Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Ohio State Convention

Bluffton And Cygnet, Ohio

February 19-20, 2000

Saturday, February 19

The eighth annual Ohio State Convention was held at the Ebenezer Mennonite Church Schoolhouse, Bluffton, Ohio. The class was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Vice Chairman Steve Postellon leading songs on pages 59 and 40. Chairman Laura Russell led song on page 34b. Since attendance was limited because of poor weather, the business meeting was deferred until later in the day. Chaplain Beth Huener led the opening prayer.

Leaders: Beth Huener 454, 547; Kay Huener 324, 95; Bob Meek 441, 270; Pauline Childers 224, 111b; Kathryn Knecht 87, 361; Maria Knecht 96, 99; Joseph Pimentel 178, 269; Martha Lang 159, 163b; Charles Knecht 453, 191; Alexander Knecht 117, 144; Teresa Kasperick 45t, 55.

A business session was held with the following officers elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Steve Postellon; Vice Chairman—Chandler York; Secretary—Henry Schuman; Treasurer—Kay Huener; Arranging—Henry Schuman; Memorial—Eloise Clark; Registration—Teresa Kasperick; Resolutions—Michael Darby; Chaplains—Beth Huener and Kay Huener.


The class was brought together by Steve Postellon leading song on page 85. Leaders: Eloise Clark 31t, 313b; John Bayer 29t, 278b; Karen Amelia 299, 485; Eric Conrad 107, 300; Regina Bayer 312t, 182; Shawn Fenton 137, 38b; Claire Outten 335, 504; Rich Overturf 133, 330b; Megan Jones 111 (t? b?), 110; Brad Oglesby 369, 171; Loraine Bayer 179, 65. Chaplain Beth Huener led the class in a blessing for lunch.


Joe Todd called the class to order leading songs on pages 312b and 480. Leaders: Laura Russell 569 (t? b?), 142; Michael Darby 148, 328; Denise Morris 184, 189; Fred Todt 196, 68b; Debbie Hall 474, 192; Beth Todd 280, 501; John Bealle 442, 362; Bob Meek, John Bayer, and Pauline Childers “Mercy Seat” (LH); Rich Overturf 373; Regina Bayer 168; Claire Outten 455; Brad Oglesby 127; Martha Lang 48t; Shawn Fenton 155; Loraine Bayer 503; Joseph Pimentel 497; Denise Morris 524; Eric Conrad 551; John Bayer 125.


The class was called to order by Kay Huener leading song on page 32t. Leaders: Beth Todd 344; Fred Todt 276; Beth Huener 200; Michael Darby 430; Pauline Childers 318; Karen Amelia 528; John Bealle 543; Debbie Hall 217; Joe Todd 475; Eloise Clark 198; Henry Schuman 532; Ann Marie Bullock 523.

Chairman Steve Postellon closed the afternoon session with song on page 448t. The closing prayer was led by Chaplain Beth Huener, and the class was dismissed at 4:00 p.m.

Sunday, February 20

The Sunday session was held at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Cygnet, Ohio, with Chairman Steve Postellon calling the class to order at 10:00 a.m. leading song on page 30t. Chaplain Kay Huener led the opening prayer. Leaders: Steve Postellon 283, 277; Kay Huener 63, 66; Joe Todd 384, 47t; Josie Bealle 45t; Eloise Clark 44, 48b; Fred Todt 83t, 361; Teresa Kasperick 38t, 334; Seth Houston 189, 85; Pauline Childers 234, 475; Michael Darby 84, 131b; Beth Todd 48t, 89.


Chandler York called the class to order with songs on pages 36b and 566. Leaders: Karen Amelia 556, 34b; Charles Wells 99, 569b; Maria Knecht 100, 95; Kathryn Knecht 394, 35; Eric Schedler 551, 107; Denise Morris 297, 86; Alexander Knecht 96, 77t; Charles Knecht 481, 410t; Chloe Maher 142, 284; John Bealle 377, 240; Naomi Morse 455, 178.

