Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Midwest Convention

Chicago, Illinois

April 29-30, 2006

Saturday, April 29

The twenty-second session of the Midwest Convention was held at Ida Noyes Hall on the University of Chicago campus, Chicago, Illinois, on the fifth Sunday and Saturday before in April. Co-Chairs Ted Johnson and Marcia Johnson opened the convention leading 59 and 52t.

Leaders: Randy Neufeld and Susan Geil 171; Cathryn Bearov 142; Jerry Enright 168; Carol Munro Mosley 84; Jim Helke 368; Grace Scrimgeour 33b; John Seaton 47t; Herb Schroeder 128; Ginny Landgraf 351; Jim Swanson 197; Sam Farwell 454; Dave Barford 65; Rochelle Lodder 36b; Brad Bahler 277; Kathy Krug 155; Tom Malone 568; Lisa Grayson 411; Anne Missavage 350.


Ted Johnson and Marcia Johnson brought the class back to order leading 32t. Leaders: Joe Todd 106; Julie Vea 157.

A business meeting was held with the following officers elected or appointed: Co-Chairs—Susan Geil and Randy Neufeld; Vice Co-Chairs—Jim Helke, Ginny Landgraf; Chaplain—Herb Schroeder; Secretary—Cathryn Bearov. The business meeting was closed.

Leaders: Bob Borcherding 56b; Beth Todd 436; Steve Warner 475; Ann Miczulski 30t; Paul Wyatt 125; Jessica Beer 34t; Ryan Wheeler 48t; Gary Gronau 362; Connie Karduck 299; Brad Oglesby 170; Naomi Frick 504.


Susan Geil and Randy Neufeld brought the class back to order leading 565. Leaders: James Page 287; Kathy Kaiser 341; Jim Laurie 146; Carolyn Deacy 201; Molly Whedbee 86; Steve Schmidgall 333; Melanie Hauff 309; Thom Farhbach 42; Jo Dell Albi 82t; Ted Mercer 328; Kay Huener 38b; John Bahler 30b; Charles Wells 99; Kathy Williams 273. Herb Schroeder offered prayer for the noon meal.


Ginny Landgraf led 29t to bring the class back to order for the afternoon session. Leaders: Sam Sommers 316; Eleanor Haase 352; Jim Crawford “Minnesota”; Paul Landskroener 63; Karen Bahler 148; Richard DeLong 530; Anne Heider 189; Brad Oglesby 192; Judy Hauff 434; Sue Kessell 236; Gary Gronau 430; Julie Vea 419; Thom Farhbach 300; Carolyn Deacy 196; Lisa Grayson 448t; Karen Freund 456; Jim Swanson 269; Kathy Williams 186; Steven Schmidgall 156; Jessica Beer 383; Brad Bahler, Karen Bahler, and John Bahler 312b; Jane Sales 178.


Jim Helke brought the class back to order by leading 542. Leaders: Kelly Brest Van Kempen 335; Harriet Dart 229; Marcia Johnson 385t; Richard DeLong 319; Paul Wyatt 177; Joe Todd and Beth Todd 373; Grace Scrimgeour 547; Kathy Krug 107; Charles Wells 318 (in honor of his new grandson, born three days prior); Ann Missavage 112; Judy Hauff 536.

Susan Geil and Randy Neufeld led 69t as the closing song. Herb Schroeder offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Sunday, April 30

The convention was opened at 9:30 a.m. on Sunday with Co-Chairs Susan Geil and Randy Neufeld leading 46.

Leaders: Bob Borcherding 122; Charles Wells 159; Ryan Wheeler 68b; Cathryn Bearov 114; Judy Hauff 488; Steve Schmidgall 567; Jim Swanson 396; Eleanor Haase 272; Carolyn Deacy 448b; Rochelle Lodder 39t; Jim Helke 180; Berkeley Moore 309; Herb Schroeder 489; Jerry Enright 384; Ginny Landgraf 372; Joe Todd 58; Kathy Kaiser 278b.


