Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Ohio State Convention

Oak Ridge Lodge, Mt. Airy Forest; Cincinnati, Ohio

February 19-20, 2005

Saturday, February 19

The thirteenth annual Ohio State Convention was held at Oak Ridge Lodge, Mount Airy Forest in Cincinnati, Ohio, on the third Sunday and Saturday before in February. The class was called to order by Chairman Debbie Hall leading 38t. Brother Steve Duff offered the morning prayer.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Debbie Hall; Vice Chairman—Steve Duff; Arranging—John Bealle; Memorial Committee—Jim Herr and Claire Outten; Treasurers—Karen Arnett and Mike Hieber; Kitchen coordinator—Linda Coppock; Secretaries—Richard Palmer and Claire Outten.

Leaders: Steve Duff 569b; Claire Outten 33b; Karen Arnett 503; John Bealle 384; Cleve Callison 276; Shawn Fenton 38b; Judy Schuetz 282; Clara Herr 209; Greg Creech 47b; Hans Bayer 496; Steve Kasperick-Postellon 547; William Shetter 99; Eloise Clark 532; Jim Coppock 142.


The class resumed singing with Linda Coppock leading 147t. Leaders: Sheryl Pockrose 245; Steve Tossey 34b; Jim Herr 163b; David Casenhiser 146; Rich Overturf 430; Sharon Hill 361; Bob Swope 342; Loraine Bayer 277; Richard Palmer 236; Joan Redd 66; Michael Darby 280; Lois Hurt 551; Joe Todd 312b.


Regina Bayer brought the class to order by leading 34t. Leaders: Mike Grimes 490; Sue Hengelsberg 504; Connie Karduck 475; Brad Bahler 117; Liz Meitzler 67; Beth Todd 319; John Bayer 300; Joan Aldridge 189; Bob Meek 268. Joan Redd offered the blessing for the noon meal.


Debbie Hall called the class to order leading 479. Leaders: Mary Brinkman 313b; Michelle Cull 31t; Jubal Bayer 159; Ted Mercer 353; Buddy Ballinger 405; Nancy Smith-Huertas 178; Ken Franklin 345t; Laura Russell 63; Tom Kochan 426t; Regina Bayer 203; Emily Hatch 31b; Sylvia Thomas 171; Doug Trent 68b; Linda Coppock 542; Mary Jo Crist 87; Sue Duff 30b; Naomi Frick 138b; Garth Heasley 107; Chris Demetrion 455.


The class was brought to order by Sheryl Pockrose leading 84. Leaders: Steve Kasperick-Postellon 448t; Roger Crabtree 354b; William Shetter 59; Steve Tossey 515; Sharon Hill 334; Buddy Ballinger 373; Bob Swope 304; David Casenhiser 345b; Brad Bahler 163t; Ted Mercer 352; Sylvia Thomas 442; Connie Karduck 299; Beth Todd 436.


The class resumed singing with Eloise Clark leading 145t. Leaders: Greg Creech 127; Joe Todd 269; Ellis Seiberling 191; Benny Harnish 368; Lois Hurt 470; Joan Aldridge 148; Jim Herr 324; Laura Russell 32t; Michael Darby 480; Sue Hengelsberg 306.

Chairman Debbie Hall led 362 as the closing song, and Greg Creech dismissed the class with prayer.

Sunday, February 20

The Sunday session was called to order by Chairman Debbie Hall leading 47t. Brother Steve Duff offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Steve Duff 49b; Claire Outten 82b; Rich Overturf 100; Jim Coppock 181; Emily Hatch 49t; Judy Schuetz 350; Linda Coppock 501; Cleve Callison 35; Clara Herr 163b; Hans Bayer 278b; Ann Holzer 556; Shawn Fenton 73t; Steve Duff 155; Connie Karduck 176t.


The class was called to order. Leaders: Joan Redd 178; Loraine Bayer 225t; Greg Creech 27; Beth Todd 284; David Casenhiser 87; Lois Hurt 358; Daniel Coppock 168; Richard Palmer 285b; Laura Russell 72b; Bob Meek 480; Sheryl Pockrose 270; Mike Hieber 276; Sue Hengelsberg 294; Jubal Bayer 179; Eloise Clark 344; Joe Todd 81t.


The class resumed singing. Leaders: Jim Coppock 59; Joan Aldridge 150; Jim Herr 222; Ted Mercer 50t; Regina Bayer 348t; Tom Kochan 503; Michael Darby 86.

Jim Herr and Claire Outten conducted the memorial lesson. Claire Outten spoke about those who were sick or shut-in and led 26 in their honor. Those named were David Rust—Indiana; Henry Schuman—Michigan; Pauline Childers—Michigan; Jean Kavernon, Laura Weber, Greg Howard, and Charles Wells—Ohio; Aubrey Richardson—Kentucky; Thurman Nall—Alabama; Vincent Lewis—Virginia; Bob Hiltner—Pennsylvania.

Jim Herr spoke about those who had passed away during the past year and led 285t in their memory. Those remembered were John Hocutt—Alabama; Cay Casenhiser—New Mexico; Don Hansen, Betty Garber, and Carol Boaz—Ohio; David Franklin—Kentucky; Mary Clark Watson—California; Betty Clark Speer—New York; Christine Anderson—Tennessee; Rose Wooton and Ray Mouly—Pennsylvania; Allen Fannin—New York. Elder Herr closed the memorial with prayer.

Leaders: John Bealle 224; John Bayer 128; Lois Hurt 45t. Bob Meek offered the blessing for the noon meal.


Debbie Hall called the class to order leading 34b. Leaders: Claire Outten 173; Shawn Fenton 192; Greg Creech 40; Steve Duff 198; Beth Todd 82t; Judy Schuetz 186; Roger Crabtree 29t; Joan Aldridge 385b; Hans Bayer 388; Jim Herr and Clara Herr 200; Sue Hengelsberg 38t; Bob Meek 496; Ann Holzer 107; David Casenhiser and Wilma Snyder 159; Regina Bayer 36b.


The class was called to order by Sheryl Pockrose leading 448b. Leaders: Joe Todd 122; Loraine Bayer 28b; Doug Nast 52b; Tom Kochan 66; Laura Russell 485; Jubal Bayer 385t; Sue Duff 497; Nathan Coppock 288; Michael Darby 73b; Mike Heber 37b; Linda Coppock 196; John Bayer 71; Cleve Callison 446; Sheryl Pockrose 564; Clara Herr 547; Joan Redd 146; Daniel Coppock 113; John Bealle 218.


Steve Duff called the class to order by leading 164. Leaders: Sue Hengelsberg 175; Claire Outten 573; Debbie Hall 299; Nathan Coppock 273; Rich Overturf 383; Bob Meek 384; Beth Todd 475; Joe Todd 99.

A business session was held to hear committee reports. The Locating Committee reported that the 2006 Ohio State Convention will be held in Southwest Ohio.

The Finance Committee reported that all convention expenses had been met.

The Secretary reported that 173 songs were led by singers from seven states.

The Resolutions Committee thanked all concerned for making this 2005 Convention a great success. The business session was closed.

After announcements were made, the officers led 347 as the closing song. Claire Outten dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Debbie Hall; Vice Chairman—Steve Duff; Secretaries—Richard Palmer and Claire Outten.