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Texas State Sacred Harp Convention

Conference Center, College Station, Texas

February 24-25, 2001

Saturday, February 24

The Texas State Convention met for its ninth annual session at the Conference Center, College Station, Texas. After a welcome by Chairman John Morris at 9:45 a.m., the class was called to order with the song on page 35. Curtis Owen offered the invocation.

Leaders: Vice Chairman Sarah Coates 492; Secretary Vivian Rogan 282; Owen Ross 328; Terre Schill 379; Gaylon Powell 131t; Doris Hanks 112; Scott Curran 384; Michele Rogan 178; B.E. Matthews 480; Olivia Powell 128; Donald Ross 546; Kevin Powell 442; Mary Bachmann 43; Jeb Owen 99; Al Rogers 198; Emmie Morris 189; Leon Ballinger 195; David Moseley 186.


Chairman John Morris brought the class back together after the morning recess leading song on page 275b. Leaders: Amanda Blevins 84; Robert Vaughn 535; Edith Owen 34b; Billy Huckaby 171; Josh Rogan 163t; Liz Owen 288; Bruce Coates 276; Ophelia Matthews 569b; Zach Rogan 117; Mike Moseley 548; Beverly Coates 163b; Tom Owen 528; Cheryl Foreman 475; Curtis Owen 441; Amanda Owen 455; Gary Rogan 299; Diane Ross 551; Reed Coates 56b.


Vice Chairman Sarah Coates called the class back from lunch with song on page 159.

Chairman John Morris appointed the following committees: Nominating—Tom Owen, Donald Ross, and Gary McDonald; Memorial—Gaylon Powell, Diane Ross, and Bruce Coates.

Leaders: Albano Alban 63; Jeanette Adams 164; Mike Moseley 454; Edith Owen 490; Robert Vaughn 168; Emmie Morris 142; Reed Coates 222; Kevin Powell 383; Diane Ross 48b; Zach Rogan 280; Doris Hanks 448b; Owen Ross 212; Monnie Ross 419; Amanda Owen 344; Leon Ballinger 120; Billy Huckaby 335.


Chairman John Morris brought the class to order leading song on page 76b. Leaders: Gary Rogan 324; Al Rogers 45t; Terre Schill 406; Scott Curran 209; Beverly Coates 524; B.E. Matthews 236; Josh Rogan 224; Mary Bachmann 137; Jeb Owen 68b; Michele Rogan 196; Tom Owen 294; Cheryl Foreman 74b; Gaylon Powell 229; Liz Owen 273; David Moseley 192; Bruce Coates 147t; Donald Ross 414. Tom Owen dismissed the class with prayer.

Sunday, February 25

The Sunday session of the Texas State Sacred Harp Convention was called to order at 9:30 a.m. by Chairman John Morris leading song on page 345t. Bruce Coates offered the invocation.

Leaders: Chairman John Morris 345b; Vice Chairman Sarah Coates 318; Secretary Vivian Rogan 235b; Donald Ross 498; Cissy Moseley 142; Curtis Owen 317; Sue Fairbanks 49t; Dr. Don Barker 452b; Katie Moseley 215; Bruce Coates 313 (t? b?); Ophelia Matthews 512; Zach Rogan 274t; David Moseley 434; Beverly Coates 481; Monnie Ross 448b; Liz Owen 430; Leon Ballinger 269; Reed Coates 217; Cheryl Foreman 86.


Chairman John Morris brought the class together with song on page 282. Leaders: Scott Curran 448t; B.E. Matthews 204; Terre Schill 287; Tom Owen 474; Mary Bachmann 391; Josh Rogan 532; Diane Ross 350; Gaylon Powell 500; Amanda Owen 354t; Gary Rogan 268; Doris Hanks 36b.

The memorial lesson was held at this time. Bruce Coates read the list of those who had passed on during the past year: Alcie Craig, Mildred Edmunds, Annie Mae Smith, Lorene Hutchison, Christine Wilson Stolz, Geneva Reed, and Woodie Walker. He then read several verses from Psalms and the poetry from song on page 235, “Long Sought Home.” In their memory, Diane Ross led song on page 267.

Gaylon Powell read the list of those sick and shut-in: Verna Powell, Myrl Jones, Lawson Smith, Junior Smith, and Frances Daniels; and led song on page 75 in their honor. The memorial lesson was closed, and the class was dismissed for lunch.


John Morris led songs on pages 175 and 103 to call the afternoon session to order.

A business session was held to hear reports.

The Nominating Committee presented the following slate of officers for 2002: Chairman—Sarah Coates; Vice Chairman—Gary McDonald; Secretary—Vivian Rogan. The slate was approved.

Vivian Rogan gave the Treasurer’s report, and reported that all expenses had been paid. Tom Owen made a motion for the convention to donate $100 to Cheryl Foreman to help with the publication of the “Texas Sacred Harp Newsletter.” After a second by Gaylon Powell, the motion carried. The business was closed.

Leaders: Mike Moseley 472; Emmie Morris 542; Al Rogers 63; Edith Owen 503; Jeanette Adams 275 (t? b?); Billy Huckaby 480; Michele Rogan 110; Jeb Owen 362; Sue Fairbanks 323b; Dr. Don Barker 145 (t? b?); Cissy Moseley 34b; Monnie Ross 28b; Cheryl Foreman 300; Curtis Owen 490; Josh Rogan 183; Mary Bachmann 373; Tom Owen 207; Sarah Coates 270; Gary Rogan 460; Beverly Coates 29t; David Moseley 441; Doris Hanks 34t; Gaylon Powell 380; Scott Curran 112; Ophelia Matthews 111b; Reed Coates 306; Liz Owen 203; Kevin Powell 200; Terre Schill 284; Bruce Coates 569b; Amanda Owen 347; B.E. Matthews 340; Olivia Powell 146; Vivian Rogan 73b; Jeb Owen 176 (t? b?); Mike Moseley 220; Emmie Morris 369. John Morris and Sarah Coates led song on page 414 as the closing song. Gary Rogan closed the convention with prayer.

Chairman—Sarah Coates; Vice Chairman—Gary McDonald; Secretary—Vivian Rogan.