Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Higher Ground Singing

United Ministry Center, Terre Haute, Indiana

Saturday, April 1, 2000

The fifth annual meeting of the Higher Ground Singing, co-hosted by Bloomington, Indiana and Charleston, Illinois singers, was called to order by Don Bardsley leading song on page 34b. Lee Steinmetz led the morning prayer.

The class organized with the following officers elected or appointed to serve: Chair—Janet Fraembs; Arranging—Bill Shetter; Secretary—Marlen Rust; Treasurer—David Rust; Chaplain—Don Baker; Memorial Committee—Peggy Brayfield and Don Baker; Registration—Dorothy Glanzer, Bill Shetter, and Donna Purdom.

Leaders: Janet Fraembs 171; Bill Shetter 59; Marlen Rust 40; David Rust 135; Peggy Brayfield 168; Don Baker 81 (t? b?); Pete Ellertsen 473; Berkley Moore 48t; Don Bardsley 191; Dorothy Glanzer 312 (t? b?); Luke Barker 179; Lee Steinmetz 498; Tom Ivey 504; Lori Grabor 565; Val Dunagan 350; Presley Barker 351; Mike Veech 270; John Bailey 535; Karen Hojnacki 475; Dick Dunagan 74b.


The class was brought together by Janet Fraembs leading song on page 355. Leaders: Don Baker 133; Pete Ellertsen 89; Bill Shetter 373; Berkley Moore 282; Peggy Brayfield 385t; Luke Barker 354b; Don Bardsley 480; Dorothy Glanzer 209; Dick Dunagan 186; Karen Hojnacki 208; David Rust 48b; Lee Steinmetz 513; Tom Ivey 501; Lori Grabor 496; Presley Barker 300; Val Dunagan 288; Mike Veech 515b; John Bailey 436. Don Baker offered prayer to grace the noon meal.


Janet Fraembs called the class together with song on page 142.

A memorial lesson was held in honor of Virgil Phillips of Alabama. Peggy Brayfield spoke of being touched by the many messages she read from people who knew Virgil Phillips, and said a part of the people who pass on remains with us all. Don Baker led song on page 489.

Don Baker spoke about the sick and shut-ins, and especially for: Sue Miller’s husband, Dennis, who is recuperating from surgery; Antoinette Mehrling—New York; Norm Bibb—Illinois, Lorene Fraembs (mother of Frank Fraembs)—Kentucky; and the big joy that Karen Hojnacki’s test results reveal that she does not have TB. Don Baker led song on page 277 for the sick, and the memorial was closed.

Leaders: Bill Shetter 454; John Bailey 46; Presley Barker 47 (t? b?); Lori Grabor 306; Mike Veech 58; Dick Dunagan 474; Berkley Moore 378t; Luke Barker 324; Dorothy Glanzer 155; Don Bardsley 268; Lee Steinmetz 250; David Rust 532; Tom Ivey 39t; Val Dunagan 284; Pete Ellertsen 510.


Leaders: Karen Hojnacki 215; Mike Veech 313b; Don Baker 82t; Marlen Rust 66; Luke Barker 45t; Peggy Brayfield 455; John Bailey 340; Lori Grabor 280; Presley Barker 84; Pete Ellertsen 207; Dorothy Glanzer 107; Ilse Akerberg 51; Don Barksley 163b; Dick Dunagan 378b.

Announcements were made. Don Baker led song on page 347 as the closing song and dismissed the class with prayer.

Chair—Janet Fraembs; Secretary—Marlen Rust.