Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Northern Shenandoah Valley Singing

Grace Church, Berryville, Virginia

Saturday, June 2, 2007

The 14th annual Northern Shenandoah Valley singing was called to order at 10:00 a.m. at Grace Church by Stephen McMaster, who led 77b as the opening song. The opening prayer was offered by Ben Harrison. A welcome was extended by Stephen McMaster, followed by brief announcements for the day.

Leaders: Kevin Griffin Moreno 354t; Mary Langley 101t; Nora Dunn 335; Kim Moreno 30b; Jim Glaser 486; Leyland delRe 208; Tom Tucker 270; Kathy Manning 196; Bev Yaeger 351; Buell Cobb 303; Cathy Tucker 454; Tim Slattery 344; Kelly Macklin 433; Jim Strube 228; Erin Kelly 553; Peter Golden 163b; Mary DeNys 484.

A business session was held with the following officers elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Kevin Griffin Moreno; Honorary Chairman—Buell Cobb; Vice Chairperson—Kim Moreno; Secretary—Mary Langley; Chaplains—Ben Harrison and Erin Kelly. The business meeting was closed.


Dean Jens called the class back together leading 36b. Leaders: Pat Temple 373; Don Polaski 318; Karen Myers 183; Hannah Polaski 299; Lois Badey 148; John delRe 165; Rachel Speer 562; Frank Evans 229; Alice Noyes 445; Mary Ann Daly 564; Marilyn Estep 504; Dean Jens 210; John Daniel delRe 444; Eileen Metzger 383; Marty DeNys 198; Jenna Strizak 102; Thom Metzger 274t; Allison Schofield 542; Phil Rubin 317; Joni Seidenstein 157; Blake Morris 298; Ina Henkin 398; Cindy Sadler 456.

The memorial lesson was given by Carly Goss, who began by reading the following names of the sick and shut-ins: Bill Wisdom, Fritzi Wisdom, Kat Kincade, Amanda Denson, Gillie Campbell, Dan Macklin, and James MacNeil. She read a poem, “You Do Not Have to Be Good”.

The following list of names of the deceased was read: Marcia Tucker and Beth Barrett—California; William Powers—Pennsylvania; Peter Powers—District of Columbia. Carly Goss led 448b in tribute, and Chaplain Ben Harrison offered the prayer.

Leaders: Laura Smith 146; Guy Bankes 193; Mary Wright 480; Ted Stokes 417; Adrian Mariano 372; Miriam Kilmer 191; Evan Duncan 222. Chaplain Erin Kelly offered a song as the meal blessing, and the class joined in.


The afternoon session was called to order by Jenna Strizak leading 81t. Leaders: Nathan Rees 426b; Matt Drumheller 215; Carly Goss 442; Greg Freeman 419; Dean Jens 411; Jenna Strizak 192; Kevin Griffin Moreno 365; Allison Schofield 384; Rachel Speer 189; Ted Stokes 142; Alice Noyes 171; Thom Metzger 99; Cindy Sadler 448t; Stephen McMaster 269.

John delRe introduced Buell Cobb, author of The Sacred Harp, A Tradition and Its Music, as Honorary Chairman, and stated that he met Buell in 1993 while chaperoning a group of high-spirited youngsters to the Alabama State Convention. Buell then took the floor. He told of his involvement in Sacred Harp singing, and that it had been part of his family history for many years. Buell led 425. He closed by thanking the group for demonstrating why he loves Sacred Harp.

Leaders: Kathy Manning, Jim Brady, and Brady children 77t (in honor of Amanda Denson); Eileen Metzger 282; Guy Bankes 47b; Kim Moreno 145t.


The class was called back by Tom Tucker leading 100. Leaders: J.J. Johnson 324; Hunter Hale 34b; Ina Henkin 156; Joni Seidenstein 110; Don Polaski 112; Laura Smith 455; Phil Rubin 414; Bev Yaeger 362; Jim Glaser 348b; Mary Langley 476; Adrian Mariano 203; Lois Badey 457; Greg Freeman 67; Peter Gordon 66; Evan Duncan 122; John Daniel delRe and Hannah Polaski 313b; Erin Kelly 477; Blake Morris 73b; Mary Ann Daly 302; Mark Vorkirk 410t; Pat Temple and Mary Wright 105; Cathy Tucker and Tom Tucker 528; Mary DeNys 440; Frank Evans 300; Nora Dunn and Leyland delRe 217; Karen Myers 273; Nathan Rees and Carly Goss 182; Jim Strube 332; Marilyn Estep 547; Kathy Manning and Jimmy Brady 319; Tim Slattery and Miriam Kilmer 58; John delRe and Kelly Macklin 272.

Kim Moreno offered resolutions recognizing various committees and individuals who helped make the singing a success.

Announcements were made. Buell Cobb thanked the class for honoring him.

The closing song was 62, with the class extending the parting hand as they sang. Chaplain Ben Harrison gave the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Kevin Griffin Moreno; Honorary Chairman—Buell Cobb; Vice Chairperson—Kim Moreno; Secretary—Mary Langley