Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Illinois State Sacred Harp Convention

Old State Capitol, Springfield, Illinois

September 17-18, 2005

Saturday, September 17

The twenty-first annual session of the Illinois State Sacred Harp Convention was opened by Lori Graber leading 49t. Terry Hogg offered the morning prayer. Lori Graber welcomed singers to the Old State Capitol. The books used were The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition, and the Missouri Harmony, 2005 Revision (MH).

The following officers and committees were previously elected and appointed: Chair—Lori Graber; Co-Chair—Janet Fraembs; Secretary/Treasurer—Barbara A. Moore; Arranging Committee—Berkley Moore and Barbara A. Moore; Finance—Mark Graber; Memorial Committee—Berkley Moore and Janet Fraembs.

Leaders: Janet Fraembs 4 (MH); Terry Hogg 51 (MH); Berkley Moore 142 (MH); Paul Figura 127 (MH); Jim Page “Berkley”; Jan Ketelle 168; Amy Miczulski 312b; David Rust 291; Doug Stapleton 178; Martha Beverly 137; Joan Aldridge 155; Shirley Figura 84; Joanne Bowman 542; Peter Bradley 163b; Lissa Blood 141; Penny Kujawinski 128; Lou Kujawinski 53; Dick Dunagan 109 (MH); Val Dunagan 157 (MH).


Ted Mercer brought the class back to order leading 87. Leaders: Peggy Brayfield 350; Richard Popp 441; Becky Browne 142; Don Baker 74b; Karen Swenson 99; Grace Scrimgeour 33b; Wally Bloch 146; Lori Graber 373; Pete Ellertsen 32t; Janet Fraembs 172 (MH); Berkley Moore 33 (MH); Paul Figura 19 (MH); Jim Page 45 (MH); Jan Ketelle 113 (MH); Ann Miczulski 30t; David Rust 378b; Doug Stapleton 171. Don Baker asked the blessing on the noon meal.


Lori Graber brought the class back together for the afternoon session leading 354b. Leaders: Martha Beverly 475; Clare Cardy 504; Joan Aldridge 150; Shirley Figura 145b; Joanne Bowman 306; Peter Bradley 365; Terry Hogg 13 (MH); Lissa Blood 290; Penny Kujawinski 217; Lou Kujawinski 297; Dick Dunagan 22 (MH); Val Dunagan 151 (MH); Ted Mercer 23 (MH); Peggy Brayfield 104 (MH); Richard Popp 361; Becky Browne 203; Don Baker 56b; Karen Swenson 89 (MH); Grace Scrimgeour 287; Wally Bloch 159.


The class resumed singing with Berkley Moore leading 229. Leaders: Lori Graber 480; Janet Fraembs 335; Ted Mercer 75 (MH); Peggy Brayfield 48b; Richard Popp 240; Becky Browne 121 (MH); Don Baker 288; Pete Ellertsen 510; Paul Figura 501; James Page 67 (MH); Jan Ketelle 36 (MH); Ann Miczulski 569b; David Rust 391; Martha Beverly 496; Clare Cardy 505; Joan Aldridge 270; Shirley Figura 59; Joanne Bowman 101t; Peter Bradley 40; Dick Dunagan 160 (MH); Val Dunagan 344.

Lori Graber led 347 as the closing song. Martha Beverly offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Sunday, September 18

The Sunday session was called to order by Lori Graber leading 34b. Dick Dunagan offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Janet Fraembs 59; Peggy Brayfield 556; Don Baker 284; Emily Gruber 28t; Terry Hogg 8 (MH); LaMar Schlabach 282; Penny Kujawinski 157; Lou Kujawinski 272; Julie Vea 171; Richard Popp 436; Paul Figura 77 (MH); Joan Aldridge 276; James Page 32 (MH); Shirley Figura 68b; Joanne Bowman 368; David Rust 299; Wally Bloch 148; Dick Dunagan 36b; Val Dunagan 43 (MH).


Lori Graber brought the class back to order with 76b. Leaders: Emily Gruber 51 (MH); LaMar Schlabach 47t; Penny Kujawinski 56 (MH); Lou Kujawinski 212; Julie Vea 352; Richard Popp 218; Paul Figura 457; Joan Aldridge 297; Jim Page 98 (MH).

Berkley Moore conducted the memorial lesson and then led 285t for the deceased. Many of the Sacred Harp songs are about death and dying and the Sacred Harp tradition emphasizes both the bad and the good in life. The memorial singing tradition helps us deal with all disasters as well as with our own death when it is our time. It also reminds us of the religious ties that bind people in our community together, even though we represent many religious faiths. Sharing our remembrance with our community helps take away the sting of death. Those remembered were John Craig, Pat Craig, Al Frank, June Porter, Vi Stark, and Ruth White—Illinois; Dean Slaton—Indiana; Ivalene Donaldson—Alabama; Darlene McDonough—Minnesota; Philip Alderman—Missouri; and the hurricane victims.

Janet Fraembs spoke for the sick and shut-ins, and noted that we want to keep these people in our prayers and thoughts. We are sad to think about the devastation on the Gulf Coast, and we need to think about those we know, too. We are all one community. She led 490 for people on our memorial list and all others who need our thoughts. The following sick and shut-ins were remembered: Edie Malehorn, Dennis Miller, and Lee Steinmetz—Illinois; Jeanette Lowry—Missouri; Bob Anderson and Bob Scorgie—Wisconsin. Berkley Moore closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Joanne Bowman led 565. Terry Hogg led a prayer asking a blessing on the noon meal.


The afternoon session began with Peggy Brayfield leading 277. Leaders: Pete Ellertsen 207; Peggy Peryam 178; David Rust 268; Shirley Figura 349; Lori Graber 454; Dick Dunagan 149 (MH); Val Dunagan 473; Janet Fraembs 178 (MH); Don Baker 267; Berkley Moore 158 (MH); Terry Hogg 55 (MH); Peggy Brayfield 92 (MH); Adrian Eldridge and Virginia Eldridge 61; Emily Gruber 89 (MH); Peggy Peryam 83 (MH); LaMar Schlabach 32t.


The class resumed with Paul Figura leading 73t. Leaders: Penny Kujawinski 215; Lou Kujawinski 352; Julie Vea 208; Richard Popp 175; Paul Figura 130 (MH); Joanne Bowman 448b; Jim Page 111 (MH); Pete Ellertsen 135; David Rust 481; Shirley Figura 348b; Dick Dunagan 106; Joan Aldridge 71; Val Dunagan 475; Adrian Eldridge and Virginia Eldridge 58; Janet Fraembs 385b; Don Baker 49t; Terry Hogg 27; Berkley Moore 62.

After announcements were made, Lori Graber led 347 as the closing song. Berkley Moore dismissed the class with prayer.

Chair—Lori Graber; Co-Chair—Janet Fraembs; Secretary—Barbara A. Moore.