Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Ohio State Convention

Golden Gate Park, Brookville, Ohio

February 14-15, 2004

Saturday, February 14

The twelfth annual Ohio State Convention was held at the Golden Gate Park in Brookville, Ohio, on the third Sunday and Saturday before in February. The class was called to order by Chair Laura Russell leading 72b. Elder Jim Herr offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Laura Russell 38t; Regina Bayer 114; Fred Todt 106; Julie Lee 155; Gary Gronau 278t.

A business session was held with the following officers elected or appointed to serve: Chair—Regina Bayer; Vice Chair—Debbie Hall; Secretary—Henry Schuman; Arranging Committee/Chaplain—Elder Jim Herr; Finance Committee—Vic Whisman; Memorial Committee—Louis Hughes and Steve Duff; Locating Committee—John Beale.

Leaders: Joan Aldridge 228; Riley Lee 300; Eloise Clark 272; Jubal Bayer 277; Hans Bayer 496; Karen Arnett 485; Michael Darby 48t; Linda Coppock 38t; Louis Hughes 135; Leland delRe 505; John Bealle 543.


Henry Schuman brought the class to order leading 32t. Leaders: Shawn Fenton 146; Judy Hauff 200; Joseph Pimentel 217; Jo Schultz 86; Dave Ressler 203; Melanie Hauff 421; Cleve Callison 276; Judith McDowell 87; Bob Meek 384; Stephanie Hysmith 74b; William Shetter 34b; Laura Weber 535; Steve Duff 569b.


Regina Bayer called the class to order leading 59. Leaders: Beth Todd 179; Tim Binkley 335; Bobbie Goodell 501; Jim Coppock 377; Ann Holzer 178; Rich Overturf 209; Loraine Cathala 91; Beth Huener 547; Debbie Hall 348t; Kelly Macklin 545; Laura Russell 142; Kay Huener 556.


Debbie Hall called the class to order leading 47t. Leaders: Michele Cull 344; Emily Hatch and John Bealle 45t; David Rust 327; Mary Chris Harrison 191; Joyce Brown 495; David Barford 56 (t? b?); Janet Conrad 323b; Regina Bayer and Vic Whisman 388; John Bayer 313b; Michele Rea Biery 122; Joe Todd 375; Jeanette Lowry 475; Emmy Barford 497; Loraine Bayer with her mother (Etta Mae Garber), and Nancy Huerta 61; Louis Hughes 569t; Claire Outten 271t; Joan Aldridge 189; Regina Bayer, Leland delRe, and Emmy Barford 410t.


Leland delRe called the class to order leading 71. Leaders: Eric Conrad 268; Clara Herr 515; Mark Risinger 148; Anna Marie Bullock, Steve Edgecomb, and Lynette Edgecomb 49b; Jim Herr 383; Sylvia Thomas 65; Henry Schuman 528; Julie Lee 82 (t? b?); Judy Hauff 83t; Riley Lee 40; Bobbie Goodell 299; Dave Ressler 216; Melanie Hauff 542; Gary Gronau 411; Jo Schultz 350; Bob Meek 490; Jeanette Lowry 168; David Rust 195; Kelly Macklin 215; William Shetter 169; Michelle Cull 236; David Barford 224; Jeff Fyffe 225t; Vic Whisman 117.

Chair Regina Bayer led 347 as the closing song. Elder Jim Herr dismissed the class with prayer.

Sunday, February 15

The Sunday session was called to order by Chair Regina Bayer leading 274t. Elder Jim Herr offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Regina Bayer 181; Debbie Hall 66; Gary Gronau 171; Joan Aldridge 454; Karen Arnett 455; Bob Meek 268; Julie Lee 34b; Jim Herr 324; Linda Coppock 474; David Barford 532; Michelle Cull 53; Louis Hughes 76b; Jo Schultz 361; William Shetter 198; Judy Hauff 536; Jeff Fyffe 47b; Melanie Hauff 212.


Henry Schuman brought the class to order leading 317. Leaders: Eloise Clark 372; Greg Howard 569b; Leland delRe 468; Dave Ressler 67; Clara Herr 479; Shawn Fenton 163b; Henry Schuman 318 (for Pauline Childers); Jeanette Lowry 411; Joe Todd 183; Loraine Bayer 29t; Riley Lee 43; Hans Bayer and Jubal Bayer 159; Liz Meitzler 282; David Rust 270; Bobbie Goodell 496; Kelly Macklin 540; Mary Chris Harrison 332.

Louis Hughes and Steve Duff conducted the memorial lesson. Steve Duff spoke about those that are sick and shut-ins, and led 566 in their honor. Those remembered were: Julie Vea—Wisconsin; Neal Smith—Ohio; Jerry Schreiber—California; Rebecca Hollingsworth—Georgia; Karl Everts—New York; Kelly Beard—Texas.

Louis Hughes talked about those who have passed away, and led 348 (t? b?) in their memory. The names of the deceased remembered were: Pat Virostko, Dan Hendrickson, Ray Pesek, India Scott, and Herbert Howard—Ohio; Ruth Brown, Lamar Smith, Harvey Austin, and Lavaughn Ballinger—Alabama; Ruth Mary Marion—Missouri; Bill Everts and Jack Everts—New York; Crofford Macklin—Florida; Cecilia Hauff—South Dakota. The memorial was closed with prayer.

Leaders: Emmie Barford 186; Alexander Knecht 100; Kathryn Knecht 87. Elder Jim Herr offered the blessing for the noon meal.


Debbie Hall called the class to order leading 317. Leaders: John Bayer 300; Beth Todd 436; Mark Risinger 148; Fred Todt 480; Laura Russell 504; Jim Coppock 273; Joyce Brown 551; Rich Overturf 489; Michael Darby 133; Julie Lee 143; Regina Bayer and Vic Whisman 56b; Vic Whisman 313b; Anna Marie Bullock 117.


Regina Bayer called the class to order leading 225t. Leaders: Charles Knecht 312b; Henry Schuman and De De Heeter 457; Bobbie Goodell and Joan Frankel 284; John Bealle 434; Louis Hughes 448t; Lisa Taylor and Liz Meitzler 245; Judy Hauff 269; Regina Bayer, Leland delRe, Emmie Barford, and Mary Chris Harrison 348t; Riley Lee 388; Kelly Macklin 69t; Gary Gronau, Jeanette Lowry, and Dave Ressler 565; Melanie Hauff 485.

A business session was held, and committee reports were given.

The Locating Committee stated that the 2005 Ohio State Convention will be held in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The Finance Committee reported that all expenses had been met to cover the cost of the convention.

The Secretary reported that many songs were led by singers from nine states and one province of Canada.

The Resolutions Committee thanked all concerned with making this convention a great success. End of business session.

Announcements were made. Chair Regina Bayer and Vice Chair Debbie Hall led 62 as the closing song. Elder Jim Herr dismissed the class with prayer.

Chair—Regina Bayer; Vice Chair—Debbie Hall; Secretary—Henry Schuman.