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Pauline Creel Childers Memorial Singing

First Methodist Church, Wayne, Michigan

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The 2nd Pauline Creel Childers Memorial Singing was held at the First Methodist Church, Wayne, Michigan, on Saturday before the first Sunday in March. Henry Schuman brought the class to order leading 30t. Reverend Greg Creech offered the morning prayer.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Henry Schuman; Vice Chairpersons—Jennifer Hanford and Laurie Schuman; Secretary—Martha Beverly.

Leaders: Henry Schuman 318; Martha Beverly 171, 86; B.J. Schnorenberg 101t, 354b; Gillian Inksetter 472, 511t (CB); David Stowe 84, 178; Nicoletta Rogers 350, 501; Andrew Kiser and Betsy Stammen 45t, 504; Chuck Crawford 535, 480; Sarah Trumbore 384, 154; Jackson Pietrzak 385b, 496; Tony Kiser 159, 457; Jo Schultz 393t (CB), 415.


Henry Schuman called the class to order leading 32t. Leaders: Idy Kiser 47t, 122; Jubal Bayer 271t, 229; Katie White 452, 377; Nate Zweig 418, 429; Charlotte Wolfe 274t, 196 (for Ann Jett, who phoned to wish us well); Loraine Bayer 33b, 565; Cecelia Kramer 569b, 168; Greg Creech 38t (CB), 505 (CB); Ann Missavage 96 (CB), 73b.

Samuel Sommers conducted a memorial lesson for the Creel family...Marie Aldridge, Hayden Creel, Lucille Tolbert, Edith Tate, and Pauline Childers. He led 512.

Leaders: Marion Mitchell 532, 146; Ray Rechenberg 300, 145b; Henry Schuman 369.


Henry Schuman called the afternoon session to order by leading 411 (CB). Leaders: Hans Bayer 240, 481; Ann Missavage 112, 488b (CB); Steve Rogers and Gillian Inksetter 217, 500 (CB); Hans Bayer and Jubal Bayer 85; Liz Kiser and R.D. Gamble 426b, 39b; Joe Todd 270, 179; Pleasance Crawford 133 (CB), 573; John Bayer 488t (CB), 138t (CB); Megan Jennings 37b, 189; Roger Crabtree 31t, 448t; Samuel Sommers 24b, 528; Beth Todd 430, 475; Bill Beverly 422t (CB), 478 (CB); Francesca Cassara 463 (CB), 142; Peter Trumbore 99, 40; Gerry Hoffman 286b (CB), 455.

Announcements were given. It was announced that this year’s singing will be the last. The Pauline Creel Childers Singing is now discontinued.

Martha Beverly led 62 as the closing song. Reverend Greg Creech dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Henry Schuman; Vice Chairpersons—Jennifer Hanford and Laurie Schuman; Secretary—Martha Beverly