Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Hopewell Homecoming

Hopewell Primitive Baptist Church, Oneonta, Alabama

June 9-10, 2007

Saturday, June 9

The 61st annual Hopewell Homecoming Sacred Harp singing was held at Hopewell Primitive Baptist Church in Oneonta, Alabama, on the second Sunday and Saturday before in June. Terry Hullett called the class to order leading 59. The morning prayer was offered by Harrison Creel.

Leaders: Terry Hullett 82t; Nate Green 31t; Bob Watkins and Jewel Wootten 225t (for Willie Mae Moon); S.T. Reed 30b; Bea Carnathan 205; Chris Cotton 131 (t? b?); Doyle Alexander 68b; Shirley Figura 176t; Eugene Forbes 317; Ed Thacker 132; Henry Johnson 108t; Philip Gilmore 76b; J.L. Hopper 163t; Douglas Conn 349; Michael Thompson 176b; Paul Figura 401; Chris Green 507; Velton Chafin 463; Loyd Ivey 319.


Bob Watkins brought the class together leading 318. A business session was held and the following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Terry Hullett; Vice Chairman—Nate Green; Secretaries—Paula Gilmore and Rebekah Gilmore; Arranging Committee—Bob Watkins and Terry Hullett.

Leaders: Terry Hullett 53; Wayne Dell 49b; Henry Guthery 420; Norma Green 276; Rebecca Eldridge 282; Pattie Doss 39b; Stella Pratt 100; Leona Haynes and Chris Green 146; Becky Browne 36b; Ernest Phillips 74b; Jimmie Gilmore 383; Tommie Spurlock 446; Glenda Hopper 205.


The class was called together by Nate Green leading 424. Leaders: Chris Green and Linda Thomas 85; Charlotte Cobb and Jason Kirby 72b; Virginia Eldridge 503; Judy Caudle 94; William Shetter 454; Ben Faucher 274t; Arthur Gilmore 569b; Bud Oliver 145t; Genny Whitworth 338; Katrina Holmes 137; Vella Dailey 145b; Michelle Cull and Coy Ivey 384; Adrian Eldridge 61; Darrell Swarens 198.


Terry Hullett called the afternoon session to order leading 129. Leaders: Ernestine Pipkin 110; Stanley Smith 411; Ernest Phillips 571 (CB); Brenda Merritt 189; John Merritt and James Eldridge “Higher Ground”; Katherine Eldridge 117; Jackie Tanner 56t; Betty Sue Johnson and Mary Ann Johnson 323b, 290; Chris Green, Pam Green, and Jeff Maze 45t; Amanda Denson and J.L. Hopper 447; Cindy Tanner 436; Paula Gilmore 75; Wanda Capps 222; John Etheridge 29t; Jimmy Wadsworth 143; Emily Creel 532; Harrison Creel and Emily Creel 342; James Eldridge 134; Martha Spurlock 112; John Merritt and Jason Kirby 380t (CB). All children in the class led 354b.

Terry Hullett led 146 as the closing song. Elder J.L. Hopper dismissed the class with prayer.

Sunday, June 10

The class was called to order by Terry Hullett leading 144. Elder Philip Gilmore offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Terry Hullett 87; Nate Green 100 (in memory of Lois Green), 318 (for Leola Smith); Bob Watkins 480, 33b; Leona Haynes and Benny Green 277, 87 (in memory of her parents, John Alexander, and Della Alexander); Jewel Wootten 340 (in memory of Eloise Watkins), 371 (in memory of John Alexander and Della Alexander); Doyle Alexander 294, 146; Stella Pratt 155, 63; Ben Faucher 235, 406; Don Clark 76b, 275b.


Terry Hullett brought the class together leading 56t. Leaders: Philip Gilmore 48t, 47t; Judy Caudle 216, 448t; Brittany Lea 313t, 335; Jason Kirby 290, 159; Doug Conn 120, 391; Genora Whitworth 92, 126; Bud Oliver 319, 421; Shane Wootten 460, 276; Chita Blakeley 430, 358; Karen Clark 466, 565.


Terry Hullett led 40 to call the class to order. Leaders: Paula Gilmore 317; Paula Gilmore, Philip Gilmore, Rebekah Gilmore, John Harper Gilmore, Grace Gilmore, and Mary Jewel Gilmore 68b; Kyle Blakeley 67, 30b; Amanda Denson, Donna Wootten, and Taylor Watkins 155, 217.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Linda Thomas and Philip Gilmore. Philip Gilmore read 1 Thessalonians 4:16-18. The deceased remembered included Aubrey Reeves, Eldora Green Moody, Lloyd Bynum, Clarence Hartley, Conrad Edwards, Bobby Jackson, Flarce Creel, and Marie Green. Nate Green and Norma Green led 124 in memory of Eldora Green Moody and Lloyd Bynum. Jewel Wootten and Terry Hullett led 288 in memory of Conrad Edwards.

Shane Wootten, Linda Thomas, and Philip Gilmore led “Sweet By and By” for the sick and shut-ins, who included Herby Bailey, Pearl Galbreath, Milton Oliver, Willie Mae Moon, Mattie Townsel, Patsy Gentle, and Jewel Lowe. The class also sang for Sgt. Robin Hackworth and all other military personnel serving around the world. Doug Conn closed the memorial with prayer.


Nate Green led 36b to call the afternoon session to order. Leaders: Marty Wootten 99; Gavin Blakeley 123t, 145t; Cassie Holmes 119; Richard Ivey 556; Pam Green 274t; Buell Cobb 348b, 409; Norma Green 314; Jared Wootten 270; Rodney Ivey 175, 137; Chris Green 388, 179; Katrina Holmes 475, 159; Linda Thomas 39t, 345b; Jessica Douglas 166; Philip Gilmore 285t, 399b; Kyle Blakeley and Gavin Blakeley 33b; Terry Hullett 47b.

Terry Hullett, Nate Green, Philip Gilmore, and Bob Watkins led 62 as the closing song. Elder Philip Gilmore offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Terry Hullett; Vice Chairman—Nate Green; Secretaries—Paula Gilmore and Rebekah Gilmore