Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Pacific Northwest Convention (Oregon)

The Laurelhurst Club, Portland, Oregon

October 16-17, 2010

Saturday, October 16

The 19th annual Pacific Northwest Convention was held at the Laurelhurst Club, Portland, Oregon, on the third Sunday and Saturday before in October. Cornelia Stanton called the class to order at 9:30 a.m. leading 448b. Caleb Hardy offered the opening prayer.

The following officers were appointed to serve: Chairperson—Cornelia Stanton; Vice Chairpersons—Chris Cotter and Lyle Lindsey; Treasurer—Dan Thoma; Secretary—Heather Ikeler.

Singing school teacher, Tom Malone, was introduced by Cornelia Stanton. Mr. Malone led 278t, and asked us to consider why we pick the songs we choose to lead and reminded us that in this tradition we are all teaching each other all the time. Many of the rudiments were discussed with an emphasis on the use of accent in different modes of time. Mr. Malone led 49t to demonstrate the use of accent. Lyle Lindsey was called upon to lead 82t, followed by Tom Malone leading 109, 224, 170, 512, 374, and 360, all to further elucidate the topic of emphasis.


The class was brought back together by Marie Brandis leading 39t. Leaders: Cornelia Stanton 87; Heather Ikeler 77b; Dan Thoma 179; Lyle Lindsey 84; Carmen Doerge 76b; Caleb Hardy 182; Steve Cackley 279; Darlene Simpson-Brown 67; Steve Tarr 101b; Kevin Barrans 72b; Lucinda Saue 74b; Anna Stoerch 535; Bruce Rowland 426b; Marla Elliott 503; Greg Saue 547; Jessica Hahl 417; Martha Sherwood 53; Jack Lofton 428. Caleb Hardy offered the blessing for the noon meal.


The class was called back to order by David Hough leading 32t. Leaders: Bridgett Hill 411; Gary Plouff 318; Gregory Mulkern 214; Hal Eisen 419; Carolyn Deacy 300; Erika Wilson 216; Jane Spencer 151; Tamara Harris 208; Jerry Schreiber 362; Linda Booth 28b; Rachel Rudi 548; Tom Malone 550; Erik Schwab 536; Jacob Breedlove 302; Chris Cotter 192; Karen Willard 372; Katharine Hough 569b; Mary MacDonald-Lewis 171; Terry Barber 528; Solomon Ossa 56b; Alberta Hardy 111b; Karl Oswald 196.


The class was brought back together by Thom Fahrbach leading 445. Leaders: Steve Helwig 80t; Bill Walters and Jane Spencer 222; Marie Brandis 142; Jamie Hellerman and Tamara Harris 159; Eric Holt 131b; Tammi Ziola 337; Jonathan Levy-Wolins and Marie Brandis 117; Jenn Dolan 425; Philip Haines 276; Nell Whitman 34b; Kathy Vlach 475; Greggory Stockert 122; Hazel Rickard 162.

The closing prayer was offered by Caleb Hardy, and the class was dismissed for the day.

Sunday, October 17

The Sunday session of the Pacific Northwest Convention held in Portland, Oregon, was brought to order by Cornelia Stanton leading 32t. The invocation was offered by David Zaworski.

Leaders: Tom McTighe 30t; Rosie Lindsey 229; Dorothy Robinson 180; Meg Larson 330b; Lyle Lindsey 49t; Jim Friedrich 114; Darlene Simpson-Brown 368; Dan Thoma 500; Lucinda Saue 163b; Anne Huckins 313b; Bob Schinske 68b; Solomon Ossa 378b; Jerry Schreiber 399b; Rachel Rudi 564; Kathy Vlach 200; Tom Malone 187; Gary Plouff 328; Steve Cackley 41; Jane Spencer 390; Linda Booth 350; Peter Schinske 178.


The class was brought back together by Heather Ikeler leading 155. Leaders: Tamara Harris 460; Hal Eisen 430; Carolyn Deacy 236; Jean Murphy 385b; Bruce Rowland 294; Greg Saue 198; Suzanne Denker 528; Erika Wilson 131t; Lea Kouba 270; Jack Lofton 532.

Jessica Hahl conducted the memorial lesson. She led 330b and spoke of the significance of the text in relation to what we experience in the hollow square. The names of the deceased were read as follows: Tom Goffman—Virginia; H. Japeth Jackson—Alabama; Dave Robbins, Charles Morgan, Therese Oswald, and Arthur Denker—Oregon; Lucky Hayes—Arizona; Vauna Lundeen and Warren Argo—Washington; George Seiler—New York; Paula Ogren and Dorothy Schinske—California; Dexter Sederstrom—Minnesota; Jerry Enright—Illinois.

The list of sick and shut-ins included Lorinn Coburn, Alice Fahrbach, Cathy Oswald, Colt Denny, Elaine Friedrich, Melody Fahey, Lonnie Rogers and Bennett Bailey. Jessica then led 499.

Leaders; Marie Brandis 445; Erik Schwab 129; Jane Grant 373; Anna Stoerch 271t; Thom Fahrbach 422; Jacob Breedlove 506; Bridgett Hill 522; Chris Cotter 553; Terry Barber 377; Gregory Mulkern and Jonathan Levy-Wolins 348b; Steve Helwig 383; Philip Haines 282; Karen Willard 543; Marla Elliott 335. Noon time grace was offered by David Zaworski.


The class was called back to order by Lyle Lindsey leading 34b. Leaders: Bill Walters 444; Bridgett Hill 186; Rachel Rudi 290; Emily Winokur 549; Tom Malone 507; Jessica Hahl 333; Jane Spencer 32b; Alberta Hardy 566; Jerry Schreiber 254; Hal Eisen 245; Caleb Hardy 297; Eric Holt 31b; Janice Bridges 268; Marie Brandis 472; Hazel Rickard 504; Jenn Dolan 365; Jamie Hellerman 40; Heather Ikeler 425; Dan Thoma 466.


The class was called back together by Jessica Hahl and Solomon Ossa leading 81t. Leaders: Karl Oswald 558; Carolyn Deacy 456; Nell Whitman 39t; Mary MacDonald-Lewis 86; Anna Stoerch 269; Alicia Owens 272; Greggory Stockert 454; Liz Bryant 455; Jim Friedrich 347; Jane Grant 510; Anne Huckins 448b; Bob Schinske 217; Jean Murphy 380; Suzanne Denker 273; Linda Booth 34t; Tom Malone and Cornelia Stanton 556; Terry Barber 376; Rachel Rudi 90; Jane Spencer 211; Bridgett Hill 546.

Cornelia Stanton called a business meeting to order. Committee reports were given. The Treasurer announced that expenses had been met. Registration announced that 156 songs had been led by 70 leaders out of 138 (t? b?) registered singers from 7 states. Resolutions were given by Erika Wilson and Hal Eisen, thanking all who were involved in planning and making the convention a success, travelers from afar, and Tom Malone for his excellent singing school.

Announcements were made. David Zaworski offered the closing prayer. The class sang 36b, and took the parting hand.

Chairperson—Cornelia Stanton; Vice Chairpersons—Chris Cotter and Lyle Lindsey; Secretary—Heather Ikeler