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United Kingdom Sacred Harp Convention

Letchworth Free Church, Letchworth Garden City, United Kingdom

September 11-12, 2004

Saturday, September 11

The ninth United Kingdom Sacred Harp Convention was called to order at 10:30 a.m. by Chairman Ken Baddley, who extended a warm welcome to everyone. Ken Baddley, Edwin Macadam, and Sheila Girling Macadam led 34b. Alan Weeks offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Ken Baddley 490; Helen Brown 39t; Alan Weeks 479; Steve Fletcher 48t; Judy Whiting 68b; Tony Singleton 496; Ruth Steggles 159; Emily Verrier and her father, Mick Verrier 146; Sophie McDougall 276; Chris Thorman 475; Hannah Cooper 86; Carmel Wood 47b; Dave Townsend 454; Isabelle Walker and Corrie Farquhar 299; Claire Simon 40; Dennis O’Brien 480; Mandy Townsend 203; Claire Singleton 270; Chris Brown 127; Lyra O’Brien 538; Mick Verrier 163t; Phil Tyler 278b; Charlotte Ehrman 66; Adrian Bolge 370.


Helen Brown called the class back to order leading 47t. Leaders: Ian Ferguson 457; Paul Setford 319; Cath Tyler 189; Arwen Lockley 448t; Bernard Collard 362; Sheila Girling Macadam 142; Edwin Macadam 280; Tony Singleton 312b; Alan Weeks 344; Chris Thorman 229; Steve Fletcher 196; Judy Whiting 212; Sophie McDougall 300; Carmel Wood 163b; Isabelle Walker 474; Dave Townsend 112; Dennis O’Brien 287; Phil Tyler 440. Bernard Collard offered the blessing on the noon meal.


Mandy Townsend called the class to order for the afternoon session leading 84. Leaders: Claire Singleton 155; Margaret Gillanders 228; Lyra O’Brien 426b; Mick Verrier 107; Ros Clements 183; Ruth Steggles 447; Chris Brown 38b; Charlotte Ehrman 504; Hannah Cooper 198; Bernard Collard 501; Claire Simon 551; Paul Setford 37b; Cath Tyler 556; Ken Baddley 27; Steve Fletcher 318; Dave Townsend 49b; Isabelle Walker 515; Chris Thorman 350; Sophie McDougall 268; Edwin Macadam 236; Carmel Wood 178; Helen Brown 546; Adrian Bolge 34b.


The class was called back to order by Tony Singleton leading 277. Leaders: Dennis O’Brien 304; Val Wallace and Helen Brown 38t; Sheila Girling Macadam 186; Corrin Bramley 117; Alan Weeks 473; Judy Whiting 72b; Chris Thorman 271t; Margaret Gillanders 99; Claire Simon 106; Chris Brown 267; Ros Clements 340; Charlotte Ehrman 147t; Mandy Townsend 33b; Paul Setford 273; Lyra O’Brien 162; Hannah Cooper 30t; Phil Tyler 534; Claire Singleton 124; Ruth Steggles 143. Ken Baddley led 347 as the closing song. Ros Clements offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Sunday, September 12

The Sunday session was called to order by Chairman Ken Baddley leading 34b. Ruth Steggles offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Bernard Collard 217; Margaret Gillanders 171; Mick Verrier 201; Rachel Jordan 501; Dave Richardson 75; Cath Tyler 59; Mandy Townsend 148; Helen Brown 430; Chris Brown 128; Ros Clements 77b; Ian Ferguson 324; Judy Whiting and Sophie McDougall 503; Carmel Wood 268; Dennis O’Brien 73t; Hannah Cooper 302; Charlotte Ehrman 569b; Alan Weeks 84; Isabelle Walker 47b; Lyra O’Brien 371; Sheila Girling Macadam 288.


The class was called back to order by Steve Fletcher leading 36b. Leaders: Ruth Steggles 441; Phil Tyler 495; Arwen Lockley 335; Dave Townsend 220; Claire Singleton 209; Edwin Barton and Jean Barton 547; Clare Simon and Dennis O’Brien 195; Paul Setford 410t; Emily Verrier (age, 6) 146; Adrian Bolge 156; Tony Singleton 300; Bernard Collard 63; Margaret Gillanders 142; Ros Clements 180; Cath Tyler 65; Mick Verrier 49b; Judy Whiting 33b.

Ken Baddley conducted the memorial lesson for the deceased, and led 49b in their memory. He talked about singing friends, acquaintances, and the victims of terrorist around the world, including: the 9-11-1 attack on the World Trade Center in New York; decades of killing in Ireland; victims in Sudan; and Russian schoolchildren. He then read short passages from Apocrypha to give emphasis in remembering the: famous, rulers, instructors, everyday common folks and their descendants, the brave, and the honorable. The deceased remembered were: Ron Hamlin, Margaret McLeod, Dennis Brown, George Sadler, Mary Finch, Jack Leonard, Gladys Reynolds, Anna Maria Wheeler, Win Tyler, John Claxton, Wayne Cussen, John Davidson, Derek Lamprell, Sheila Lamprell, Yvonne Earle, and John Mason—United Kingdom; Father Mychal Judge, Cheryl Doehler, and Doris Morganson—United States of America; Schoolchildren, Beslan, Russia; and the victims of Darfur, Sudan.

Rob Mahoney conducted the sick and housebound lesson, and led 474 in their honor. Those remembered were: Jane Weedon, Jim Singleton, Joan Stocks, Barbara Meddoms, Hazel Walker, Mary Kellaway, Stan Whiting, Mike Whiting, Donna Lock, Tracy Jameson, Mark Jones, Betty Paton, James Oss and Mary (wife and loving caregiver); Ian West’s mother-in-law (and for Ian and Gill).

Alan Weeks gave the celebration lesson, rejoicing in the news of Cameron, a grandson; Steve’s new job; Joanne Hoover’s 70th birthday; Sophie and Stuart McDougall’s 10th wedding anniversary; a good harvest; Hannah’s 2:2 degree, new job, and leading 350. The memorial and celebrations were concluded.

Rachel Jordan led 269.


Ken Baddley called the afternoon session to order leading 135. Leaders: Sophie McDougall 40; Mandy Townsend 318; Anna Stadward and John Baldini 86; Helen Brown 436; Dennis O’Brien 353; Hannah Cooper 454; Charlotte Ehrman 448b; Isabelle Walker 299; Dave Townsend 504; Lyra O’Brien 214; Sheila Girling Macadam 365; Phil Tyler 29b; Steve Fletcher “New Invention” (by Mick Verrier); Ruth Steggles 163b; Claire Singleton 344; Chris Brown 282; Claire Simon 122; Edwin Macadam 189.


Cath Tyler called the class back to order leading 107. Leaders: Paul Setford 452; Carmel Wood 159; Mick Verrier Firm “Hope” (by Tony Singleton); Charlotte Ehrman 523; Dave Townsend “Walpole”; Claire Simon 28b; Tony Singleton “New England” (by Mick Verrier); Lyra O’Brien 94; Claire Singleton 385b; Dennis O’Brien 339; Rachel Jordan 155.

Ken Baddley led 62 as the closing song. Alan Weeks offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Ken Baddley; Treasurer—Ted Brown; Arranging Committee—Steve Fletcher; Secretary—Margaret Gillanders.