Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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South Yorkshire Singing Day

Memorial Hall, Worrall, Sheffield, United Kingdom

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The annual South Yorkshire Sacred Harp singing day was held at the Memorial Hall, Worrall, on Saturday before the fourth Sunday in February. The class was called to order by Ian West leading 99. Ruth Steggles offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Helen Brown 36b; Margaret Gillanders 84; Ted Brown 569b; Ruth Steggles 38t; Carmel Wood 49t; Nick Hall 492; Whitney Chapman 29t; Rachel Jordan 474; Chris Brown 503; Steve Fletcher 40; Judy Whiting 312b; Phil Tyler 101t; Alice Metherall 300; Cath Tyler 318; Sarah West 282; Richard Percival 565; Hannah Land 228; Helen Barber 47b; Michael Walker 157; Maria Wallace 178.


David Richardson brought the class back together leading 350. Leaders: Sharon Gow 47t; Jenny Reid 159; Ian West 313b; Helen Brown 392; Margaret Gillanders 373; Nick Hall 389; Ruth Steggles 209; Carmel Wood 274t; Whitney Chapman 457.

Ted Brown conducted the memorial lesson and, with Helen Brown, Cath Tyler and David Richardson, led 77t in memory of Cicely Mary Smith-Bird, Roy West, Vera Ross, Ken Ross, Margaret Ranner, Kathleen Elliott, Amanda Denson-Brady, John McDougall, Brian Walsh, Kathleen Bid, Percy Bown, La Rue Allen, Minja Lausevic, and Peter Hampson.

Hannah Land gave the lesson for sick and housebound, leading 154 for Gladys Buchanan, Audrey Nathan, Hazel Myszka, Celia Stone, Jean McDougall, Bran Cheetham, Stan Shaw, Joan Mattock, Jim Oss, Mary Oss, and Nev Clay.

Leaders: Rachel Jordan 501; Chris Brown 183; Steve Fletcher 49b; Judy Whiting 171; Phil Tyler 56b; Alice Metherall 504; Cath Tyler 212. Cath Tyler offered grace for the midday meal.


David Richardson began the afternoon session leading 63. Leaders: Helen Barber 132; Richard Percival 33b; Hannah Land 454; David Moore 189; Sarah West 76b; Michael Walker 134; Maria Wallace 38b; Sharon Gow 117; Ted Brown 339; Jenny Reid 107; Ian West 480; Helen Brown 192; Margaret Gillanders 475; Nick Hall 147t; Ruth Steggles 198; Carmel Wood 148; Whitney Chapman 384; Rachel Jordan 269; Chris Brown 401.


Steve Fletcher called the class to order leading 481. Leaders: Judy Whiting 150; Phil Tyler 442; Alice Metherall 268; Cath Tyler 141; Dave Richardson 153; Helen Barber 547; Richard Percival 143; Hannah Land 210; David Moore 236; Maria Wallace 155; Michael Walker 333; Sharon Gow 106; Jenny Reid 35; Ted Brown 97.

Following announcements, Ian West and Carmel Wood led 323t as the closing song. Anne Hayto offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Ian West; Vice Chairperson—Carmel Wood; Secretary—Margaret Gillanders