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All-California Sacred Harp Singing Convention

Angel’s Gate, San Pedro, California

January 15-16, 2005

Saturday, January 15

The seventeenth annual All-California Sacred Harp Singing Convention met at Angel’s Gate in San Pedro, California on the third Sunday and Saturday before in January. The singing was opened by Beth Webb leading 49 (t? b?). Chaplain Steve Lazicki offered the opening prayer.

A business meeting was called and the following officers were elected: Chairman—Beth Webb; Vice Chairman—Carolyn Deacy; Treasurer—Duncan MacLeod; Secretary—Juanita Heyerman.

Leaders: Beth Webb 183; Carolyn Deacy 168; Duncan MacLeod 76b; Juanita Heyerman 287; Larry Arnstein 566; John Marr 319; Bruce Hayes 90; Tom Ostwald 268; Anne Heider 192; Daniel Davis 148; Mike Hinton 373; Michael Heyerman 505; Richard DeLong 419; Steve Warner 475; Stan Jensen 217.


Laura Boyd Russell led 52t to bring the class back to order. Leaders: Natalia Cecire 171; Carroll Lunsford 204; David Fetcho 206; Jean Olson 421; Janet Herman 446; Jill Accetta 29t; Ted Mercer 216; Carla Smith 153; Shelby Sampson 315; Carolyn Deacy 501; Betty Marvin 473; Darlene Dalton 147t; Susan Fetcho 107; Jerry Schreiber 477; Jessica Beer 383; Karen Stingle 569b; Claire Singleton 33b; Jenn Dolan 442; Mary Mac 454; Beth Webb 59. Steve Lazicki offered grace for the noon meal.


Carolyn Deacy called the class back to order with 34b. Leaders: Pat Keating 455; Jon Rand 378t; Jenny Jensen 120; Jon Giles 162; Paul Lindholm 497; Henry Schuman 318; Carter Clary 515; Greg Freemon 542; Betty Herman 500; Chris Thorman 513; Steven O’Leary 70b; Karen Huss 236; Ron Huss 157; Laura Boyd Russell 77t; Marilyn Murata 218; Steve Lazicki 72b; Duncan MacLeod 208; Dan Voznick 34b.


The class was reassembled by Natalia Cecire leading 36b. Leaders: Rick Russell 200; Laurie Fox 81t; Kathryn Knecht 35; Wendy Wahn, Vicki Torres, and Laurie Jackson 498; Maria Knecht 64; Alex Knecht 126; Charles Knecht 481; Aaron Kahn 209; Margie Neal 61; Anne Heider 362; Steve Warner 84; Tom Ostwald 504; Richard DeLong 123b (for Kelly Beard); Ted Mercer 353; Jeff Gauthier 384.

Chairman Beth Webb closed the Saturday singing with 276.

Sunday, January 16

Beth Webb called the class to order leading 49t. Chaplain Jim Friedrich offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Beth Webb 300; Jon Rand 404; Duncan MacLeod 168; Pat Keating 506; Ron Huss 556; Dan Voznick 146; Ted Mercer 50t; Betty Herman 142; Bruce Hayes 82t; Larry Arnstein 273; Richard DeLong 385b; Jim Friedrich 114; Norman Gholson 28b; Darlene Dalton 309; Juanita Heyerman 82b; Rick Russell 99.


Carla Smith led 36b to bring the class back to order. Leaders: Marilyn Murata 538; Betty Marvin 154; Midge Harder 401; Margie Neal 354b; Greg Freemon 286; Steven O’Leary 260; Carroll Lunsford 390; Carolyn Deacy 456.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Laura Boyd Russell who spoke about the Sacred Harp tradition, read the list of people who had died in the last year, and then led 122. The deceased remembered were: G.L. Hinton and Ronnie Meadows—Alabama; Anne Friend, Andrea Tilly, Paul Lopez, Johnathin Craig, Jeff Robinson, Max Borisoff, and Jesse Marr—California; Billie Warschauer—Florida; Sheldon M. Kahn—Illinois; Kevin Riedel—New Mexico; Allen Fannin—New York; Ernie Goertzen, Luke Scully, and Mel Thompson—Oregon; Noel Gray—Washington.

Henry Schuman spoke about the sick and shut-ins, and led 340 in their honor. Those remembered included Earl Bradshaw, Imogene Bradshaw, Amanda Denson-Brady, and Thomas Denson Hinton—Alabama; Grace Baldridge, Marion Black, Mark Miller, Anitra Kaye, Sophy McIntyre, Lauchlan McIntyre, and Margaret Altamirando—California; Pauline Childers—Michigan; Norma Ruptier—New Mexico; Sharon Nygren—North Carolina; Jack Accetta—Pennsylvania; Ophelia Matthews and Kelly Beard—Texas. Jim Friedrich closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Leaders: Carla Smith 70t.


Jessica Beer led 335 to call the class back to order for the afternoon session. Leaders: Chris Thorman 68b; Janet Herman 433; Daniel Davis 333; Dan Jensen 380; Jill Accetta 460; John Giles 172; Mary Mac 155; Marsha Tucker 203; Carter Cleary 313b; Jenny Jensen 532; Claire Singleton 40; Jerry Schreiber 254; Jessica Beer 430; Natalia Cecire 182; Susan Fetcho 547; Paul Lindholm 117; Jen Dolan 290; Shelby Sampson 30b.


Jerry Schreiber recalled the class with 30t. Leaders: John Marr 400; Michael Heyerman 245; David Fetcho 163b; Henry Schuman 426b; Mike Hinton 341; Mimi Wright 72b; Karen Stingle 76b; Natalie Hall 383; Susanna Ball 178; Karen Huss 454; Jeff Gauthier 269; Steve Lazicki 277; Jane Campbell 474.

The Treasurer and Secretary made their reports. The Resolutions Committee thanked all who had made the singing possible.

Philip Gerrie and Henry Schuman led 282 as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Beth Webb; Vice Chairman—Carolyn Deacy; Secretary—Juanita Heyerman.