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Emory Sacred Harp Singing

Cannon Chapel, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The annual Emory Sacred Harp Singing was held in Cannon Chapel, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, on Saturday before the second Sunday in February. The class was called to order by John Plunkett leading 30t. John Hollingsworth offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: John Plunkett 31b; Debora Grosse 324, 114; Laura Akerman 176b; Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg 57, 36b; Jeannette DePoy and Kim Jenne 274t, 99; Leslie Hunter 503, 157; Bob Goodman 452, 34b; Marc Godfrey 39t, 163b; Suzanne Walker 384, 276; Tony Hammock 97 (in memory of Mary Florence Smith), 87; John Kelso 123b, 240.


The class was brought back together by Debora Grosse leading 312b. Leaders: Lauren Bock 569t, 453; Leigh Cooper 77t, 155.

A business meeting was held and the following officers were elected: Chairman—John Plunkett; Vice Chairman—Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg; Secretary—Laura Akerman.

Singing resumed with John Hollingsworth leading 176t and 409. Leaders: Malinda Snow 472, 374; Charles Woods 77b (for Charlene Wallace), 40; Erica Hinton 105, 108t; George Burnette 101t, 417; Elizabeth Carroll 66, 294; Margie Dietz 48t, 46.


John Plunkett brought the class to order for the afternoon session by leading 90. Leaders: Kelly Morris 147t, 159; Molly Ellis 371 (for Jeremy and Erin Krantz), 399t; Martha Ann Stegar 354b (in memory of Emily Calhoun), 347; Sandra Wilkinson 405, 345t; Matt Hinton 460, 299; Andy Morse 313b, 209; Laura Akerman 543; Rose Yntema 183, 47b; Catherine Grisso 314, 300; Elise Eskew 551, 480.


Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg led 521 (JB) from a sample facsimile reprint of the 1911, James edition of the Sacred Harp. Leaders: Lauren Bock and Nora 457; John Kelso 201; Leigh Cooper and Mark Godfrey 455t (JB); Leslie Hunter 146; Suzanne Walker 426b; Bob Goodman 145b; Malinda Snow and Kim Jenne 198; Sandra Wilkinson 475; Martha Ann Stegar 63; George Burnette 222; Elizabeth Carroll and Anne Carroll 535; Margie Dietz 81t; Matt Hinton 396b (JB); Rose Yntema 142; Andy Morse 320 (JB); Elise Eskew 532; Lauren Bock and Andrea Leonard 135; Laura Akerman 569b.

John Plunkett led 25 (JB) as the closing song. Andy Morse offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—John Plunkett; Vice Chairman—Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg; Secretary—Laura Akerman