Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

away 97 occurrences, 77 verses, 84 songs

I’m a long time trav’ling away from home

288 White

And bore my sins away.

530 A Glad New Song

And drives away his fears.

68b Ortonville

And fear to launch away.

289 Greensborough

446 Infinite Day

And groaned away His dying life

214 Repentance

And pine away and die

295 Odem

And scatters night away.

65 Sweet Prospect

442 New Jordan

And send your fears away:

152 Shepherds Rejoice

306 Oxford

And shadows pass away.

283 Sabbath Morning

And smile away your tears

279 The Shepherd’s Flock

And stealing my senses away?

240 Christian Song

And then away to Jesus

85 The Morning Trumpet

129 Heavenly Armor

And washed my load of guilt away.

204 Mission

Angels rolled the rock away

415 Easter Morn

Astonished shrink away?

501 O’Leary

Away and sing Thy praise

426b Jasper

Away, my unbelieving fear

270 Confidence

Away over yonder

153 Resurrected

Away to New Jerusalem

282 I’m Going Home

By love dissolved away!

67 Columbus

Calls away, calls away!

122 All Is Well

Come, my beloved, haste away

327 Invitation

Come to that happy land, come, come away

354b Happy Land

Denominations, selfishness will vanish away.

130 Millennium

Do not turn away Thy face

74b King of Peace

Fearless I’d launch away.

128 The Promised Land

For if I stay away I know

29t Fairfield

Fright our approaching souls away

30b Prospect

He calls thee away

369 Send A Blessing

He takes away the heart of stone

478 My Rising Sun

He wipes away their sorrows

101b Holy City

Here, Lord, I give myself away

310 Weeping Savior

How sweet the hours have passed away

62 Parting Hand

I go away, and here you stay

69t Minister’s Farewell

I go away, behind to leave you

267 Parting Friends

I long to be soaring away

384 Panting For Heaven

I would fly away and be at rest

106 Ecstasy

I’d soar away above the sky

455 Soar Away

Is winning souls away:

157 Essay

Let’s drive all care away.

98 Dull Care

My days shall pass swiftly and sweetly away.

136 Morality

My thirsty spirit faints away

189 Montgomery

Oh come, come away!

334 Oh Come Away

Oh, come, trav’ler, haste away

108b The Traveler

Oh grieve Him not away!

213b Warning

Our several engagements now call us away

45b Imandra

Our tears shall all be wiped away

390 New Prospect

Right up yonder, Christians, away up yonder

282 I’m Going Home

Rise, my soul and come away.

188 Spring

Rise, my soul, and haste away

84 Amsterdam

131b Invocation

Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away.

254 Rose of Sharon

Send, send sorrow away

323b Soft Music

Shall be banished far away.

166 Still Better

Shall take my health away

216 Delight

“Sister spirit, come away.”

54 The Blessed Lamb

245 Claremont

Sweeps us away; our life’s a dream

50t Mortality

181 Exit

Sweet angels beckon me away

80b Service of the Lord

176t Ragan

274t The Golden Harp

278b Traveling Pilgrim

282 I’m Going Home

Sweetly invites you away.

323b Soft Music

Take life or friends away

146 Hallelujah

383 Eternal Day

The earth and seas are passed away

299 New Jerusalem

There is a happy land, far, far away

354b Happy Land

Thou art passing away

231 Thou Art Passing Away

Thou art passing away from the beautiful earth

231 Thou Art Passing Away

Thou art passing away from thy kindred and friends

231 Thou Art Passing Away

Thy father is passing away.

413 The Loved Ones

To melt this stubborn stone away

93 Frozen Heart

To waft my soul away

101t Canaan’s Land

Was called by death’s cold hand away.

37t Ester

Was free to make away

569b Sacred Throne

Wash all my sins away.

397 The Fountain

We are passing away

445 Passing Away

When angels beckon me away

308 Parting Friends

When I am gone and far away

414 Parting Friend

When Jesus washed my sins away

170 Exhilaration

When the poor soul is forced away

29b Tribulation

419 Melancholy Day

When they have passed away

340 Odem

Which taketh away the sins of the world.”

572 The Lamb of God