Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Holly Springs Primitive Baptist Church

South of Bremen, Georgia

June 6-7, 2009

Saturday, June 6

The annual Sacred Harp Memorial Singing at Holly Springs Primitive Baptist Church was held on the first Sunday and Saturday before in June. The class was called to order by Charlene Wallace leading 59. The morning prayer was offered by Robert Kelley.

Leaders: Charlene Wallace 79; Carlene Griffin 77t; Earlis McGraw 225t (for Jessie Dutton), 163t; Phillip Langley 325; Joyce Lambert and Charlene Wallace 82t; Marilyn Bradley and Stanley Edwards 188, 58; John Plunkett 107, 71; Judy Chambless 494 (for Edmund Galladay), 40; Karen Rollins 354t; B.M. Smith 556; Jeannette DePoy 328; Robert Chambless 317; Tim Hambourger 183; Jenna Strizak 460; David Killingsworth 38b; Helen Bryson 456, 287.

A business session was held with the following officers elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Charlene Wallace; Vice Chairman—Carlene Griffin; Secretary—Judy Henry; Arranging Committee—Hugh McGraw and Judy Henry.


The class was called together by Cecil Roberts leading 229 and 285t. Leaders: Cheyenne Ivey and Paige Gilbert 76b, 88t; Eddie Huckaby 163b; Faye Hollis 340, 276; Donna Bell 209; Nathan Rees 227; Shannon Primm 483; Robert Kelley 279; Jerry Enright 36b; Judy Caudle 329; Michael Walker 170; John Feddersen 362; Eddie Mash 444; Scott DePoy 179; Cassie Allen 517; Lela Crowder 402; Alison Mitchell 148; Karen Clark 540, 467; Billy Hollingsworth 56b; Buell Cobb 52b; John Shippee 155; Erica Hinton 568; John Hollingsworth 182; Kelly Morris 147t; Lonnie Rogers 373, 389.


The afternoon session was called together by Richard DeLong leading 399b and 395 (for Geneva Prichard and Mary F. Smith). Leaders: Reba Windom 500; Eugene Forbes 168, 137; Sharon DuPriest 300; Jacqui Selby-MacLeod 143, 448b; Tony Hammock 400; John Whittemore 159; Lisa Webb, Christin Frey, and Jenna Frey 294, 358; George Burnette 81t; Pam Nunn 217; Nate Green and Norma Green 350; Michael Thompson 434; Harry Eskew 146 (in memory of singing Billy Walker); Nancy Newell 321b; Lynda Hambourger 288, 448t; Debora Grosse 277; Andy Morse 51; Jonathan Smith 222; Joyce Walton 192.


Judy Henry called the class together leading 117. Leaders: Rodney Ivey 267; Jason Hollis 475; Louis Hughes 270 (for Bud Oliver); Virginia Dyer 63; Daphene Causey 140; Matt Hinton 549; Judy Mincey 538; Kelsey Wessels 218; Karen Freund 215; Jan House and Myron House 313t, 479; Sherri Taylor 430; Adelaide Hanson 99.

Announcements were made. Charlene Wallace led 347 as the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer offered by Eric Tweedy.

Sunday, June 7

The class was called to order by Charlene Wallace leading 60. Cecil Roberts offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Charlene Wallace 139; Phillip Langley 36t, 100; Danny Griffin 61, 81t (in memory of Gladys McGraw); Cecil Roberts 105, 32t; Earlis McGraw 181, 201; Robert Chambless 49b, 303; B.M. Smith 28b, 340 (in memory of Myrtle Smith); Karen Rollins 136, 34b; Judy Chambless 319, 453; Jacqui Selby-MacLeod 282, 122; Erica Hinton 74b, 500.


The class was called together by Judy Henry leading 77b. Leaders: Lela Crowder 371, 77t; Michael Walker 111b, 193; Eddie Huckaby 410t; Matt Hinton 472, 112; Tim Hambourger 89, 339; Eric Robinson 101t, 569b; Molly Ellis 56b, 448t; Lynda Hambourger 145b, 98; John Feddersen 86, 400.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Karen Rollins. Phillip Langley led 354t in memory of Stevie Stephens. Matt Hinton led 285t in memory of the following deceased: Harvey Rollins, Elizabeth Tolbert, Lee Rogers, G.F. Rogers, Richard Johnson, David Wilson, Katherine Benefield, J.T. Robinson, Mary Sheirling Hannah, Frank Block—Georgia; John Etheridge—Florida; Elder Gerald Hand—New Mexico; Genora Meadows—Alabama; Jane Bruner and Marie Holladay.

In honor of the following sick and shut-ins, Kathy Williams led 330b: Edmund Galladay, Jessie Dutton, Tokay Shumake, Junior Robinson, Violet Thomason, John Plunkett, Raymond Hamrick, Michael Spencer, Ves Childs, Victoria Bolles, Sally McEwen, Bob Hambourger, Henry Bizzel, and Bud Oliver. The memorial service was closed with prayer offered by Cecil Roberts.

Leaders: Paul Robinson 128; Shannon Primm 48t, 129; Lonnie Rogers 45t, 186.


Richard DeLong called the class together leading 275b and 275t. Leaders: Jenna Frey 46; Nancy Newell 178, 344; Tony Hammock 416, 345b; Oscar McGuire 283, 515; Malinda Snow 437, 373; Bentley McGuire 428, 505; Dick Plunkett 268; Anna Hinton 354b; Louise Holland 35, 37b; Curtis Hamrick 192, 137; Sherri Taylor 273, 142; Laura Akerman 455, 425; Kathy Williams 276, 208; Mike Castleberry 401; Gabriel Pline 125, 48b; Sandra Wilkinson 475, 394; Donna Duke 121; Sherry Lovvorn 454, 318; Nick Kinney, Wyndham Garnet, Brigham Bruff, Elvis Perkins, and Matt Hinton 384, 417; Ann Simpson 445.

Announcements were made. Charlene Wallace and Carlene Griffin led 62 as the closing song. Matt Hinton offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Charlene Wallace; Vice Chairman—Carlene Griffin; Secretary—Judy Henry