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Young People’s Sacred Harp Singing Convention

Providence Primitive Baptist Church, Vinemont, Alabama

Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Young People’s Sacred Harp Singing Convention met on Saturday before the fifth Sunday in July at Providence Primitive Baptist Church in Vinemont, Alabama. The singing was called to order by Chairlady Jennifer Allred leading 32t. Blake Sisemore offered the morning prayer. Jennifer Allred extended a warm welcome to everyone and led 129.

Leaders: Lela Crowder 77t; Rachel Allred 442; Jenna Strizak 102; Ron Hale 47b; Henry Guthery III 269; Richard Mauldin and Dick Mauldin 358; Lynne deBenedette 426b; Delone Cobbs 39b; Joyce Walton 383; Nate Green and Norma Green 317; Mike Thompson 99; Brenda Merritt 436; Mary Holcombe, Emily Holcombe, and Christy Holcombe 33b; Will Allred 196; Rachel Ivey and Aaron Wootten 36b; Sonya Sipe, Garrett Sipe, and Anna Grace Sipe 354b; Dennis George 110; John Plunkett 517; Laura Hale 222; Turner Berueffy and Max Berueffy 124; Gerry Hoffman 477.


Blake Sisemore called the class back to order leading 30b.

A business session was held with the following officers and committee members elected and appointed: Chairlady—Jennifer Allred; Vice Chairman—Drew Smith; Secretary—Lela Crowder; Chaplain—Blake Sisemore; Arranging Committee—Jenna Strizak and Rachel Allred; Memorial Committee—Kelsey Wessels and Lela Crowder; Finance Committee—Will Allred and Scott Ivey; Locating Committee—Will Kirby and Blake Sisemore.

Leaders: Jennifer Allred 142; Elene Stovall 440; Ed Thacker 470; Gary Holmes 68b; Faye Hollis and Jason Hollis 182; Henry Johnson 288; Shirley Figura 565; Sharon DuPriest 208; Amber Davis 192.


Blake Sisemore and Drew Smith brought the class leading 81t. Leaders: Beth Branscome 299; Wilton Donaldson 480; Jimmie Gilmore 276; Glenn Latimer 122; Karen Freund 224; Seth Allred 411; Kenneth Fannin and Carol Fannin 503; Amanda Denson and Richard Mauldin 328; Gary Smith 569b; Eugene Forbes 34t; Allison Schofield 564; Blake Sisemore 532; J.L. Hopper 543.


Jennifer Allred and Drew Smith brought the class back together leading 29t. Leaders: Aaron Wootten 39t; Phillip Langley 542; Beth Anne Clay 388.

Kelsey Wessels and Lela Crowder conducted the memorial lesson and led 499 for the deceased and 31t for the sick and shut in. The following deceased were remembered: Ervin Brothers, Sarah Brothers, Sgt. Phillip Dodson, Bobby Jackson, Teddy Creel, Carolyn Huckeba, Tom Kell, Ora Lee Fannin, Sophie Kulchuk, Bill Green, and Homer Whitworth.

The following people were remembered as sick and shut-in: Henry Guthery, Charlotte McCarn, and Richard DeLong. Blake Sisemore closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Leaders: Reba Windom 171; Glenn Keeton 349; Caleb Allred 454; Coleman Berueffy 63; Lisa Geist 273; Will Kirby; 282; Scott Ivey and Jennifer Allred 168; Daphene Causey 327; Drew Smith 491; Adam Hale 340; Kelsey Sunderland 300; Dorothea McCowan 218; Bud Oliver 215; Paul Figura 48t; Kelsey Wessels 157; Jerry Enright 216; Sarah Smith 145b; Arthur Gilmore 471; Max Berueffy 391; Rodney Ivey 362 (for Laura Clawson); Jennifer Clay, Beth Anne Clay, and Bekah Clay 39b; John Merritt and Seth Allred 484 (CB); Linda Hopper 84; Ann Ballard 57.

The Locating Committee announced that next year’s singing will be held at Fuller Cemetery Church in Ider, Alabama.

Jennifer Allred and Drew Smith lead 62 as the closing song, and Henry Johnson dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairlady—Jennifer Allred; Vice Chairman—Drew Smith; Secretary—Lela Crowder.