Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Alabama State Convention

Mount Pleasant Home Primitive Baptist Church,
Birmingham, Alabama

November 23-24, 2002

Saturday, November 23

The one hundred-third session of the Alabama State Sacred Harp Convention met at Mount Pleasant Home Primitive Baptist Church on the fourth Sunday and Saturday before in November. Jeff Sheppard called the class to order at 9:00 a.m. leading song on page 59. Louis Hughes, Sr. offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Jeff Sheppard 75; David Ivey 205; Linda Thomas and Elene Stovall 32t; Bud Oliver 39b; Rodney Ivey 107; Henry Johnson 493; Buell Cobb 33b; Dennis George 53; Azilee Adams 337; Jewel Wootten 340; Willie Mae Moon 503; Louis Hughes, Jr. 347; Matt Wells 216; Allison Ivey 217; David Yeager 148; John Plunkett 398; Corene White 171.


Shelbie Sheppard brought the class to order leading song on page 142. Leaders: Cassie Franklin 276; Danny Creel 480; Daphene Causey 223; Joan Aldridge 222; Karen Isbell 348b; Hershell King 426t; Mary Lambert Smith 383; Thomas Willard 422; Leon Ballinger 460; Elder J.L. Hopper 461; Daryl Chesney 569b; Velton Chafin 78; Lou Cotney 218; Travis Keeton 388; Karen Freund 442; Butch White 77t; Judy Caudle 344; Eugene Forbes 426b; Mattie Townsel 317; Nancy Yeager 77b.


Larry Ballinger brought the class to order leading song on page 224. Leaders: Louis Hughes, Sr. 151; S.T. Reed 545; Uel Freeman 65; Henry Guthery 532; Bobby Watkins 45t; J.C. Rutledge 490; Sandie Scott 176t; Andy Anderson 178; David Carlton 547; Bill Hogan and Larry Hogan 168; Marilyn Burchett 29t; Joe Nall 430; Virginia Douglas 49b; Charlene Wallace 177; John Etheridge 73t.


David Ivey and Jeff Sheppard brought the afternoon session to order leading song on page 129, followed by Jackie Tanner leading song on page 172.

A business session was held for the purpose of electing officers with the following elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—David Ivey; Vice Chairman—Henry Johnson; Secretaries—Linda Thomas and Elene Stovall; Arranging Committee—Bud Oliver, Max Berueffy, and Cassie Franklin; Memorial Committee—Tom Mitchell, Judy Caudle, and Becky Browne; Resolutions Committee—Samuel Sommers, Karen Freund, and John Plunkett; Finance Committee—Rodney Ivey and Travis Keeton; Chaplain—Louis Hughes, Sr.

Leaders: LaRue Allen 302; Reba Dell Windom 208; Richard DeLong 411; Karen Ivey 273; Teenie Moody and Judith Green 384; Samuel Sommers 386; Becky Browne 304; Wanda Capps and Cindy Tanner 269; Jeannette DePoy 316; Lela Crowder 215; Jerry Enright 458; Floy Wilder 336; Ted Mercer 419; Susan Harcrow 436; Gary Gronau 192; Dennis Corcoran and Maire Corcoran 377; Keith Willard 100; Nate Green and Norma Green 71; Betty Wright 84; Andrew Snyder 454; Jenny Willard 530; Ronnie Farris 282; Edith Tate 35; Carol Crawford 495; John Redman 263; Wanda Capps and Sharon DuPriest 212; Herby Bailey 34b.

After announcements were made, David Ivey led song on page 56t as the closing song. Todd Mitchell dismissed the class with prayer.

The annual meeting of the Sacred Harp Musical Heritage Association (SHMHA) was held immediately following the Saturday session at the Mount Pleasant Home Primitive Baptist Church with approximately 35 attendees.

The SHMHA is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation whose purpose is the preservation and perpetuation of Sacred Harp singing and its traditions.

President Jeff Sheppard announced plans for SHMHA to hold its first service project in 2003, a summer camp for the purpose of teaching and practicing traditional Sacred Harp singing. Camp Fasola, the first of its kind in the South, will be open to children and adults. Opportunities for discussion resulted in several positive inputs on the subject of the camp.

Secretary David Ivey reported on the status of the preparation of the “2002-2003 Directory and Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings,” and recognized Editor Shelbie Sheppard for her continuing dedication and hard work in the publication of this very valuable resource for Sacred Harp singers. Shelbie thanked the attendees for their support and help in submitting minutes and singing announcements and then made several suggestions for secretaries of conventions and singings. The attendees authorized the Editor to make changes on submitted minutes as necessary to conform with the standard of the publication. These suggestions included requests for timely submittal of minutes (within the month of the singing) and brevity of committee reports. David Ivey then presented the annual financial report and distributed copies for attendees. A list of contributors to SHMHA was provided in the financial report, and the thanks of SHMHA was extended to these contributors. The meeting was dismissed with prayer by Samuel Sommers.

