


Cornelia Stanton called the class back to order by leading 52t. Leaders: Reed Schilbach 297; Jinx McGuire 110; Steve Cackley 531; Mary Ditson 454; Bruce Rowland 426b; Charles Scudder 147t; Martha Sherwood 67; Anna Stoerch 120.

Bill Walters conducted the memorial lesson, leading 330b in honor of the

following sick and shut-ins: Jill Accetta, Ernie Buckler, Mary Colfelt, Bill

Conlen, Donald Glor, Tom Hawthorn, Susan Helf, Jack Hoadley, Joann Hoadley, Robert Hoover, Susan Kerr, Lynn Knight, Joseph Levy, Marilyn Murata, Dixie Nicholson, Lucinda Saue, Naomi Virginia Stuck, Barbara Willard, Nadine Willard, and Rodney Willard.

He led 340 in memory of the following deceased: Joshua Heller—Arizona; Elaine Friedrich—California; Barbara Shores—Indiana; Bob Meek—Kentucky; Charlotte Kamiya—Louisiana; Laura Hearne—Missouri; George Seiler—New York; Hugh Eggan—North Carolina; Connor Ausland, Arthur Denker, Gerhard Forstner, Jack Harnsongkram, Cathy Oswald, David Willard—Oregon; Alexander Lucas Lofton—South Carolina; George Jones, Marvin McDonald—Texas; Dora Benson, Edward Boettiger—Vermont; Peter Bennett, Howard Hallock, Steve Lewis, Kim Loofburrow, Michael Nutt, June Phelps—Washington. Linda Jweinat closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Leaders: Anne Huckins 318; Suzanne Denker 56b; Marcia Stedman 180. Linda Jweinat offered the blessing for the noon meal.


Erik Schwab called the class back to order by leading 445. Leaders: Karen

Stingle 475; Jonathan Levy-Wolins 117; Caroline Helmeczi 106; Jessica Hahl 333; Steve Helwig 137; Jessica Beer 564; David Wright 428; Hal Eisen 280; Thom Fahrbach 505; Erik Schwab 215; Jo Dell Albi 214; Mryka Hall-Beyer 277; Marcia Stedman 344; Jack Lofton 442; Betsy Jeronen 112; Ben Fisher 300; Tom McTighe 209; Audrey Karabinus 267; Anne Huckins 324; Linda Jweinat 53; Greggory Stockert 122; Bill Walters 362; Mother Felicitas 47b; Kevin Scudder 39t; Cornelia Stanton 276; Bob Schinske 128.


Jack Lofton called the class back to order by leading 274t. Leaders: Joanne Hoover 496; Marla Elliott 84; Kat Kohorst 178; Dusty Collings 63; Clarissa Fetrow 503; Jinx McGuire and Shannon McGuire 148; Melissa Stephenson 144; Anna Stoerch 426t; Thom Fahrbach 399t; Mryka Hall-Beyer 352; Jessica Beer 313t; Jordan Singer 229; Caroline Helmeczi 457; Holly Baker 159; Audrey Karabinus 74t; Charles Scudder 288; Steve Helwig and Mary Ditson 146; Dave Hough and Katharine Hough 183; Mother Felicitas 81t.

The class held a business session. The Treasurer reported that all expenses were met. The Arranging Committee reported that singers had led 88 (t? b?) lessons on Saturday and 86 on Sunday. Registered attendees numbered 162, from seven states and two Canadian provinces. The Resolutions Committee thanked all who had helped to make the convention possible. Announcements were made of future singings.

Jessica Hahl led 48t. Bob Schinske and Darlene Simpson-Brown led 36b as the closing song, and all who wished took the parting hand. Linda Jweinat offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairperson—Bob Schinske; Vice Chairperson—Darlene Simpson-Brown;

Secretary—Erika Wilson