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National Sacred Harp Convention

Birmingham Square Dance Association, Friendship Hall,
Fultondale, Alabama

June 14-16, 2018

Thursday, June 14

The 39th session of the National Sacred Harp Convention was called to order by Mark Davis leading 96. The opening prayer was offered by Elder Jesse Roberts. Glenn Keeton led 475. Gaston White led 155. Buell Cobb led 52t. The class and visitors were welcomed by Jim Lowery, mayor of Fultondale.

Leaders: Jesse Roberts 200; Kathy Williams 212; Helen Brown 492; Hubert Nall 186; Randy Webber 387; Dorothea Maynard 442; Susan Cherones 349; Ted Brown 391; Marlin Beasley 318; Rebecca Over 464; Richard Mauldin 446; Judy Chambless 222 (in memory of Dr. Julietta Haynes); Henry Guthery 196; Ann Riley 542; Jack Nelson 480; Winfred Kerr 516; Mary Huffman 344.


Susan Cherones led 300 to bring the class together. Leaders: Robert Chambless 143; Bea Aaron 456; Delone Cobbs 569b; Sara Beasley 340. The convention entered into a business session. The following officers were elected: Chairmen—Mark Davis, Glenn Keeton, and Buell Cobb; Chaplain—Jesse Roberts; Secretaries—Cheryl Foreman and Kathy Williams. The following committees were appointed to serve: Finance Committee—Randy Webber, Ted Brown, and Yosef Trachtenberg; Memorial Committee—Mike Hinton and Ginnie Ely; Arranging Committee—Helen Brown and Susan Cherones; Resolutions Committee—Marlin Beasley and Dorothea Maynard.

Leaders: Deborah Taube 268; Kerry Cullinan 26; Mary Wright 35; Eileen Ferguson 36b; Daniel Lee 489; Pat Morse 203; John Plunkett 487.


The class was brought back together by Helen Brown leading 87. Leaders: Cora Sweatt 49b; Tim Gregg 92; Molly Bagley 32t; Pat Temple 373; Morgan Bunch 500; Robbie Hooper 86; Cameron Holly 565; Lucy O’Leary 217; Philip Denney 313b; Katie Kellert 339; Tiffany Hooper 58; Ben Shirley 115; Cricket Campbell 335; Ginnie Ely 454.


The afternoon session began with Glenn Keeton leading 270. Leaders: Shannon Primm 326; Mike Hinton 534; Nicholas Thompson 216; Karen Rollins 227; Eugene Forbes 218; Earl Ballinger 273; Margaret Gillanders 564; Mary Whitehurst 225t; Blake Sisemore 532; Dan Brittain 375; Lela Crowder 224; Aldo Ceresa 506; David Smead 206; Larry Ballinger 207; Mary Rose O’Leary 276; Hayden Arp 384; Warren Steel 223; Nancy Novotny 272; Jesse P. Karlsberg 396; Ted Mercer 353; Jonathon Smith 132; Lisa Bennett 193; Sue Bunch 497; Phillip Langley 430; Nathan Rees 477; Becky Briggs 426t; Jose Camacho 228.

Mark Davis and Glenn Keeton led 323t as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Elder Jesse Roberts.

Friday, June 15

Mark Davis called the class to order by leading 61. Leaders: Glenn Keeton 215; Gaston White 99; Buell Cobb 138t; Kathy Williams 151; Helen Brown 313t; Randy Webber 504; Dorothea Maynard 383; Ted Brown 73t; Marlin Beasley 63; Mike Hinton 527; Hubert Nall 535; Mary Whitehurst 319; Cora Sweatt 45t; Winfred Kerr 77b; Bea Aaron 568; Christopher Mann 566; Judy Chambless 472; Ann Riley 186; Jack Nelson 560; Sarah Beasley 129; Delone Cobbs 347.


Jack Nelson led 399b to bring the class back together. Leaders: Charles Woods 197; Beverly Dayton and Ann Blake 34t; Kerry Cullinan and Linda Booth 507; Robert Chambless 354t; Sonya Sipe and Anna Grace Sipe 32t; Steve Daniel 171; Stephen Miller 89; David Carlton 538; Jesse Roberts 304; Margaret Gillanders 187; Henry Johnson 230; Sue Bunch 547.


The class was brought back to order by Helen Brown leading 111b. Leaders: Becky Briggs 82t; Micah Roberts 29b; Cameron Holly 34b; Molly Bagley 107; Jonathon Smith 140; Pat Temple 232; Tom Booth 123t; Eileen Ferguson 112; Yosef Trachtenberg 148; Morgan Bunch 448t; Linda Thomas 176b; Nathaniel Brown 178; Mary Wright 312t; Dan Brittain 465. Elder Jesse Roberts asked a blessing before the noon meal.