Sunday, November 24

The Sunday morning session began at 9:00 a.m. with Chairman David Ivey leading song on page 144. Chaplain Louis Hughes, Sr. offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: David Ivey 298; Henry Johnson 544; Elene Stovall 273; Linda Thomas 420 (for Jap and Joyce Walton and in memory of Linda Walton); Bud Oliver 42; Becky Browne 36b; Judy Caudle 76b; Samuel Sommers 112; John Plunkett 412; Karen Freund 56b; Louis Hughes, Sr. 448t; Rodney Ivey 83t; Max Berueffy 392; B.J. Harris 503; Terry Hullett 129; Gib Amason and Vernelle Amason 143; Evelyn Harris 159; Shirley Berrey 480; David Light 110.


Cassie Franklin brought the class to order leading song on page 300. Leaders: Richard Mauldin 146; Chris Green 322; Ashley Keeton 504; Ruth Wyers 490; Ted Mercer 353; Paul Figura 122; Herby Bailey 569b; Lori Hinesley 496; Buell Cobb 467; Jeannette DePoy 394; Anne Chalker 49b; Richard DeLong 320; Glenn Keeton 178; Charlene Wallace 455.


Rodney Ivey brought the class to order leading song on page 81t. Leaders: Linton Ballinger 142; Bill Hogan 201; Thomas Willard 106; Milton Oliver 321; Stuart Ivey 189; John Redman 530; Hubert Nall 460; Mary Lambert Smith 171; Ron Farris 145b.

Tom Mitchell, Judy Caudle, and Becky Browne conducted the memorial lesson and led song on page 499 for the deceased and song on page 270 for the sick and shut-ins.

The deceased remembered were: Lawrence Underwood, Lula Underwood, George Glass, Paul Frederick, Polly Moore, Lydia Phillips Baswell, Annie Brothers, Flora Skinner, Elder Warren Meadows, John Lacy, Bobby Lacy, Edis Guthrie, Ethel McGough, Elder Charles V. Estes, Herschel Coffey, George Cox, and Charles D. Farris—Alabama; Revy Williamson, Cindy Cole, Kenneth DeLong, Linda Walton, and Virginia Redman—Georgia; John Bailey—Illinois; Martin Hoover—Indiana; Frank Sills—Tennessee.

The sick and shut-ins remembered were: Mozelle Sheppard, Joyce Walton, Jap Walton, Eldora Moody, Clark Phillips, B.E. and Ophelia Matthews, Cliffie Windom, Elvin Guthrie, Emily Boswell, John Hocutt, Zelma Dell Harcrow, Virginia Bloom, Ray Bloom, Cecile Cox, Leola Smith, Bill Green, Beufa Green, Lavaughn Ballinger, and Kelly Beard.

B.J. Harris closed the memorial with prayer.

Leaders: Syble Adams 430; Ila Harper Ingle 436; Daphene Causey 306; Norma Green and Nate Green 161 (dedicated to B.E. Matthews).


David Ivey brought the afternoon session to order leading song on page 175. Leaders: Joan Aldridge 198; David Yeager 240; Jackie Tanner 318; Andy Anderson 28t; Shelbie Sheppard and Reba Dell Windom 216; LaRue Allen 192; Allison Ivey and Coy Ivey 222, 384; Jerry Enright 77t; Cassie Franklin 196; Keith Willard 99; Cindy Tanner 368; Amanda Denson 224; Leon Ballinger 299; Lela Crowder 440; Karen Ivey 84 (for Lavaughn Ballinger); Susan Harcrow 220; Louis Hughes, Jr. 138b; Jenny Willard 434; Teenie Moody 217; Andrew Snyder 86; Jeff Sheppard 492; Nancy Yeager 479 (for her mother, Kay Tierney).


Elene Stovall called the class together leading song on page 182. Leaders: Floy Wilder 187; Gary Gronau 163t; Dennis George 542; Edith Tate and Max Berueffy 532.

A business session was held for the purpose of hearing reports.

The Resolutions Committee report was made by Samuel Sommers. We, the Resolutions Committee, wish to thank all the people responsible for making this 103rd session of the Alabama State Convention such an enjoyable experience. They have worked hard and long to see that all things have been carried out smoothly and everyone’s needs are met. We have had two days of wonderful singing, fellowship, and good food, especially all of the desserts. We want to thank Mount Pleasant Home Primitive Baptist Church for the use of their facilities, and everyone who came, far and near, to enjoy this occasion. We are thankful for the efforts of the Sacred Harp Musical Heritage Association for its efforts to promote traditional Sacred Harp singing.

The Finance Committee report was given by Linda Thomas. Balance brought forward $3,030.30; collection $864.00; total forward $3,894.30. Expenditures: supplies and food $415.00; gift to the church $250.00; cleaning of the church $75.00; minutes $60.00. Total expenses $800.00. Balance after expenses $3,094.30. A motion was made, seconded, and approved to accept the report as given.

Elene Stovall reported on behalf of the Arranging Committee that 187 leaders from 11 states led during the two-day convention. All reports were approved as read, and the business session was closed.

Leaders: Marilyn Burchett 551; Matt Wells 203; Virginia Douglas 163b; Sandie Scott 393; Karen Isbell 456; Bobby Watkins 348b; Hershell King 80b; Richard Ivey 567; Tim Cook and Mako Cook 287; Eugene Forbes 155; Mattie Townsel 68b.

After announcements were made, David Ivey led song on page 62 as the class took the parting hand. Samuel Sommers offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—David Ivey; Vice Chairman—Henry Johnson; Secretaries—Linda Thomas and Elene Stovall.