A memorial lesson was held. Eloise Clark spoke to the class about the traditions that make a Sacred Harp convention more than just the songs and music that we all love. These things, which include dinner and taking our turn in the square, give us pleasure, release, and relaxation. But, they also include traditions that help us to ground ourselves to our place in this world. They help us to recognize and accept our human frailties and as expressed in the memorial lesson, that our path from birth to death is inevitable.

In this 21st century America, we are often in too big a rush to stop to realize that sickness and death are also part of our existence. When we rush through life we don’t take care to value that what we have is ours only for a short time before we pass it to the next generation. We do not take the time to listen to those who can teach our generation about what we can do to make our life better and about dying.

The memorial lesson is our opportunity to slow down, take a deep breath and appreciate the aspects of being on earth—that we are born; we learn from our elders, we teach our children and grandchildren; then pass on. One way that we can express our appreciation for life and the lives of others is to think of those who cannot be with us today. Some are ill and may be otherwise shut in. Others have passed on. Let us now turn our thoughts and prayers to those sick and shut-ins: Ed Huener—Ohio; Eleanor Chamberlain—Pennsylvania; Harrison Creel, Flarce Creel, Marie Aldridge, and Sheila Moon—Alabama. Kay Huener led song on page 217 for those remembered.

Now let us turn our attention to those friends and family who have passed to another home: Glenn Conrad—Ohio; Libby Dukes and Perry Arndt—Florida; Jean Farwell—Illinois; Scharlene Nesler—Oklahoma. Pauline Childers led song on page 288 for the deceased. Chaplain Kay Huener led the class in prayer for all those who could not be with us today and closed the memorial.

Leaders: Laura Russell 515, 268; Debbie Hall 163t, 497. Chaplain Kay Huener led the class in the blessing for lunch.


The class was called to order by Chairman Steve Postellon leading song on page 87. Leaders: David Wright 61, 171; Jo Schultz 472, 315; Jean Squires 504; Sylvia Thomas 372; Seth Houston 183; Chandler York “Wednesdays” and “Roxborough” (both by Chandler York); Chloe Maher 146; Charles Wells 285t; Karen Amelia 485; Alexander Knecht 49t; Charles Knecht 500; Naomi Morse 117; David Wright 274t; Denis Morris 212; Eric Schedler 49b; Teresa Kasperick 133.


Chandler York brought the class back to order leading song on page 368. Leaders: Michael Darby 236; Maria Knecht 475; Kathryn Knecht 179; John Bealle 522; Pauline Childers 214; Joe Todd 39t; Debbie Hall 200; Henry Schuman 319, 290; Kay Huener 56t; Fred Todt 546; Laura Russell 81t; Chandler York 47b; Eloise Clark 120; Beth Todd 124; Laura Weber 147t; John Bealle, Christina Howard, Michael Brown, and Meagan Hayes 159; Denise Morris 250; Pauline Childers 269; Seth Houston 112; Henry Schuman 101t.

A business meeting was held to hear reports from various committees.

Treasurer Kay Huener reported that sufficient funds were collected to cover expenses.

Michael Darby spoke for the Resolutions Committee. The Resolutions Committee would like to offer thanks for this marvelous singing. We offer our thanks to almighty God for giving us voices to lift in His praise. Special thanks to and for:

(1) All those who came from near and far to join us for this convention.

(2) The Ebenezer Mennonite Church and Sacred Heart Catholic Church for hosting the singing.

(3) All who brought food for the wonderful dinner on the grounds.

(4) All the northwest Ohio singers who helped to make the convention successful.

And, be it resolved, that all Ohio singers are encouraged to attend Southern conventions as well as supporting our local conventions.

The business session was closed. Announcements were made of upcoming singings across the country. After taking the “The Parting Hand”, the class was dismissed with prayer by Chaplain Kay Huener.

Chairman—Steve Postellon; Vice Chairman—Chandler York; Secretary—Henry Schuman.