Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Young People’s Sacred Harp Singing

Morningside Presbyterian Church, Atlanta, Georgia

Saturday, July 30, 2016

The 2016 Young People’s Singing was held in Atlanta, Georgia, and was called to order at 9:30 a.m. by Kate Coxon and John Wiens leading 52t. Caleb Silva offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Clarissa Fetrow and Miranda Fetrow 77t; Hayden Arp 138b. Hayden introduced Leslie Prince, who welcomed the singers to Morningside Presbyterian Church.

Leaders: Ellen Culpepper 270; Faith Riley 63; Jenna Strizak and Leanne O’Rear 32t; Jesse P. Karlsberg 74b.

A business meeting was held and the following were elected as officers: Chairman—Hayden Arp; Vice Chairman—Ellen Culpepper; Secretary—Faith Riley; Treasurer—Sasha Hsuczyk; Chaplain—Jenna Strizak.

Leaders: Lauren Bock 75; Anna Hinton 168; Debora Grosse 171; Isaac Green 37b (dedicated to all the young people who were not able to be present); Malinda Snow 217; Molly Silva 79; Jim Neal 81t; Lela Crowder 272; Rob Dunn 274t; Ellen Ray 215; John Plunkett 175; Tony Hammock 112.


The class was called back to order by David Brodeur leading 426t. Matt Hinton led 65.

Ellen Culpepper announced committee appointments as follows: Locating Committee—Richard Ivey, J.R. Hardman, and Mark Godfrey; Finance Committee—Daniel Williams, Zachary Silva, and Karis Askin; Arranging Committee—Jesse P. Karlsberg, Isaac Green, and Anna Hinton; Resolutions Committee—Calum Woods, Kevin Beirne, and Stephanie Fida.

Leaders: Karis Askin 240; Leigh Cooper and Leon Godfrey 40; Robert Kelley 538; Zachary Silva 277; Micah Roberts 66; Kathy Williams 506; Erica Hinton 372; Richard Ivey 123t; Lina Silva 354b; Adrian Eldridge 166; Rebecca Over 142; Philip Denney 276; Celéste Silva 76t; Darrell Swarens 208.


Daniel Williams called the class back to order by leading 149. Leaders: Jesse Roberts 273; Julia Carter, Leanne Carter, and Haven Carter 45t; Sasha Hsuczyk 56t; Peter Schinske 102; Nathan Stewart 444; Clarissa Fetrow 368; Justin Bowen 316; Reba Windom 192; Kelsey Ivey, Katie Thompson, Trammell Thompson, Mary Evenal Thompson, Osie Thompson, and Beta Thompson 47t; David Schmitt 312b; Rachel Rodgers 535; Tom George 536; Fallon Cook 216; Bob Schinske 367; Jenna Strizak and Meredith Doster 384; Karen Freund 56b; Elizabeth Gentry 47b; Ray Rechenberg 203; Dalton Lewis 101t. Faith Riley asked a blessing before the noon meal.


The afternoon session began with Sam Culpepper and Andy Ditzler leading 295. Leaders: Corinne Ducey 319; Susan Cherones 300; Michael Walker 447; David Wright 454; Carol Huang 522; Kevin Beirne 564; Mark Godfrey 299; Ben Copenhaver 373; Lynne deBenedette 426b; John Wiens 498; Jonathon Smith 119; Ellen Lueck 458; Sarah Trumbore 327; Amanda Jokerst 456; Calum Woods 234; Leigh Cooper 534; Kate Coxon 340; Nathan Rees 348b; Sophia Schinske 143; Stephanie Fida 491; Patrick Friesen 406; Michael Spencer 370; Amy Wells 383.


Hayden Arp called the class back to order by leading 445 (dedicated to Eva Grace Horsley). Leaders: J.R. Hardman and Andrea Boyd 501; Caleb Silva 504; Rosemarie Yntema 228; Thomas Smith 448t; Jason Stanford and Leslie Prince 335; Oscar McGuire 515; Lori Silva and Sasha Hsuczyk 317; Bob David 378b; Sandra Wilkinson 394; Eric Tweedy 301; Ellen McNeill 288.

A business meeting was held to hear committee reports. The Treasurer reported $505 collected and $485 in total expenses, for a surplus of $20. The Secretary reported that 100 leaders from three countries and twenty states had led ninety-one songs. The Locating Committee thanked three classes of singers for compelling proposals to host next year, and recommended that Denver, Colorado, be selected for the 2017 Young People’s Singing. The report from the Resolutions Committee is as follows: Be it resolved that the class would like to thank Morningside Presbyterian Church and today’s officers and committee members. We resolve that these songs should be lived out in our fellowship, and we resolve to come together again next year. The business session was closed.

The Chairman thanked everyone who cooked, everyone who keyed, and the Atlanta singers. Announcements were made. Hayden Arp, Ellen Culpepper, Faith Riley, Sasha Hsuczyk, and Jenna Strizak led 62 as the closing song. Jenna Strizak offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Hayden Arp; Vice Chairman—Ellen Culpepper; Secretary—Faith Riley