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Pioneer Valley Singing

First Congregationalist Church, Sunderland, Massachusetts

Saturday, June 30, 2007

The 7th session of the Pioneer Valley Singing was called to order by Amy Finlay leading 32t. Allison Schofield offered the opening prayer.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairlady—Amy Finlay; Vice Chairman—John Holbrook; Secretary—Jennie Brown.

Leaders: John Holbrook 415; Jennie Brown 171; Linda Shea 131b; Sheldon Finlay 112; Ed Smith 444; Sheila Kelley 344; John Redman 236; George Seiler 99; Carly Goss 228; Jenna Strizak 87; Bob Parr 217; Kitty Kagay 379; Peter Irvine 460; Eliza Cavanaugh 89; Terry Ryan 352; Kelsey Sunderland 111b; Paul Butler 314; Steven Jens 47b; Lucy Roberts 47t.


Joanne Fuller called the class to order leading 72b. Leaders: Nora Dunn 187; Jean Seiler 312b; Tim Eriksen 142; Allison Schofield 542; Rick Johnston 421; Joslene Morgan 107; Dan Hertzler 203; Rosalie Elkinton and Matthew Wojcik 468; Kelsey Wessels 477; Russ Vernon-Jones 155; Jeremy Galvagni and Linda Shea 39t; Rosie Wojcik 129; Laura Timmerman 411; Michael Kaye 312t; Kshama Ananthapura 222; Peter Amidon 196; Anne Kazlauskas 195; Lydia Vernon-Jones 168; Paul Gauthier 455; Guy Bankes 546; Brian Collett 304.


The class was called back by Kelsey Wessels leading 335. Leaders: Amy Finlay 440; Charles Taylor 192; Anne Johnston 101t; Gail Jennings 49t; Nicola Collett 245; Effie Cummings 178; Carole Dempsey 378b; Elizabeth Cantrell 270; Katherine Collett 84.

Tim Eriksen conducted the memorial lesson, reflecting on the way in which our voices live on through those with whom we sing. He then led 384 for the following deceased: Marianne Kaye—California; Charlie Carr and Ted Dierks—Canada; Walter Lynn—Connecticut; Regina Dolducwilkie and Lexi Bruce—Florida; Mario Reda—Illinois; Millie Colentro, Donald Goss, Heather Egan Haynes, David Stryker, Marion Zimmerman, and Woody Stoddard—Massachusetts; Elsa Eriksen and Erin Roberts Way—New Hampshire; Marcia Tucker, Nelson Adams, and Oliver Hirsch—New York; Sharon Nygren—North Carolina; Rich Pingel, William Powers, and Sarah Clader—Pennsylvania; Mary Ballinger—Texas; Dorothy Collett and Kathleen Watts—United Kingdom; Kate Brinton and Les Wight—Vermont.

Eliza Cavanaugh led 68b for the following sick and shut-ins: Claude Roy, Edmond Wojcik, Gail Birch, Jennifer Cavanaugh, Norma Finch, Ed Grant, Nicole Proulx, Amy Shulman, Randall Castleman, Rachael Kafrisson, Carolyn Pulis, Deborah Stanton, Steve Hoyt, Bill Wisdom, Margaret Dale Barrand, and Kat Kinkade. George Seiler offered prayer, and the memorial lesson was closed.

Leaders: Linda Shea 400; Kate Richardson 362; Bill Dunn 276; Sheila Kelley 180. Jenna Strizak offered the blessing for the noon meal.


The afternoon session was brought to order by Kelsey Sunderland leading 148. Leaders: Paul Butler 474; George Seiler 480; Eric Morgan 328; Kshama Ananthapura 269; Kelly House 182; Bruce Randall 297; Matthew Wojcik 419; Peter Irvine 183; Guy Bankes 501; Nora Dunn 500; Allison Schofield 448t; Jenna Strizak 272; Bob Parr 224; Peter Amidon 318; Carly Goss 442; Tim Eriksen 277; Kelsey Wessels 29t; John Holbrook and Greta Holbrook 49b; John Redman 349; Brian Collett 532; Rick Johnston 392.


Jennie Brown called the class to order leading 282. Leaders: Ed Smith 336; Sheldon Finlay 441; Dan Hertzler and Laura Timmerman 475; Wing Mui and Kelly House 216; Anne Johnston 334; Effie Cummings 147 (t? b?); Kitty Kagay 387; Katherine Collett and Nicola Collett 504.

The business meeting was called to order by Amy Finlay. Treasurer Matthew Wojcik reported that expenses had been met. Secretary Jennie Brown reported that 57 leaders had led 89 songs, with 107 singers from twelve states and Switzerland in attendance. Kshama Ananthapura, for the Resolutions Committee, thanked all those who had contributed to the success of the singing. The business session was closed.

Leaders: Paul Gauthier 33b; Matthew Wojcik and Rosie Wojcik 340; Anne Kazlauskas 74b; Elizabeth Cantrell 268; Gail Jennings 393; Jean Seiler 200; Lucy Roberts 133; Michael Kaye 56b; Eric Morgan and Joslene Morgan 208.

Amy Finlay, John Holbrook, and Jennie Brown led 62 as the closing song. Eric Morgan offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairlady—Amy Finlay; Vice Chairman—John Holbrook; Secretary—Jennie Brown