Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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The United Sacred Harp Musical Association

Liberty Church, Henagar, Alabama

September 9-10, 1995

Saturday, September 9

The ninety-second session of the United Sacred Harp Musical Association was called to order by Jerry Enright leading song on page 278 (t? b?). The morning prayer was led by Loyd Ivey. The officers were called to lead as follows: Nora Parker 36b; Paula McGray and Virgil Phillips 34b; Lamar Smith 76b; B. M. Smith 273; Mildred McElroy 186; Bud Oliver 145t; Mae Seymour 436; Lonnie Rogers 225 (t? b?); Ted Mercer 296; Cindy Franklin 198; Don Bowen 475; Richard DeLong 434; Judy Mincey 40; Edith Tate 389. Other leaders: Clayton Ezell 480 for John Hocutt who is ill and in the hospital at this time; Alice Hochstetler 75; Gordon Wilkerson 498; Elene Stovall 454.


The convention was called back to order by Jerry Enright leading song on page 77t. A business session was held to elect the following officers: Chairman—Coy Ivey; Vice Chairman—David Ivey; Secretary—Nora Parker and Mae Seymour (Permanent). The elected officers appointed the following: Chaplain—Phil Summerlin; Arranging Committee—Shane Wootten, Margie Smith, and Virgil Phillips; Memorial Committee—Becky Browne, Ginnie Ely, and Norma Latham; Resolutions Committee—Mel Kersey, Judy Hauff, and Buell Cobb; Location Committee—Terry Wootten, Edith Tate, and Tim Reynolds; Finance Committee—Bud Oliver, Don Bowen, and Carla Smith. Leaders: Coy Ivey 48t; Laura Boyd 211; Rex Wilks 47 (t? b?); Julia Jett and Jean Seiler 242; Phil Summerlin 441; Stephen Warner 148; Pam Nunn 218; Cecil Gilliland 478; Bob Parr 224; Shellie Capps 73 (t? b?); Marcia Johnson 440; Kenneth DeLong 572; Maxine Lacy and Edward Howton 290; Mel Kersey 565; Judy Hauff 536; Tim Reynolds 203; Marie Aldridge 216.


Shane Wootten brought the class together leading song on page 171. Leaders: Woodie Walker 208; John Seaton 269; Susan Harcrow 518; Jeff Sheppard 313 (t? b?); Ginnie Ely 291; Rodney Ivey 137; Melanie Hauff 313b; Earl Ballinger 78; Shelbie Sheppard 326; Terry Wootten 320; Pauline Childers 546; Ted Johnson 411; Wanda Capps 222; Rick Russell 183; S. T. Reed 567; Becky Browne 362; M. H. Creel 512; Kat Kinkade 421.


The afternoon session resumed with David Ivey leading song on page 106. Leaders: Hershell King 460; Joan Aldridge 189; Colbie Allen 384; Lawrence Underwood and Lula Underwood 300, 170; Tony Ivey 535b; Jerry Schreiber 383; Karen Isbell 215; Michele Rae Biery 373; Velton Chafin 50b; Ann Jett 327; Cassie Franklin 485; Karen Travis 167; Charlene Wallace 191; Jenny Wootten 155; Jo Dell Albi 180; Lee Rogers 387; Fred Todt 200; Reba Windom 455; Warren Steel 260; Brad Oglesby 68b; Barbara Karol and Carla Smith 497; Lucy Heidorn 217; George Seiler 84.


Loyd Ivey reassembled the class leading song on page 89. Leaders: Pam Wilkerson 493; Tommy Creel 37b; Anne Heider 528; Leigh Barr 47 (t? b?); Allison, Richard, and Stuart Ivey 282; Grady Price “Trusting”; Syble Adams 124; Willie Mae Moon 568; Flarce Creel 284; Jewel Wootten, Freeman Wootten, and Olivia Allen 426 (t? b?), 48b; Clyde Black 288; Pallie Nix “Jesus Died For Me”; Buell Cobb 72 (t? b?). Coy Ivey led the closing song on page 63, and the class was dismissed by Phil Summerlin.

Sunday, September 10

The convention was called to order on Sunday by Coy Ivey leading song on page 82t. Prayer was led by Phil Summerlin. Coy Ivey led song on page 101t in memory of Leonard Lacy. Leaders called were: Marlon Wootten 47 (t? b?); Loyd Ivey 30 (t? b?); David Ivey 30b; Nora Parker 299; Shane Wootten 503; Liz Bryant 32b; L. L. Rogers 298; Carla Smith 228; Phil Summerlin 64; Jap Walton 420; Becky Browne 192; Willie Mae Moon 45 (t? b?); Sam Jones 49b; Wayne Wootten 183; Virgil Phillips 475; Norma Latham 418; Pauline Childers 480; James Freyder 358; Joyce Walton 67; Jim Carnes 207.


The class resumed singing with B. M. Smith leading song on page 66. Leaders: Myra Dalton 107; Shawn Carroll 28b; Linton Ballinger 186; Anne Heider 352; Brenda Carroll and Rebecca 442; Jerry Enright 29 (t? b?); Mike Dunn 424; Melanie Hauff 347; Eloise Watkins 348 (t? b?); Ginnie Ely 454; Betty Sheppard 216; Ted Johnson 278b; Marty Wootten 430; Warren Steel 74 (t? b?).


