Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Clear Creek Convention West

Pleasant Hill Church (Johnson School House),
Fayette County, Alabama

Sunday, September 5, 2004

The Clear Creek Convention West Sacred Harp singing was held at Pleasant Hill Church (Johnson School House) on the first Sunday in September. The class was called to order by Max Berueffy leading 32t. Danny Creel offered the morning prayer. Max Berueffy led 36b.

The class was organized and voted to retain the following officers: Chairman—Max Berueffy; Vice Chairman—Travis Keeton; Arranging Committee—Elene Stovall; Secretary—Josie Hyde.

Leaders: Travis Keeton 129, 348b; Elene Stovall 216, 316 (in memory of D.M. Aldridge and Marie Aldridge); John Hyde 63, 544; Gary Smith 31t, 565; Ivalene Donaldson 56t; Kermit Adams 43; S.T. Reed 379, 337; Stephen Metcalf-Conte 133, 56b; Wilton Donaldson 229, 47b; Willodean Barton 82 (t? b?), 498; Flarce Creel 546.


Max Berueffy brought the class back to order with 147t. Leaders: Tim Cook 175, 374; Carla Morris 145t, 145b; Johnny Humber 59, 426b; Beth O’Dell 222, 186; Bud Oliver 73t (for Edith Tate), 29t; Amanda Denson 224, 272; Earl Ballinger 171, 177; Josie Hyde 470, 477; Velton Chaffin 564,136; Marlin Beasley 318, 408; Margaret Keeton 543; Richard Mauldin 84, 540.

Robin Oliver and Chris Prichard, reporters from “The Birmingham Post Herald,” were present to cover the day of singing and led 282 with Max Berueffy.


The afternoon session was brought to order by Max Berueffy leading 382. Leaders: Debra Wakefield 432, 187; Gravis Ballinger 142, 78; Lisa Geist 273, 532; Danny Creel 383, 384; Amber Davis, Hannah Tate, and Emily O’Dell 30t, 354b; Harrison Creel 530, 342; Larry Ballinger 91, 300; Charles Franklin 496, 445; Ken Tate 389, 503 (for Edith Tate); Larry Harris 45t; Fred Killingsworth 457, 475; Steve Adams 401,153; Stephen Metcalf-Conte 358 (by request); Max Berueffy 551 (by request).

Since the convention is a moveable convention, Elene Stovall asked if anyone would like to host it for next year. There was no request, so Willa Rush asked that it be held here again in 2005.

We would also like to thank Willa Rush for donating the cost of the minutes.

Max Berueffy, Elene Stovall, and Travis Keeton led 46 as the closing song. Marlin Beasley offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Max Berueffy; Vice Chairman—Travis Keeton; Secretary—Josie Hyde.