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Mt. Zion Memorial Singing

Mt. Zion, Georgia

July 25-26, 2015

Saturday, July 25

The 123rd session of the Mt. Zion Memorial Sacred Harp singing was held at Mt. Zion Methodist Church on the fourth Sunday and Saturday before in July. Earlis McGraw called the class together leading 30t. Hugh McGraw offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Earlis McGraw 225t; Lela Crowder 162, 131b; Judy Chambless 548, 549; Carol Chapman 317, 268; Philip Denney 164, 84; Robby Rivers 480, 384; Judy Henry 117, 144; B.M. Smith 143, 138t; Esther Williams 33t, 63; Richard DeLong 28t, 132; Robert Chambless 75, 503; Samuel Williams 445, 229.


Earlis McGraw brought the class back together leading 399b. Leaders: Wyatt Denney 47t, 209; George Burnett 128, 131t; Rebecca Over and Eugenia Ridinger 295, 395; Andy Ditzler 54, 101t; Daniel Williams 240, 74t; Karen Rollins 220, 222; Eric Tweedy 88b, 112; Bill Hollingsworth 489, 569t; Tony Hammock 464, 465.


Earlis McGraw brought the class back to order by leading 283. A motion was made to go into a business session. The following officers and committee members were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Earlis McGraw; Vice Chairman—Tommy McGraw; Secretary—Lela Crowder; Chaplain—Hugh McGraw; Arranging Officer—Judy Chambless; Memorial Committee—Rebecca Over and Cecil Roberts.

Leaders: Rene Green 421, 32t; John Hollingsworth 434, 418; Sandra Wilkinson 297, 82t; David Brodeur 28b, 29t; Oscar McGuire 276, 515; Chris Tweedy 535, 282; John Kelso 24b, 124; Charlene Wallace 171, 155; Donna Duke and Gene Duke 145t, 100; Leanne Carter and Haven Carter 354b, 82b; Rebecca Over and Eugenia Ridinger 114; Charlene Wallace, Judy Henry, and Earlis McGraw 77t; Daniel Williams, Samuel Williams, and Esther Williams 57.

Announcements were made. Earlis McGraw led 544 as the closing song. Philip Denney offered the closing prayer.

Sunday, July 26

Earlis McGraw called the Sunday session of the Mt. Zion Memorial Sacred Harp Singing to order by leading 32t. Cecil Roberts offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Tommy McGraw 542, 383; Lela Crowder 68b, 138t; Judy Chambless 516, 517; Daniel Williams 29b, 74b; Cecil Roberts 75, 31t; Helen Bryson 27, 217; Henry Johnson 289, 435; Malinda Snow 556, 512; Jeannette DePoy 34t; Samuel Williams 567; Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg 79, 88b; Virginia Dyer 137, 186; Oscar McGuire 485, 56b.


Tommy McGraw brought the class back together leading 399b. Leaders: Lauren Bock 131b, 492; Reba Windom 276, 145t; Wesley Haley 45t, 122.

A presentation was made by Hugh McGraw on behalf of the Sacred Harp Publishing Company in honor of Carlene McGraw Griffin. A plaque was presented to her brothers, Earlis McGraw and Ricky McGraw, and sister, Judy Henry, to recognize the commitment and support Carlene gave to Sacred Harp singing.

Rebecca Over and Cecil Roberts conducted the memorial lesson. Cecil Roberts read the following names of the sick and shut-ins: James Hughes, Doyle Bentley, Robert DePoy, Don Bowen, Tom Crawford, and Lucy Garner. Rebecca and Cecil led 340 for them.

Rebecca recalled Erlene McGraw, who conducted memorial lessons for this singing in times past. In records that Rebecca found belonging to Erlene McGraw, she found notes made in preparation for a memorial lesson where Erlene jotted down ideas about honoring and remembering great men and great lives. Rebecca reminded us that each of the names on the list of deceased represents a great life that should not be forgotten. The names of the deceased included Inez Chandler, Josephine Denney, C.W. Garner, George Garner, Raymond Hamrick, Joyce Harrison, and James Jordan—Georgia; Stanly Edwards, Evelyn Harris, Effie Nan Watkins, Betty Wright—Alabama. Rebecca and Cecil led 30b in remembrance of the deceased. Cecil closed the memorial with prayer.

Leaders: Charlene Wallace 358 (in memory of Effie Watkins), 77b (for Don Bowen); Richard DeLong 36t, 116; Rita Haley 268, 269.


Earlis McGraw brought the class back to order leading 271t. Leaders: John Plunkett 160b, 569t; Faye Hollis 168, 318; Christian Webb 401, 294; Robert Chambless 66; Rebecca Over, Eugenia Ridinger, and Earlis McGraw 483, 471; Karen Rollins 540; Laura Frey 178, 124; Lisa Bennett 549; 548; Judy Henry 392, 396; B.M. Smith 389, 448b; Carol Chapman 46, 47b; David Brodeur 30t, 31b; Judy Mincey 504, 368; David Smead 225t, 530; Winfred Kerr 146, 89; Jason Stanford and Leela Stanford 35, 500; Sheri Taylor and Christian Webb 156, 142.

Announcements were made. Earlis McGraw, Tommy McGraw, and Lela Crowder led 62 as the closing song. Cecil Roberts offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Earlis McGraw; Vice Chairman—Tommy McGraw; Secretary—Lela Crowder