Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Rocky Mountain High Sacred Harp Convention

Niwot, Colorado

September 29-30, 2001

Saturday, September 29

The twelfth session of Rocky Mountain High Sacred Harp Convention was called to order by Chairman David McPherson leading song on page 59. The morning prayer was led by Daniel Davis.

Leaders: David McPherson 71; Juliette Cunico 312b; Daniel Davis 300; Kay Sirco 143; John Schaffer and Jeanne Schaffer 66 (in memory of their son who died one year ago today); Sandy Klein 128; Brent Wilson 159; Margaret Bakker 155; Toby Tenenbaum 528; Anita Landess 46; Alfred Saussotte 276; Sharon Kermiet 48t; Allan Stavely 479; Mary Lou VanLaanen 31t; Hill Grimmett 178; Jeanette Ralston and Louise Tenenbaum 267; Elaine Cullor 45t; Pam Carson 114; Daniel Davis 294; Laura Meyers 198.


Singing resumed with Toby Tenenbaum leading song on page 49t. Leaders: Susan Turpin 203, 89; Louise Tenenbaum 102, 299; John Schaffer 344, 350; Carol Selleck 99, 49b; Hill Grimmett 277, 497; Sophia Goss and Jeanette Ralston 468; David McPherson 383, 480; Anita Landess 81t, 297; Bart Dawkins and Alfred Saussotte 268; Sandy Klein 147t, 117.


The afternoon session was called together by John Schaffer leadng song on page 40. Leaders: Juliette Cunico 216, 332; Donald Klein 139, 556; Marilyn Murata 274t, 384; Deborah Johnson 504, 146; Judi Duerr 198, 107; Mary Lienn Bergstrom 424, 510; Toby Tenenbaum 38b, 84; Allan Stavely 112, 58; Pam Carson 133, 408.


Singing resumed with David McPherson leading song on page 34b. Leaders: Mary Lou VanLaanen 217, 454; Jeanette Ralston 335, 77t; Margaret Bakker 551, 338; Kay Sirco 532, 137; Alfred Saussotte 183, 232; Elaine Cullor 122, 235b; Sharon Kermiet 474; Daniel Davis 455, 273; Carol Selleck 32t, 553; Marilyn Murata 24b, 282; Judi Duerr 63.

Following announcements, the session was dismissed with prayer led by Daniel Davis.

Sunday, September 30

The Sunday session was called to order by Co-Chair Mary Lou VanLaanen leading songs on pages 49b and 180. The morning prayer was offered by Daniel Davis.

Leaders: Donald Klein 351, 426b; Deborah Johnson 277, 143; Kay Sirco 68b, 480; Brent Wilson 186, 217; Anita Landess 324, “America” (CB); Allan Stavely 66, 106; Sharon Kermiet 189, 39t; John Schaffer 291, 174; Juliette Cunico 419, 278t.


Singing resumed with Jeanette Ralston leading song on page 34b. Leaders: Margaret Bakker 457, 342; David McPherson 430, 569b; Toby Tenenbaum “Paonia”, “Jefferson” (his own compositions); Marilyn Murata 388, 76b; Daniel Davis “Placitas”, “Ojo Caliente” (his own compositions); Sandy Klein 515; Hill Grimmett 195, 236.


The afternoon session was called together by Hill Grimmett leading song on page 47t. Leaders: Jeanette Ralston 324, 567; Carol Selleck 98, 401; Kirk Dameron and Jeanette Ralston 122; Mary Ann Evans 137, 82t.

Deborah Johnson and Judi Duerr presented the memorial lesson. Judi Duerr read the names of the sick and shut-ins; led song on page 340; and read from the Bible with added and moving commentary. Those remembered: Carla Smith, Sandy Hill, and Sharman Wilson.

The names of the deceased were read: Georgina Catherine Johnson—Saskatchewan, Canada; Sally Snyder—Massachusetts; Byron Hunter (Sharman Wilson’s father)—Utah; Paul Kermiet, Marjorie Higgins, and Samuel Higgins (Ruth Dameron’s parents), Rosemary Rasmussen, Hildegard Dreisbach, Carl Mantle, and Lee Schaffer—Colorado; the son, daughter-in-law and two grandchildren of Janis Falkenberg and Bill Falkenberg killed in the airplane crash at the Pentagon on September 11th. Deborah Johnson led song on page 294. The memorial lesson was closed.

The singing resumed with the following leaders: Alfred Saussotte 208, 86; Judi Duerr 269, 323b; Elaine Cullor 312b, 348b; John Tindel 198, 127; Sandy Klein 145b, 142; Susan Turpin 475, 328.

A short business meeting was called for the purpose of hearing reports from various committees.

Leaders: Lorraine Buerger 147 (t? b?); Judi Duerr 441; Kay Sirco 551; Daniel Davis 209; Jeanette Ralston 95; Allan Stavely 64; Mary Ann Evans 38b; Hill Grimmett 250; Carol Selleck 68b; Donald Klein 540. The convention was closed by singing song on page 64 led by Sharon Kermiet, and the closing prayer was led by Daniel Davis.

The next Rocky Mountain High Convention will be the fourth Sunday in September and Saturday before, and will be held in Albuquerque, New Mexico, place to be announced at a later date.

Co-Chairs—Mary Lou VanLaanen and Sharon Kermiet; Treasurer—Alfred Saussotte; Secretaries—John Schaffer and Jeanne Schaffer.