Sam Somers brought the class back to order leading 87. Leaders: Grace Scrimgeour 86; James Page 505; Kristin Richardson 222; Kathy Krug 260; Tom Malone 240; Kathy Williams 455; Thom Fahrbach 216; Linda Thomas 131b; Connie Karduck 464; Ted Johnson 377; Kay Huener 572; Lisa Grayson 29t; Mary Doyle 535.


Ginny Landgraf led 74b to bring the class back to order. Leaders: Jo Dell Albi 214; Jeff Gauthier “Milwaukee”; Gary Gronau 39b; Karen Swenson 183; Beth Todd 501; Paul Landskroener 198; Anne Heider 528.

Jim Swanson conducted the memorial lesson, and led 285t in memory of the following deceased: Teddy Creel, Maxine Lacy, I.V. McWhorter, Jap Walton, and Martha Woodard,—Alabama; Raymond Frederick Erickson and Helen Warner—California; Dorothy Clementine Durant Jones and Catherine Eulalie Durant Long—Florida; Philip Dodson and Donnie McGraw—Georgia; Irene Admaczyk, Raymond Adamczyk, Tom Dundee, Al Frank, Bonnie Jones, Howard Jones, Orville Senger, and Violet Stark—Illinois; Dean Slayton—Indiana; Billy Wadden—Iowa; Elizabeth Watson—Minnesota; Regina Piermatti and Mark Seiler—Maine; Ed Huener—Ohio; Alice Mercer—Tennessee; Jerry Barnes, Tommie Hill, and Roy McCuchion—Texas; Claire Apfelbach, Barbara Greenler, and Bill Kepner—Wisconsin.

Cathryn Bearov spoke on behalf of the sick or homebound then read the following list of names: Joan Aldridge, Shelbie Sheppard, Amanda Denson, and Edith Tate—Alabama; Sara Curry—California; Clare Cardy, Suzanne Flandreau, Martin Kaiser, Louis Ross—Illinois; Jan Lucas—Indiana; Pauline Childers—Michigan; Shirley Figura, Jeanette Lowry—Missouri; Cliff Gillette—Tennessee; Cathryn Bearov—Virginia; Bob Anderson, Dick Dunagan, Marjorie Handrick, Mickie Handrick, Bob Scorgie, Lula Springer—Wisconsin.

Kathy Williams led 330b for all the sick and homebound. Herb Schroeder closed the memorial lesson with prayer.


Ted Mercer brought the class back to order for the afternoon session by leading 171. Leaders: Steve Warner 475; Molly Whedbee 406; Ted Johnson “Boulder”; Marcia Johnson 163t; Jessica Beer 522; Paul Wyatt 440; Ann Missavage 209; Sam Sommers 426b; Julie Vea 218; Brad Oglesby 477; Richard DeLong 41; Melanie Hauff 542; Ted Mercer 391; Richard Popp 196; Linda Thomas 217; Carol Crawford 415; Jim Crawford 351; Carol Munro Mosley and her son 124; Sue Kessell 365; Sam Sommers, Janet Miller, and Steve Warner 430; Tom Malone and Jim Helke 245; John Seaton 47t; Carolyn Deacy 456.


Randy Neufeld brought the class back together with 36b. Leaders: Berkeley Moore 342; Jim Page 348t; Kelly Brest Van Kempen 179 (in memory of Dean Slaton); Jeff Gauthier 276; Eleanor Haase 503; Kathy Kaiser 352; Paul Landskroener 49b; Sam Sommers 112 (by special request); Richard Popp 288; Richard DeLong 403; Kay Huener 49t; Cathryn Bearov 137 (for Coy Ivey); Marcia Johnson 340; Gary Gronau 565.

A business meeting was held for the purpose of hearing reports from various committees. The Finance Committee reported that expenses were almost met.

The Secretary reported that 127 people registered for the convention. Over the course of two days, sixty-nine leaders led 166 songs with thirteen states represented.

The Resolutions Committee presented their report which was accepted by unanimous acclamation. The business meeting was concluded.

Announcements were made. Randy Neufeld and Susan Geil led 62 as the closing song, while those who wished took the parting hand. Herb Schroeder offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Co-Chairs—Susan Geil and Randy Neufeld; Vice Co-Chairs—Jim Helke and Ginny Landgraf; Secretary—Cathryn Bearov.