Terry Wootten reassembled the class leading song on page 448t. Leaders: Rodney Ivey 384; Lamar Smith 36b; Alice Hochstetler 37 (t? b?); George Seiler 268; Michele Rae Biery “Not Made With Hands”; Kat Kinkade 85. A memorial lesson was held at this time. Becky Browne made a talk about “Treasures in Heaven”. Norma Latham read the names of the deceased as follows: Alabama—Fay Allen, Ervin Brothers, Hugh Brandon, Lessie Cates, Forney Cobb, Helen Ivey Cordell, Aaron Creel, Freeman Harris, Jack Harcrow, Arville Hyatt, Bertha Henson, Elder Harley Hocutt, Lois Green, Ted Godsey, Henry Jackson, Winford Lacey, John Norris, Leon Price, Hoyt Renfroe, Dula Webb, Clellon Warren, and Trixie Vandiver. Georgia—Harry Dumas, Carlton Hitchcock, Talmage Harris, and Velma Kelley. Mississippi—George Boswell, Lillian Burt, and Toxey Fortinberry. Texas—Dale Redmon, Sr. Florida—Doris Shiner and George Klein. Illinois—Ann Tarsa. Kansas—Grace Moore Heider. Ohio—Minnie Clayton Oglesby. Milton Oliver led for the deceased leading song on page 569b. Ginnie Ely read the names of the sick and shut-ins: Judy Bell, Roberta Adams, Beatrice Ezell, Joe Smith, Tom Harper, John Hocutt, Agnes Hocutt, Karen Isbell, Elder Bernard Moon, Claude Moon, Mamie Creel, Lucile Tolbert, Edna McCurdy, Jerry Sheppard, and Mozelle Sheppard. Ginnie Ely then led song on page 340 for the sick. The memorial was closed with prayer by Phil Summerlin. Coy Ivey and Eloise Wootten led “Trusting”.


The afternoon session was resumed with Coy Ivey leading song on page 99. Leaders: Phillip Wootten 106; Judy Hauff 201; Cindy Franklin 146; Rick Russell 168; Linda Thomas 465; Jenny Wootten 51; Jerry Schreiber 35; Jeffery Wootten 387; Judy Mincey 410 (t? b?); Karen Ivey 532; Elene Stovall 528; Flarce Creel 475; B. J. Harris 452; Jo Dell Albi 263; Richard, Allison, and Stuart Ivey 182; Teresa, Candace, and Lindsey Bethune, Marian and Ivey Biddle, Sandy and Rachel Ivey “That Beautiful Land”; Bud Oliver 270; John Seaton 47t; Fred Todt 497; Brad Oglesby 385 (t? b?); Dewayne Wootten 283; Cassie Franklin 142. “Happy Birthday” was sung for several singers.


The class was called together by Mel Kersey leading song on page 32 (t? b?). Coy Ivey called for the business session to hear the reports of the committees. Resolutions Committee. The Resolutions Committee wishes to acknowledge thanks for: ( l ) The members of Liberty Church and this community for making these facilities available. Last year, no one called for the convention. The people here knew how to host a good singing, and knew how to get people to come; ( 2 ) The providers and preparers of food, which has been delicious and abundant beyond description; ( 3 ) Those who promoted and advertised this singing, through a variety of means of communications; ( 4 ) Those who arranged for and provided overnight accommodations; ( 5 ) The officers of this singing who so conscientiously tried to get everyone willing to lead, to have their turn in the hollow square; ( 6 ) All the singers who came from far and near. Committee: Mel Kersey, Judy Hauff, and Buell Cobb. Location Committee reported three places had asked for the convention. The 1996 session will be held at Shady Grove Church, Dutton, Alabama. Committee: Terry Wootten, Edith Tate, and Tim Reynolds. Finance Committee reported that $503.91 was collected. Paid out for minutes, $50.00; postage $25.00; paper goods—plates, cups, and napkins $46.70; food $186.00; church $100.00; balance on hand $1,286.88. End of business session. Leaders: Paula McGray 37b; Marcia Johnson 196; Barbara Karol and Carla Smith 396; Freeman Wootten, Olivia Allen, Gertha Parker, and Claudene Townson 277, 28b; Lee Barr 59; Tommy Creel, M. H. Creel, Edith Tate, and Ann Jett 225 (t? b?), 111 (t? b?); Laura Boyd 376; Jean Seiler 217; Stephen Warner 547; Jeff Sheppard, Shelbie Sheppard, and Pam Nunn 29b; Lee Rogers 220; Susan Harcrow and Sarah Harcrow 408; Syble Adams and Pam Wilkerson “We Will Sing With The Angles There”; Joan Aldridge 434. Coy Ivey, David Ivey, and Phil Summerlin led the closing song on page 62, and those who wished, took the parting hand. The Convention was then dismissed with prayer by Phil Summerlin.

Chairman—Coy Ivey; Vice Chairman—David Ivey; Secretary—Nora Parker, Mae Seymour.