Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Quebec Convention

St. George’s Church, Lennoxville, Quebec, and
Massawippi Community Centre, Massawippi, Quebec

July 12-13, 2002

Friday, July 12

The Friday session of the eighth annual Quebec Convention was held at St. George’s Church in Lennoxville, Quebec. The class was called to order by Cheryl Stroud leading song on page 47t. David Dutton offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Bill Holt 32t; Dan Hertzler 65; Margaret Bornick 276; Laura Timmerman 87; Patricia Geritz 501; Phil Dutton 147t; Roger Giroux 448 (t? b?); Ron Bornick 84; Christopher Wesolowski 143; Bobbie Goodell 64; Bob Parr 142; Chuck Neville 49 (t? b?).


The class resumed singing with Cheryl Stroud leading song on page 344. Leaders: Howard Katz 99; Cathy Brochet 163 (t? b?); Rachel Speer 328; Mary Neville 47b; Bruce Kokono 183; Wendy Gilchrist 569 (t? b?); Bill Holt 101 (t? b?); Dan Hertzler 274 (t? b?).

Announcements were made, and David Dutton offered the closing prayer. The class was dismissed.

Saturday, July 13

The Saturday session was held in the Massawippi Community Centre, Massawippi, Quebec. Cheryl Stroud brought the class to order leading song on page 146, followed by Phil Dutton leading song on page 276. Cheryl Stroud offered the opening prayer. Leaders: Bill Holt 346; Janet Ross-Snyder 547; Bruce Kokono 84; Wendy Gilchrist 565; Rachel Speer 335; Walt Colteryahn 452; Ann Whitcomb 228; Howard Katz 362; Dan Hertzler 67; Margaret Bornick 117; Cathy Brochet 66; Laura Timmerman 138b; Ingrid de Buda 569b; Patricia Geritz 268; Susanne Garmsen 31t; Cheryl Stroud 214.


Cheryl Stroud called the class to order leading song on page 106. Leaders: Dan Hertzler 171; Ian Smiley 312 (t? b?); Mary Neville 48t; Roger Giroux 313 (t? b?); Phil Dutton 410t; Christopher Wesolowski 324; Ron Bornick 277; Bobbie Goodell 229; Bill Holt 269; Janet Ross-Snyder 567; Bruce Kokono 524; Wendy Gilchrist 56b; Rachel Speer 203.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Cheryl Stroud. The list of those who have passed away was read, followed by song on page 260. The deceased included Harriett Henry, Bryce Butler, Jim Nichols, Vaughn Ward, Dean Cowles, Richard Hooke, Polly Rowe, Rose O’Ryan, Elisabeth Bollinger, Caroline Henderson Frost, Linda Smart, Janet Snyder, Lois Snyder, and Earlston Doc.

The list of those who were sick or shut-ins was read, followed by song on page 122. This list included Grey Osterud, Mary Ann Morrison, Annie Molnar, Sybil Thompson, Mary Ann Haagen, Lee Stewart, and Micki Woodbridge. The memorial was closed.

Leaders: Walt Coteryahn 82t; Ann Whitcomb 71; Howard Katz 196; Margaret Bornick 236; Mary Neville 47b; Laura Timmerman 270. Cheryl Stroud then led song on page 180 as grace before lunch.


The class was called to order by Cheryl Stroud leading song on page 107. Leaders: Phil Dutton “Lancaster”; Bob Parr 112; John Brunskill and Bill Holt 551; Ingrid de Buda 497; Cathy Brochet 86; Lynnette Combs “Millbrook”; Patricia Geritz 479; Susanne Garmsen 504; Dan Hertzler 128; Ian Smiley 351; Roger Giroux 347; Christopher Wesolowski 143; Ron Bornick 178; Bobbie Goodell 162; Bill Holt 376; Janet Ross-Snyder 38b; Rachel Speer 340; Walt Colteryahn 455; Ann Whitcomb “Harmony”; Howard Katz 54.


The class was brought to order by Cheryl Stroud leading song on page 53.

There were participants from two Canadian provinces, Ontario and Quebec, and five states: Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York, and Maine. There were 60 registered participants and 26 leaders.

After announcements were made, committee members were thanked, especially Cathy Brochet and Julia Doerfler, who organized the food.

Leaders: Joan Shelton and Rachel Speer 155; Sue Held 346 (with words of “Happy Birthday”); Chuck Neville 163 (t? b?); Ann Whitcomb 528; Laura Timmerman “Oh Turn”; John Holbrook and Dan Hertzler 319; Bill Holt 428; Phil Dutton 538; Ron Bornick 454; Bob Parr 288. Cheryl Stroud led song on page 183 as the closing song, and all who wished took the parting hand. The class was dismissed with prayer.

Chairpersons—Chuck Neville and Cheryl Stroud; Secretaries—Phil Dutton, Mary Neville, Bill Holt, Bob Parr, and Cheryl Stroud.