Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Chattahoochee Convention

Wilson’s Chapel, Carrollton, Georgia

August 6-7, 2005

Saturday, August 6

The one hundred fifty-third session of the Chattahoochee Convention was held on the first Sunday and Saturday before in August at Wilson’s Chapel, near Carrollton, Georgia. Chairman Sheri Taylor led 67 and 29t to open the convention. Lonnie Rogers offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: John Plunkett 52t; Donna Duke 503; Lonnie Rogers 101t; Laura Frey 178; Lela Crowder 157; Richard Mauldin 43; Jeannette DePoy 99; Charlene Wallace 283; Lisa Webb 528 (in memory of Naomi Sailors); Phillip Langley 99; Karen Rollins 34b; Henry Johnson 138t; Helen Bryson 546; Stanley Edwards 42; Lee Rogers 34t; Kevin Moreno 501; Jimmie Denney 143.


The class resumed singing. Leaders: Eric Tweedy 479; Bridgett Hill 276; Bobby Jackson 568; B.M. Smith 475; Claire Singleton 270.

A business session was held for the purpose of electing officers. The following were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Sheri Taylor; Vice Chairman—John Plunkett; Secretary—Donna Duke; Chaplain—Lonnie Rogers; Arranging Committee—Saturday session—Judy Mincey and Charlene Wallace, Sunday session—Laura Frey and Scott DePoy; Finance Committee—Phillip Langley and Diane Smith; Resolutions Committee—Richard DeLong; Memorial Committee—Jeannette DePoy and Lisa Webb.

Leaders: Sandra Wilkinson 300; Andy Morse 542; Aldo Ceresa 279; Judy Mincey 510; Scott DePoy 277; John Hollingsworth 176t; Sandy Scott 288; David Fletcho 296; Jason Hollis 40; Lori Goode 45t; Eric Tweedy 200; Nora Dunn 102; George Burdett 128; Frances D’Andrea 318; Daniel Davis 480; Brigita Sebald 31t; Debora Grosse 222; Oscar McGuire 485; Susan Fletcho 70t; Bernard Denney 299; Carly Goss 197; Faye Hollis 460; Hubert Nall 196; and Judy Chandler 159.


John Plunkett opened the afternoon session by leading 142. Leaders: Billy Hollingsworth 250; John Shipley 354t; Robert Chambless 68b; Tim Brannon 492; Amanda Denson 269; Martha Ann Stegar 268; Judy Chambless 148; Bentley McGuire 319; Mark Plunkett 454; Matt Hinton 146; Richard DeLong 399b; Lou Cotney 384; Donna Bell 75; Joan Durdin 192; David Fletcho 481; Stanley Edwards 47b.


Sheri Taylor brought the class back to order leading 84. Leaders: Lee Denney 145b; Gene Duke 278b; Susan Fletcho 315; Daniel Davis 312t; Carly Goss 70b; Bridgett Hill 168; Nora Dunn 112; Sandie Scott 284; Brigita Sebald 32t; Aldo Ceresa 522.

Sheri Taylor and John Plunkett led 323t as the closing song. Richard Mauldin offered the closing prayer to end the Saturday session.

Sunday, August 7

The Sunday morning session was brought to order by Chairman Sheri Taylor leading 77t and 171. Chaplain Lonnie Rogers offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Donna Duke 100, 101t; Myron House 102, 105; Josephine Denney and Felton Denney 73t, 73b, 72t; Tony Hammock 148, 42; Judy Chambless 47t, 490; John Plunkett 41, 90; Lisa Webb 408, 566; Bobby Jackson 290, 499.


John Plunkett called the class to order leading 467. Leader: Aldo Ceresa 39t, 215; Nora Dunn 29b, 448b; David Fletcho 29t, 172; Claire Singleton 163t, 350; Kevin Moreno 344, 327; Brigita Sebald 65, 82t; Susan Fletcho 274t, 569b; Daniel Davis 497, 216; Carly Goss 228, 229.

The memorial lesson was held at 11:15 a.m. by Jeanette DePoy and Lisa Webb. Lisa Webb read the following list of deceased and led song 454 in their memory: Kelly Beard, Dawn Culbertson, Lois DePoy, Tom DePoy, Ivalene Donaldson, Henry George, Sherry Guthery, John Hocutt, Preston McClendon, Gladys Willingham McCoy, Roxanna Mennella, Naomi Wilson Sailors, Phil Tabor, Frank Wilson, Marissa Wilson, and Laurette Elizabeth Wojcik. Jacob Griffith led 492 (WB) for his mother, Marissa Wilson.

Jeannette DePoy read the list of the sick and shut-ins: Sarah Dodson, Beau Caldwell, Alice Edwards, Hester Edwards, Mr. and Mrs. A.B. Hubbard, Clarence McCool, I.V. McWhorter, Myra Palmer, Mary Smith, and Violet Thomason. Richard DeLong led 400 for the sick and shut-ins. Lonnie Rogers closed the memorial with prayer.

Leaders: Robert Chambless 145b; Charles Woods 399b; Jan House 284; Earlis McGraw 389.


The afternoon session was called to order by John Plunkett leading 207. Leaders: Hubert Nall 340; Paul Robertson 45t; Lonnie Rogers 225t; Karen Clarke 569t; David Carlton 421; Charlene Wallace 455; Raymond Hamrick 354t; Lori Goode 358; Oscar McGuire 573; Arlene Woods 503; Phillip Langley 440; Laura Frey 178; Lauren Harrison 47b; B.J. Harris 303; Karen Rollins 136; George Robinson, Jr. 68b; Melinda Snow 378t; Gene Duke 80t; Jeannette DePoy and Richard DeLong 411; Scott DePoy 201; Jimmie Denney 276; Evelyn Harris 155; Butch White 85; Sharon Hamrick 269; Richard DeLong 224; Aldo Ceresa 245; Carly Goss 69t; Kevin Moreno 220; Susan Fletcho 217; Claire Singleton 299; Daniel Davis 300; Brigita Sebald 86; David Fletcho 543; Nora Dunn 339; David Carlton 501; Sheri Taylor, Lisa Webb, and Laura Frey 524.

The convention went into a business session for the purpose of hearing committee reports.

The Finance Committee reported a collection of $481; expenses of $60.00 for minutes will be paid, and the remaining funds will be given to Wilson’s Chapel.

The Resolutions Committee Report was given by Richard Delong as follows: “We thank God that we have been able to meet and carry on the Chattahoochee Convention another year. We thank the Wilson family and their relatives for their hospitality and the delicious spread of food. We especially want to extend a warm heat-felt welcome from this convention to all the visitors, for this convention could not have been as successful without you. And finally, we thank everyone for attending.”

A motion was made and carried that the reports be accepted as read, and added to the minutes. The business was closed.

Announcements were made. Sheri Taylor and John Plunkett led 62 as the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer led by Lonnie Rogers.

Chairman—Sheri Taylor; Vice Chairman—John Plunkett; Secretary—Donna Duke.