The afternoon session was called to order by Glenn Keeton leading 155. Leaders: Ben Shirley 285t; Nathan Rees 306; Darlene Dalton 309; Stanley Smith 500; Mary Rose O’Leary 411; Matt Hinton 422; Sharon DuPriest 208; Alvaro Witt Duarte 542; Rebecca Over 558; Jim Carnes 436; Reba Windom 192; Aldo Ceresa 434; Bridgett Hill Kennedy 361; Jesse P. Karlsberg 522; Lucy O’Leary 77t; Warren Steel 296; Katie Kellert 282; Cricket Campbell 388; Ginnie Ely 196; Mark Davis 236; Mary Rose O’Leary, Cameron Holly, and Lucy O’Leary 421; Jack Nelson and Mark Davis 340; Lena Keeton and Glenn Keeton 475.

Mark Davis and Glenn Keeton led 570 as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Elder Jesse Roberts.

Saturday, June 16

The Saturday session of the National Sacred Harp Convention began with Mark Davis leading 90. Leaders: Glenn Keeton 64; Buell Cobb 378t; Kathy Williams 37b; Jesse Roberts 301; Helen Brown 71; Randy Webber 482; Mary Whitehurst 515; Dorothea Maynard 528; Mike Hinton 400; Ted Brown 338; Ginnie Ely 228; Gaston White 66; Marlin Beasley 137; Hubert Nall 168; Sarah Beasley 145t; Jordan Lucas 282; Sue Bunch 102; Margaret Gillanders 546; Bea Aaron 175; Stephen Miller 371.


The class was brought back to order by Nathan Rees leading 56t. Leaders: Micah Roberts 29t; Carol Richard 47b; Tiffany Hooper 159; David Carlton 368; Cricket Campbell 122; Eileen Ferguson 344; John Shoulders and Mary Shoulders 38b; Warren Steel 442; Pat Temple 33t; Helen Brown 365; Chris Parris 52t; Yosef Trachtenberg 503.


Warren Steel led 418. Leaders: Becky Briggs 177; Morgan Bunch 540; Robbie Hooper 235; Mary Wright 312b.

The memorial lesson was held at this time. Ginnie Ely spoke for the sick and homebound, and then led 340. Mike Hinton spoke for the deceased, and led 456 in memory of the following deceased: Johnnie Chafin, Glenda Hopper, Daphene Causey, Eloise Wootten, Susie Denson, Caleb Allred, Arthur Gilmore, Hilda Morrison, and Jane Mullins—Alabama; T.J. Funderburk—Arkansas; Drusilla Ann Bailey and Linda Domholt—California; Louise Holland, Ruth Ayers, Florice Akin, Dorothy Webber, Wawena Entrekin Miles, and Audrey Ruth Garner—Georgia; Ann Sleeva and Berkley Moore—Illinois; Darrell Swarens—Indiana; Steve Helwig—Oregon; Kirby Sweatt, Sr., Dan Summerlin, and Aline Summerlin—Tennessee; Edith Owen—Texas; Julie Vea—Wisconsin; Peter Golding—United Kingdom. The memorial service was closed with prayer offered by Elder Jesse Roberts.

Leaders: Nathan Rees 462; Nathaniel Brown 35; Ted Brown and Margaret Gillanders 77t.


The afternoon session began with Glenn Keeton leading 457. Leaders: Cora Sweatt 81t; Judy Mincey 234; Darlene Reynolds 145t; Phil Summerlin 131b; Beth Branscome 208; Ben Shirley 191; Glen Pontbriand and Lucas Jordan 59; Buell Cobb, Cooper Mangham, Teddy Mangham, and Isabell Mangham 128; Eileen Ferguson 84; Yosef Trachtenberg 410t; Stephen Miller 270; Sue Bunch 163b; David Carlton 440; Nathaniel Brown 479; Pat Temple 473; Robbie Hooper and Tiffany Hooper 345b; Warren Steel 157; Cricket Campbell 65; Mary Wright 495; Morgan Bunch 324; Amanda Fee 30t; Dorothea Maynard 146; Micah Roberts 441.

The convention went into a business session to hear committee reports. Buell Cobb reported that expenses for the convention had been met. The Resolutions Committee submitted the following report: We thank the officers of the 39th annual National Convention for their efforts, as well as everyone who brought food, served drinks, set up tables, and cleaned. We especially thank all who traveled near and far to sing songs of praise. We thank the BSDA Friendship Hall and the city of Fultondale; without all of you, this convention would not be possible. Respectfully submitted, Marlin Beasley and Dorothea Maynard. The Secretary reported that 115 leaders led 221 songs during the convention. There were =222 registrants from nineteen states and the United Kingdom. The breakdown of states is as follows: AL =32 (t? b?); GA =30 (t? b?); FL 12; TN 10; VA 5; MS 4; CA 4; UK 4; IL 3; KY 3; TX 2; MO 2; OK 2; OR 2; MD 2; CO 1; VT 1; NY 1; AR 1; SC 1. The business session was closed. Announcements were made.

The officers led 62 as the closing song, and all who wished took the parting hand. The class was dismissed with prayer.

Chairmen—Mark Davis, Buell Cobb, and Glenn Keeton; Secretaries—Cheryl Foreman and Kathy Williams