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Keystone Sacred Harp Convention

The Willows, Radnor, Pennsylvania

January 21-22, 2006

Saturday, January 21

The eighth annual Keystone Sacred Harp Convention was held at The Willows, Radnor, Pennsylvania, on the fourth Sunday in January and Saturday before. Ina Henkin called the class to order leading 47t. Thom Metzger offered the morning prayer.

Officers and committees of the convention were the following: Chairman—Ina Henkin; Treasurer—Jim Picton; Secretaries—Susan Munch, Guy Bankes, Kim Moreno, and Clare Maher; Arranging Committee—Kelly Macklin and Paula Picton.

Leaders: Paula Picton 27; Laura Densmore 106; Carol Myers 282; Guy Bankes 474; Katherine Collett 155; Dave Kruel and Nancy Trout 496; Victoria Bolles 288; Doron Henkin 52t; Michael Heyerman 99; Lynn Hoyt 107; Lamar Matthew 35; Laura Parrish 178; Jim Ulrich 40; Nancy Tkacs 66; Nathan Rees 173; Cindy Sadler 362; Hal Kunkel 179; Terry Ryan 186; Claire Simon 270; Greg Mulkern 148; Elizabeth Cusick 383; Walter Smith 361; Ted Stokes 57; Diane Mennella 349; Paul Gauthier 455.


Tom Tucker called the class to order with 38b. Leaders: Margaret Bornick 162; Aldo Ceresa 522; Eileen Metzger 182; George Pomfret 72b; Roland Hutchinson 313b; Leyland delRe 172; Susan Bingham 542; Nicola Collett 547; Jim Wantland 299; Barbara Swetman 91; Kevin Moreno 333; Gina Balestracci 328; Erin Kelly 42; Mary Chris Harrison 375; Dean Jens 440; Jean Seiler 315; Nora Dunn 348b; Thom Metzger 29b; Julie Vea 195; John delRe 280; Cathy Tucker 454; Mairi Quodomine 339; George Seiler 347; Carly Goss 30b; Ron Bornick 84; Kelly Macklin 157. Thom Metzger offered the blessing for the noon meal.


Diane Mennella called the class to order with 87 and 30t. Leaders: Brian Collett 532; Greg Freemon 453; Sue Ulrich 146; Sue Hanson 384; Barbara Hohenstein 142; Joan Trout 400; Marian McKenzie 269; Jill Accetta 434; Julie Vea 385t; Nancy Trout 430; Rachel Speer 216; Doron Henkin 392; Tom Tucker 200; Kim Moreno 128; Nathan Rees 445; Eileen Metzger 379; George Pomfret 163b; Erin Kelly 76b; Lamar Matthew 32t; Carly Goss 68t; Gina Balestracci 209; Terry Ryan 47b; Laura Densmore 370.

The memorial lesson was held. Nancy Tkacs conducted the lesson for the sick and shut-ins and led 335 for the following: Amanda Denson, Lynn Googe, Richard Abrahams, Jeanette Lowry, Dick Dunagan, Nick Jabke, Nancy Katzen, Marilyn Darch, Norma Darch, Jane Roman, and Alex Aatal.

Cindy Sadler conducted the lesson for the deceased and led 31t in memory of Mark Lincoln Seiler—Maine; Patrick Giles, Marian Ryan, Kay Milling, and Nancy Levy—New York; Anne Malachowski—Massachusetts; Dean Slaton—Indiana; Jack Accetta and Arlene House—Pennsylvania; Tom Gibney—New Jersey; Gary Cook—Arizona; Jim Haase and Harriet Hutchinson—California. Doron Henkin concluded the memorial lesson with prayer.


Ina Henkin called the class to order with 71. Leaders: Jim Wantland 254; Peggy Bright 273; Steven Hoyt 122; Marian McKenzie 181; Sue Ulrich 504; Walter Smith 189; Greg Mulkern 203; Leyland delRe 436; Elizabeth Cusick 312b; Jim Ulrich 479; Susan Bingham 198; Nicola Collett 245; Barbara Swetman 127; Thom Metzger 163t; Kevin Moreno 228; Mary Chris Harrison 348t; Dean Jens 300; Kelly Macklin 564; Nora Dunn 391; Ron Bornick 168; Greg Freemon 285t.

Hal Kunkel offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Sunday, January 22

Ina Henkin called the class to order with 479. Guy Bankes offered the morning prayer. Leaders: Doron Henkin 200; Lynn Hoyt 317; Nancy Trout 312t; Claire Simon 472; Elizabeth Stokes 402; Brian Collett 217; Paula Picton 341; Victoria Bolles 212; Guy Bankes 556; Cindy Sadler 448t; Mairi Quodomine 55; John delRe 296; Margaret Bornick 327; Cathy Tucker 350; Jean Seiler 87; Paul Gauthier 389; Ted Stokes 377; Jill Accetta 29t; Laura Clawson 542; Hal Kunkel 250; Stephen Hoyt and Kevin Moreno 551; Katherine Collett 86.


Cathy Tucker called the class to order with 40. Leaders: Carol Myers 37b; Anna Mays 159; Sue Hanson 372; Michael Heyerman 442; Roland Hutchinson 396; George Seiler 68b; Kim Moreno 171; Barbara Hohenstein 384; Peter Irvine 564; Aldo Ceresa 224; Thom Metzger 196; Barbara Swetman 390; Nicola Collett 268; Nancy Tkacs 344; Julie Vea 368; Greg Freemon 567; Mary Chris Harrison 174; Kelly Macklin 444; Laura Clawson 274t; Leyland delRe 399t; Ron Bornick 454; Erin Kelly 58. Susan Bingham gave prayer before the noon meal.


Gina Balestracci called the class to order with 313t. Leaders: George Pomfret 358; Tom Tucker 376; Susan Bingham 340; Laura Densmore 408; Nora Dunn 208; Dean Jens 515; Kevin Moreno 365; Carly Goss 468; Chloe Maher 455; Peter Irvine 89; Paula Picton 528; Doron Henkin 193; Eileen Metzger 101t; Jill Accetta 501; Cathy Tucker 480; Hal Kunkel 475.


Aldo Ceresa called the class to order with 105. Leaders: Elizabeth Stokes 276; Michael Heyerman 135; Paul Gauthier 34b; Rachel Speer 417; Ted Stokes 394; Jean Seiler 540; Margaret Bornick 448b; Mairi Quodomine 133; Victoria Bolles 184; Laura Clawson 186; Claire Simon 143; George Seiler 473.

Ina Henkin extended thanks to all who helped make the convention a success. Gina Balestracci and Ina Henkin led 40 in honor of the birthdays of Laura Densmore and Cindy Sadler. Doron Henkin, Ina Henkin, and Claire Maher led 62 as the closing song. Kim Moreno offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Ina Henkin; Secretaries—Susan Munch, Guy Bankes, Kim Moreno, and Clare Maher.