Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

praise 126 occurrences, 96 verses, 96 songs

All nature joins to teach Thy praise

138t Adoration

And His shall be the praise.

225t Reynolds

And His sweet name I’ll praise

416 The Christian’s Nightly Song

And I’d praise God in His bright abode.

106 Ecstasy

And let His praise from ev’ry hill

538 Hampton

And let the celestial courts His praise repeat

223 Portuguese Hymn

And love, and praise, and pray.

467 Lisbon

And praise Him in that holy place.

544 Praise Him

And praise His name on high

134 The Christian’s Hope

368 Stony Point

And Praise His saving grace

560 My Home

And shout, and praise and sing

55 Sister’s Farewell

And sing God’s praise through endless days

55 Sister’s Farewell

And sing thy great Redeemer’s praise

275t Loving Kindness

424 Sweet Union

And then I want to sing His praise

389 Fredericksburg

And they love Him and praise Him forever and ever

342 The Old-Fashioned Bible

And tuned your voice to praise.

172 Harmony

And we’ll shout and praise the Lamb in glory!

343 Happy Home

And well deserves our praise.

31t Ninety-Third Psalm

Ashamed of Thee whom angels praise

32t Corinth

Away and sing Thy praise

426b Jasper

But Thine shall be the praise

33b Abbeville

Call for songs of loudest praise.

135 Olney

145t Warrenton

154 Rest For the Weary

312b Restoration

333 Family Circle

Come dear children, praise your Jesus

144 Jubilee

Come, sound His praise abroad

34b St. Thomas

169 Dartmouth

311 Silver Street

Glory, honor, praise and power

361 Loving Jesus

Hallelujah, praise the Lord!

145t Warrenton

145b Sweet Affliction

We’ve no less days to sing God’s praise

293 Akers

330t Horton

392 Manchester

462 Faith and Hope

His goodness and His praise.

301 Greenland

His praise forever we shall sing

534 New Georgia

His praise we’ll sing the earth around

534 New Georgia

I hope to praise Him after death.

170 Exhilaration

I hope to praise Him when I die

170 Exhilaration

I long to praise Him after death.

544 Praise Him

I therefore still will praise Him.

406 New Harmony

I’ll praise Him when I’m called to die

544 Praise Him

I’ll praise Him while He gives me breath

170 Exhilaration

544 Praise Him

I’ll praise Thee, Lord of all.

490 My Shepherd Guides

I’ll sing God’s praise through endless days

426b Jasper

I’ll sing my Savior’s praise the same.

487 Soldier’s Delight

In hymns of joyful praise.

568 I Want to Go to Heaven

In my Redeemer’s praise.

123b Cross of Christ

197 Georgia

330t Horton

It means Thy praise however poor

168 Cowper

Let the Creator’s praise arise

192 Schenectady

377 Eternal Praise

Let the Redeemer’s praise arise:

276 Bridgewater

Life is the time for words of praise

340 Odem

Make haste to pray and praise

411 Morning Prayer

My God, my King, Thy various praise

353 McGraw

My great Redeemer’s praise

88b Mount Zion

350 Nativity

395 New Bethel

My heart shall find delight in praise

143 Pleyel’s Hymn

My life has been to sing God’s praise

549 Phillips Farewell

My soul repeat His praise

36t America

Of His eternal praise.

411 Morning Prayer

Of praise unto our King!

530 A Glad New Song

Oh Christians, praise Him

88b Mount Zion

Oh, for a heart to praise my God

328 Praise God

422 Burdette

Oh, let Thy thought and praise arise

539 Supplication

Praise Him by whose almighty word

394 The Messiah’s Praise

Praise Him, praise Him evermore

144 Jubilee

Praise of Him who is thy God

230 Converting Grace

Praise, praise for aye.

354b Happy Land

Praise the Lord, Oh my brother!

333 Family Circle

Praise the mount — I’m fixed upon it —

135 Olney

312b Restoration

Praise the mount, Oh fix me on it

333 Family Circle

Praise ye the Lord.

311 Silver Street

375 Love the Lord

Praise ye the Lord that I’m freed from all care

339 When I Am Gone

Sang anthems of praise as I went to my prayer.

100 The Bower of Prayer

Shall live and sing His praise above

426b Jasper

Shine to your Maker’s praise.

182 Newburgh

Sing your Savior’s worthy praise.

405 The Marcellas

Sound forth Immanuel’s praise.

138b Ogletree

Sound His praise through ev’ry nation

322 Man’s Redemption

Sun, moon, and stars convey Thy praise

479 Chester

The world declares Thy praise

28t Aylesbury

Then let us praise Him

355 Anthem on the Savior

They praise th’eternal Father

101b Holy City

Those happy spirits sing His praise

196 Alabama

Thy pow’r and praise proclaim

313b Cobb

Thy praise shall be my bus’ness still

86 Poland

Thy praise shall sound from shore to shore

192 Schenectady

377 Eternal Praise

To love and bless and praise the same, Hallelujah

400 Struggle On

To my Redeemer’s praise.

205 Pleasant Hill

To praise th’eternal God

182 Newburgh

313b Cobb

To praise th’eternal Three.

134 The Christian’s Hope

To praise His name above.

109 Carnsville

To praise my Lord and Savior King.

549 Phillips Farewell

To sing God’s praise in endless day

80b Service of the Lord

176t Ragan

274t The Golden Harp

278b Traveling Pilgrim

282 I’m Going Home

To sing His praise forevermore

457 Wayfaring Stranger

To sing His praise where angels sing

549 Phillips Farewell

To sing Thy praise forevermore.

488 As We Go On

To spread Messiah’s praise

394 The Messiah’s Praise

Tune our lips to sing Thy praise.

70t Gainsville

We’ll praise the Lord in heav’n above

274b Roll Jordan

When our salvation’s Rock we praise.

49t Old Hundred

Will sing to His praise when we all reach home.

507 Sermon on the Mount

With glorified millions to praise Thee at home.

119 Heaven’s My Home

With joy and thanksgiving we’ll praise Him who loved us

116 Union