Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Northern Shenandoah Valley All Day Singing

Berryville, Virginia

Saturday, June 3, 2000

The seventh annual Northern Shenandoah Valley All Day Singing was held on the first Saturday in June at Grace Episcopal Church Parish Hall in Berryville, Virginia. The class was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by John delRe leading song on page 27. David Barford led the morning prayer.

Leaders: Tom Tucker 47 (t? b?); Mary Ann Daley 180; Doron Henkin 100; Dave Barford 65; Janine Smith 326; David Powers 260; Sandra Polaski 148; Clare Chapin 532; Gabriel Kastelle 29 (t? b?); Debbie Barford 112; Paula McGray 327; Evan Duncan 222; Blake Morris 216; Frank Evans 284; Guy Bankes 171; Sarah Davie 384; Adrian Mariano 183; Kelly Macklin 157.

The class was organized with the following officers elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—John delRe; Vice Chairman—Kelly Macklin; Secretary—Tom Tucker; Memorial Committee—Cathy Tucker and Debbie Barford; Chaplains—David Barford and Paula McGray; Treasurer—Frank Evans.


Leaders: John delRe 129; Cathy Tucker 106; Kathy Manning 313 (t? b?); Ted Stokes 89; Joni Seidenstein 344; John Daniel delRe 236; Stephen McMaster 441; Liz Cusick 178; Don Polaski 269; Leyland delRe 291; Gail Doss 504; Daniel Henkin 388; Hal Kunkel 204; Iris Knell 34b; Tim Slattery 273; Ella Wilcox 66; Mary DeNys 274 (t? b?); Tom Tucker 473; Dave Barford 209; Janine Smith 430; Sandra Polaski 217; Clare Chapin 130; Gabriel Kastelle 176 (t? b?); Doron Henkin 201; Debbie Barford 313b; Paula McGray 156; Evan Duncan 85; Adrian Mariano 142. Paula McGray offered the blessing on the noon meal.


The afternoon session began with David Barford leading song on page 40. Leaders: Blake Morris 501b; Guy Bankes 287; Sarah Davie 212; Jy Parotta 312b; Kathy Manning 434; Stephen McMaster 352.

A memorial lesson was held. Cathy Tucker led song on page 48t in memory of those deceased in the past year. Debbie Barford led song on page 52b for those sick or homebound. Paula McGray closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Leaders: John delRe 144; Joni Seidenstein 496; Frank Evans 145 (t? b?); Kelly Macklin 220; Liz Cusick 163b; Gail Doss 137; Don Polaski 198; David Barford 224; Paula McGray 110; Guy Bankes 297; Janine Smith 111b; Blake Morris 179.


Tim Slattery brought the class to order leading song on page 52 (t? b?). Leaders: Hal Kunkel “The Stone Forever Stands”; Geoff Hines and Liz Cusick 268 (verses added by Geoff Hines); Ted Stokes “Good Old Way”; Gabriel Kastelle “John Daniel” (his own composition); Miriam Kilmer “Millbrook” (composition by Neely Bruce); Tim Slattery “Refreshment” (by Mimi Stevens); Mary Ann Daly “Western”; Debbie Barford 304; Doron Henkin 306; Evan Duncan 84; Tom Tucker 189; Hal Kunkel 456; Stephen McMaster 282; Claire Chapin 86; Adrian Mariano 99; Mary Ann Daly 545; Sarah Davie 503; Mary DeNys 285 (t? b?); Don Polaski 454; Frank Evans 300; Miriam Kilmer 335; Kathy Manning 512.

Announcements were made of upcoming singings. After taking the parting hand, the class was dismissed with prayer by Dave Barford.

Chairman—John delRe; Vice Chairman—Kelly Macklin; Secretary—Tom Tucker.