Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Quebec Shape Note Convention

Milby and Way’s Mills, Quebec

July 18-19, 2003

Friday, July 18

The Friday session of the eighth annual Quebec Convention was held at the Old School House in Milby, Quebec. The class was called to order by Cheryl Stroud leading 47t, followed by an opening prayer.

Leaders: Guy Bankes 350; George Pomfret 84; Adrienne Stevenson 480; Paul Gauthier 52t; Janet Ross 50t; Jackie Hall 410t; Scott Luscombe 189; Dan Hertzler 82t; Ian Smiley 330b; Cathy Brochet 503; John Brunskill 551; Victoria Bolles 496; Bobbie Goodell 209; Phil Dutton 198; Guy Bankes 351; George Pomfret 282; Cheryl Stroud 255 (?).


The class resumed singing with Cheryl Stroud leading 146. Leaders: Cathy Brochet 86; Adrienne Stevenson 335; Paul Gauthier 228; Janet Ross 178; Jackie Hall 528; Scott Luscombe 481; Dan Hertzler 384; Ian Smiley 180; Cathy Brochet 452; Victoria Bolles 299; Bobbie Goodell 485; Phil Dutton 163b; Guy Bankes 352; Cheryl Stroud 183.

Announcements were made, and David Dutton led the closing prayer.

Saturday, July 19

The Saturday session was held in the Way’s Mills Community Centre. The class was brought to order by Dan Hertzler leading 33b. David Dutton offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Scott Luscombe “Palatine”; Ian Smiley 65; David Baril 569b; Guy Bankes 569t; Phil Dutton 504; Victoria Bolles 277; Janet Ross 547; Jackie Hall 217; Bobbie Goodell 358; George Pomfret 171; L.H. Spencer 260; Adrienne Stevenson 99; Paul Gauthier 30b; Pleasance Crawford 122; Cathy Brochet 49b; Ame Johnston 445; Bruce Kokerno 209; Jackie Hall 40.


Cheryl Stroud called the class to order leading 312b. Leaders: Mary Neville 48t; Wendy Gilchrist 565; Rick Johnston 530; Corrone Bryant 34b; Dan Hertzler 440; Scott Luscombe 306; Christopher Wesolowski 143.

Cheryl Stroud conducted the memorial lesson. She read the list of the sick and shut-ins, and then led 68b in their honor. This list included Annie Molnar, Maeann Stevens, Cecil Colbert, John Sheldon, and Merton Pomfret.

The list of the deceased was read, and 47b was sung in their memory. The deceased remembered were: Janet Keller, Ken Madokoro, Robert “Max” Higgins, Elizabeth Edds, Leonard R. Spencer, Mark Khouri, David McLaughlan, Laurie Doyle, Bettle Masset, Judy Wagner, Ginger Tootill, William Tootill, Ira Hescock, Edgar Byrd, Valera Byrd, Isabelle Pugh, Robert Taylor, George Pugh, David Luscombe, Virginia Grandidge, and Thomas Hayes. The memorial was concluded.

Leaders: Phil Dutton 155; Ian Smiley 291; David Baril 101t. Cheryl Stroud then led 180 as grace before lunch.


The class was called to order for the afternoon session by Cheryl Stroud leading 117 and 299. Leaders: Guy Bankes 486; Victoria Bolles 203; Janet Ross 567; Jackie Hall 194 (?); Sue Hill “Sweet Peace”; Bobbie Goodell 151; George Pomfret 479; Phil Dutton 450; L.H. Spencer 320; Adrienne Stevenson 344; Paul Gauthier 542; Mary Neville 163b; Pleasance Crawford 523; Cathy Brochet 535; Ame Johnston 274 (t? b?); Bruce Kokerno 183; Virginia Neville 31t; Rick Johnston 275 (t? b?); Corrine Bryant 74b; Dan Hertzler 31b; Scott Luscombe 39 (t? b?); Christopher Wesolowski 33 (t? b?); Ian Smiley 169; David Baril 47t; Guy Bankes “Jubilant”.


The class was brought to order by Cheryl Stroud leading 107. It was reported that there were participants from two Canadian provinces, Ontario and Quebec, and that six states were represented including Vermont, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, and Maine. There were 50 (t? b?) registered participants and 26 leaders.

Announcements were made regarding upcoming conventions and regular singings, and committee members were thanked.

Next year’s convention will be held on July 16th and 17th.

Leaders: Ingrid an de Buda 313 (t? b?); Susan Miller-Coulter 410t; Virginia Bolles 474; Janet Ross 268; Bobbie Goodell 426b; George Pomfret 347; Phil Dutton “Chamberlain Hill”; L.H. Spencer 218; Adrienne Stevenson 76 (t? b?); Paul Gauthier 428; Pleasance Crawford 38t; Cathy Brochet 147 (t? b?); Bruce Kokerno 455; David Baril 66; Wendy Gilchrist 501; Ian Smiley 54.

Cheryl Stroud closed the convention leading 198, followed by prayer and “Parting Hand.”

Chairpersons—Chuck Neville and Cheryl Stroud; Secretaries—Phil Dutton and Cheryl Stroud.